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Shop Talk: The art of mentorship and sponsorship

Mentorship has been a staple of professional advancement for decades, though it is still sorely underused, according to many observers. Then there is "sponsorship," which is a step past mentorship and little understood. To explore these subjects we are joined by Deborah Froling, a financial industry attorney with Kutak Rock LLP, and an advocate of mentorship and sponsorship, especially for the under-represented ranks of women in the financial professions.

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Author Spotlight: Peter Frankopan on China's new silks roads

Heads up infrastructure investors and those involved in thematic investment strategies. In his new book, The Silk Roads, historian Peter Frankopan asserts that China is reestablishing a modern-day network of its historic silk roads that connected much of the world and fostered the spread and integration of culture and commerce. This time, though, China is expanding its influence in the form of a trillion dollars in global infrastructure projects in an effort to supply its own vast need for resources of all kinds, and to reestablish itself as the world’s dominant global power.

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Inside the Edition: Airbnb's impact on the hotel business

How do Airbnb users and hotel guests differ? Which markets are most vulnerable to Airbnb? Which types of hotels are most at risk? Is Airbnb reducing hotel asset prices? How can hoteliers fend off the Airbnb challenge? Peter Zabierek, the CEO of Presima, joins us to elaborate on his organization’s research on the subject.

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Infrastructure Report: The Infrastructure Strategies 2016 conference

Investors and experts from around the world will gather in Boston for the 11th annual IREI infrastructure conference in June. High on the agenda are fundraising, investment strategies, technology and the hardening infrastructure systems to withstand increasingly violent storms. Drew Campbell, editor of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure, provides an update.

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Shop Talk: Economist Charles Clark on a guarantee minimum income

Did you know that President Nixon nearly passed guarantee minimum income legislation in the early ’70s? Or that the policy can significantly reduce the size of the U.S. government? That a 36 percent flat tax could pay for the program while also balancing the federal budget? Or that an experimental version of the program is afoot in a region of Canada? Charles Clark, a Catholic economist at St. John’s University, joins us to cover these topics and many others.

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