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Media Podcasts

The Dohrmann Report: January 2016

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., discusses San Francisco office rents, the disparity between public and private real estate valuations, cheap oil, economic tumult in China, and other investor issues of the day.

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Infrastructure Report: Billion-dollar deals for toll roads

Are the number and fortunes of U.S. toll roads on the rise for private investors? Drew Campbell, editor of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure, joins the program to discuss his recent column on the topic, and a couple of recent multibillion-dollar toll-road deals by private investors.

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Inside the Edition: Unicorn hunters and technology markets

Technology-driven property markets have outperformed low-tech cities during the current expansion. Loretta Clodfelter, editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, joins the program to explain what is happening and why.

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Inside the Edition: How driverless cars will reshape real estate

Jeff Kanne — CEO of National Real Estate Advisors and the co-author of an article that appeared in both Real Assets Adviser magazine and Institutional Real Estate Americas magazine — joins us to discuss the driverless-car revolution and his perspectives on how it is destined to cause mass disruption in the real estate business and force investors to rethink the financial commitments they make.

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Author Spotlight: Tom Morris on "The Oasis Within"

What is the "oasis within"? What is the world's "strangest gift of all"? What lesson is learned by looking into the opposite end of a telescope? And what applications do these and other lessons have to leadership and business? Tom Morris, who for 15 years was the most popular professor at the University of Notre Dame, has just authored his 21st book titled "The Oasis Within" and joins us to answer those and other questions.

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