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Real Assets Adviser is the first and only publication dedicated to providing actionable information on the real assets class. The magazine provides thoughtful, cutting-edge analysis, helping advisers make informed decisions to diversify clients’ portfolios, provide long-term income and hedge against inflation.

Real Assets Adviser covers the entire spectrum of real assets, including real estate, infrastructure, energy and commodities/precious metals.

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  • April 2017
    Doubling Down on Real Assets: Nuveen and TIAA have committed to delivering real-asset-rich products to individual investors, and Mike Perry is…

    Autonomous Vehicle Technology Rolls Forward: From mass-transit, shipping and agriculture uses to airline and military applications, self-driving…
  • March 2017
    The Aggregation Strategy: Rob Francais, co-founder and CEO of Aspiriant, is on a merger spree and stoking national ambitions

    Preserving the Family Fortune: If you think accumulating a king's ransom is difficult, try holding onto one
  • February 2017
    Family Business: Maria Elena Lagomasino, CEO of WE Family Offices, on the four common mistakes that destroy family wealth

    The Case for Private Equity Real Estate
  • January 2017
    Passing the Torch: Ric Edelman and new Edelman Financial CEO Ryan Parker forge a strategy to carry the firm through the next 30 years

    The Digital Revolution in Farming: Improved yields will feed an estimated 1 billion more people
  • December 2016
    Reclaiming Her Birthright: Alexandra Lebenthal sold her family's storied 91-year-old Wall Street firm, and then took it back

    Forecast 2017: Global macroeconomics are likely to keep some real asset classes muted next year, just as they did this year
  • November 2016
    Southern Exposure: Storytelling Hatteras Funds CEO David Perkins is getting a second bite at the apple

    Niche Categories in Real Estate: Investing in specialty REITs is tricky because the playing field is so varied, confusing and small.
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