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As the world around us becomes more digital, so does our news delivery. Our video page features interviews with high-profile executives and thought leaders in the industry, as well as previews of IREI events and products. In addition, we seek to provide you with perspective to the broader markets through interviews with prominent authors, economists and researchers.

Media Videos

In Focus: Chris McGrew on Parmenter and the market

Christopher McGrew, president and CIO at Parmenter Realty Partners, discusses current changes at Parmenter as well at investment opportunities in the southeast United States.

In Focus: Thomas Masthay on the Texas Municipal Retirement System

Thomas Masthay, director, real assets, at the Texas Municipal Retirement System, discusses Texas Municipal’s involvement in real assets, an overview of the real estate portfolio, their recent investment volume/activity and what the investment plans/strategies are for 2016.

In Focus: Mark Roberts on investor caution

Mark Roberts, managing director at Deutsche Asset Management, discusses why investors should take a cautious approach. He also identifies a few leading indicators and suggests some strategies investors should consider globally.

In Focus: Simon Treacy on global diversification

Simon Treacy, global CIO at BlackRock Real Estate, discusses global diversification of U.S. capital in the international markets.

In Focus: Philip Barker on what's next in 2016

Philip Barker, senior managing director at CBRE Capital Markets, touches on how the markets rounded out in 2015, discusses how he is advising his clients for their upcoming year and what trends he thinks may be occurring in the secondary real estate markets in 2016.