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As the world around us becomes more digital, so does our news delivery. Our video page features interviews with high-profile executives and thought leaders in the industry, as well as previews of IREI events and products. In addition, we seek to provide you with perspective to the broader markets through interviews with prominent authors, economists and researchers.

Media Videos

In Focus: Danny Latham on the conditions in European infrastructure markets

Danny Latham, co-head of infrastructure investments – Europe at First State Investments, discusses the conditions in European infrastructure markets.

In Focus: Amy Price on accelerating Bentall Kennedy's growth in the U.S. real estate market

Amy Price, Chief Operating Officer at Bentall Kennedy (U.S.), discusses the organization's efforts to accelerate its expansion into the United States.

In Focus: Richard Ornitz on the importance and opportunities for P3s in the current markets

Richard Ornitz, senior cousel at McKenna Long & Aldridge and chairman at Infralinx Capital, discusses the importance and opportunities for P3s in the current markets

In Focus: Brian Chase on the infrastructure market and the sector with the most investment opportunities

Brian Chase, principal at Campbell Lutyens & Co., discusses pricing in the infrastructure investment market and which sectors and markets have the best investment opportunities.

In Focus: Peter Crosson on Alaska Electrical Pension Fund

Peter Crosson, chief real estate portfolio manager at Alaska Electrical Pension Fund, discusses their real estate portfolio and plans for the remainder of 2014.

In Focus: JP Rachmaninoff on Tennessee Consolidated Ret. System

JP Rachmaninoff, director of real estate at The Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System, discusses their real estate portfolio and plans for the remainder of 2014.

In Focus: Ed Schwartz on the benefits of adding real assets to a portfolio

Ed Schwartz, managing director at ORG Portfolio Management, discusses what is driving the real assets trend, what the merits are of adopting a real assets bucket and what the primary assets types are that comprise such an allocation/strategy.

In Focus: Matt Slepin on the human capital side of the real estate business

Geoffrey Dohrmann, president and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., sits down with Matt Slepin, managing partner at Terra Search Partners, to discuss the human capital side of the real estate business, including, training resources, skills and expertise, job interviews, and more. 

In Focus: Mark Canavan on New Mexico Educational Retirement Board's real estate portfolio for the remainder of 2014

Mark Canavan, Senior Investment Officer at New Mexico Educational Retirement Board, discusses their real estate portfolio and plans for the remainder of 2014.

In Focus: Charles-Nicolas Tarriere on capital flow trends and value-add opportunities

Charles-Nicolas Tarriére, Associate Partner at Rockspring Property Investment Managersdiscusses geographic and property-type capital flows, as well as value-add investment opportunities.

In Focus: Tom Morris on the essential jobs at your office: the success and leadership secrets of Steve Jobs

Tom Morris, philosopher and author, discusses a few points from him keynote speech on the essential jobs at your office: the success and leadership secrets of Steve Jobs, at Institutional Real Estate, Inc.’s Visions, Insights and Perspectives conference.

In Focus: Todd Briddell on the public REIT market and the outlook for 2014

Todd Briddell, CEO/CIO at CenterSquare Investment Management, discusses the current public REIT market and the outlook for 2014.

In Focus: Randall Zisler on the current assessment of primary core markets and the appropriate strategies

Randall Zisler, chief investment officer at Encore Enterprises, discusses appropriate strategies and his assessment of the current primary core markets. 

In Focus: Phil Fitzgerald on the opportunities and challenges of investing in Latin America

Phil Fitzgerald, CEO at Jamestown Latin America, discusses what opportunities and challenges are presented when investing in Latin America.


In Focus: Neil Irwin on highlights of alchemists: three central world bankers and a world on fire

Neil Irwin, columnist at Washington Post and author, discusses a few points from him keynote speech on highlights of the alchemists: three central world bankers and a world on fire, at Institutional Real Estate, Inc.’s Visions, Insights and Perspectives conference.


In Focus: John McClelland on LACERA's first mortgages program initiatives and investment performance

John McClelland, principal investment officer – real estate at the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association, discusses LACERA’s program to originate new first mortgages through separate account relationships with several managers and how those investments have performed to date.

In Focus: Cab Grayson on core property recovery in gateway markets

Cab Grayson, senior managing director – North America at CBRE Global Investors, discusses core property types in gateway markets and if it’s a good time to sell.

In Focus: Mark Fogle on investing in Asian Markets

Mark Fogle, managing director and head of real estate – Asia at Baring Private Equity Asia, discusses which property types in which Asian markets are attracting the most interest and capital from institutional investors.

In Focus: Jonathan Last on what to expect when no one is expecting

Jonathan Last, senior writer at The Weekly Standard, discusses a few points from him keynote speech on what to expect when no one is expecting at Institutional Real Estate, Inc.’s Visions, Insights and Perspectives conference.

In Focus: John Baczewski on commercial real estate investment strategies

John Baczewski, president at Real Estate Fiduciary Services, discusses the U.S. economy’s demand for commercial real estate, the concern for interest rates and inflation and what types of investment strategies make sense in the current market environment.

In Focus: James Merkel on the hospitality sector

James Merkel, president and CEO at Rockbridge, discusses hospitality sector trends, transactions and the outlook for 2014.

Happy 25th Anniversary Video

A celebration of 25 years of publishing The Institutional Real Estate Letter and a tribute to Institutional Real Estate, Inc. publisher and CEO Geoffrey Dohrmann.

In Focus: Christopher Thornberg on the U.S. economy

Christopher Thornberg, founding partner and economist at Beacon Economics, discusses the Fed’s QE program and ramifications, the U.S. economy and its expansion, U.S. GDP growth, primary driving industries, U.S. commercial and residential real estate, and his biggest concerns about the economic recovery.

In Focus: Anthony Breault on Oregon State's real estate portfolio

Anthony Breault, Senior Real Estate Investment Officer at the Office of the Oregon State Treasurer, discusses Oregon State's real estate portfolio, their investment focus and the plan for the portfolio over the next six to 12 months.

In Focus: Larry Antonatos on listed infrastructure

Larry Antonatos, director/product manager for global equities at Brookfield Asset Management, explains listed infrastructure and its importance.

In Focus: Danny Latham on European Infrastructure Opportunities

Danny Latham, co-head of infrastructure investments – Europe for Colonial First State Global Asset Management, discusses European infrastructure opportunities.

In Focus: Asif Hussain on direct and co-investments

Asif Hussain, partner at Caledon Capital Management, discusses co-investments and direct investments in infrastructure.

In Focus: Mark Decker, Sr., on current capital markets and rising interest rates

Mark Decker, Sr., managing director and head of U.S. real estate investment and corporate banking at BMO Capital Markets, discusses the current capital market conditions, both public and private, and how rising interest rates over the next few years could affect property owners and investors.

In Focus: Ted Rollins on student housing

Ted W. Rollins, chairman and CEO at Campus Crest Communities, discusses the fundamentals that make student housing an attractive investment and what type of market strategy Campus Crest Communities persues, with regard to new development, along with the property features and amenities that appeal to today’s student.

In Focus: Jack Cuneo on Chambers Street Properties

Jack Cuneo, founder, president and CEO of Chambers Street Properties, discusses the firm going public during 2013 and what Chamber Street Properties' focus will be in 2014.

In Focus: Tim Pire on REITs

Tim Pire, managing director and lead portfolio manager of North American public real estate securities group at Heitman, discusses REIT performance in 2013, the outlook for 2014 and which sectors will outperform and underperform and why.

In Focus: Chris Caton on the industrial sector

Chris Caton, vice president of research at Prologis, discusses the outlook for the industrial sector in 2014 in the United States and abroad.

In Focus: Sam Zell on infrastructure, investment opportunities and emerging markets

Sam Zell, chairman and co-founder of Equity International, and Steven Wechsler, president and CEO of NAREIT, discuss the infrastructure market, investment opportunities and emerging markets.


In Focus: Jack Taylor on the private debt market

Jack Taylor, managing director and head of global high yield debt at Prudential Real Estate Investors, discusses the current trends in the private debt market as well as the availability of debt capital and pricing.

Why Sponsorship?

Presents the key benefits and value that Institutional Real Estate, Inc.'s sponsorship program delivers.

Margaret Heffernan Interview

Mike Consol, editor of The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Americas, interviews Margaret Heffernan, author of “Willfull Blindness,” who discusses a few key points in her book. To purchase “Willfull Blindness” online, click here.

Peter Diamandis Interview

Mike Consol, editor of The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Americas, interviews Peter Diamandis, author of “Abundance,” who discusses a few key points in the book. To purchase “Abundance” online, click here.

In Focus: Jacques Gordon on Walkable Real Estate

Jacques Gordon, head of research and strategy, global, LaSalle Investment Management, discusses walkable real estate, its values and why investors should consider such properties as part of their investment strategy.

In Focus: Stephen Coyle on Multimanager Investing

Stephen Coyle, chief investment officer at Cohen & Steers Capital Management, briefly discusses multimanager investing and its benefits.

In Focus: Gadi Kaufmann on the investment marketplace

Gadi Kaufmann, CEO and Managing Director at Robert Charles Lesser & Co. (RCLCO), discusses the investment marketplace.

In Focus: Christopher Hartung on the global REIT market

Christopher Hartung, Director/Client Portfolio Manager at Lazard Asset Management, discusses the benefits of having a diversified REIT portfolio and what the latest developments in the global REIT market.

How to Login to IREI's FundTracker Database

This short video will show you how to login to IREI's FundTracker database.

Market Navigator Series

This series is a recording of our popular Market Navigator series class, which is taught by Geoffrey Dohrmann. This 2-day course is broken down into 12 videos that you may watch at your convenience anywhere you have an Internet connection. The courses will take you into the world of the institutional real estate industry. It starts off by outlining the participants, roles, jargon and culture of this market. It then spends time on marketing and client service, which takes you into discussions surrounding raising capital and managing relationships. View chapter topics and course materials. Lastly, your purchase gives you unlimited plays of these videos, so you may go back and review chapters anytime.

To view the promotional video for this series, click here.

In Focus: Dean Egerter on student housing

Dean Egerter, Principal at Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, gives us insight on why student housing is a compelling investment opportunity.

In Focus: Ryan Krauch on interest rates

Ryan Krauch, principal at Mesa West Capital, discusses how interest rates are affecting the debt capital markets and what it means for borrowers, lenders and debt investments.

Why Should You Watch Our Market Navigator Series?

Wondering what Market Navigator can do for you? Discover the benefits with this short video where workshop instructor and Institutional Real Estate, Inc. CEO, Geoffrey Dohrmann takes you on a brief overview of this popular series.

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In Focus: Ric Campo on the multifamily REIT market

Ric Campo, chairman and CEO at Camden Property Trust, discusses where the multifamily REIT market is headed, market demand and supply fundamentals, and what strategies and markets make sense for investment and/or new development.

In Focus: Burl East on investment focus, opportunities and rising interest rates

Burl East, CEO at American Asset Investment Management, discusses the firm’s value investment focus, the current investment market, what type of opportunities you can find in the current REIT market environment and how a rising interest rate environment will affect the market.