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Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

June 1, 2015: Vol. 8, Number 6

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  • Collecting water: Water infrastructure in the United States needs an upgrade

    Whether the drought out West breaks or not, whether global warming will exacerbate the need for new water technology or not, one thing is clear — water infrastructure in the United States needs an upgrade. The question is how will the needed projects be delivered?

  • The road more traveled: European infrastructure holds allure for global investors

    Investors looking at infrastructure need not look further than Europe. Developed markets and favorable regulatory regimes are giving investors pause for long-term stability

    It may be a set of overstated clichés but that does not make them any less true: The financial crisis hangover and a volatile, low interest rate environment are still driving the thinking of large institutional investors with long-term needs and investment horizons. 

  • Domestic pension fund investors in infrastructure: how local investors approach infrastructure investing in emerging markets

    Domestic institutional investors are a potentially important and growing source of capital in emerging economies. Investing domestically can have several advantages: It avoids foreign exchange exposure and risks, and it can contribute to economic growth and development, not only via infrastructure improvements, but also by helping to develop the local financial sector and capital markets.

  • 10 years and counting: I3 marks a decade of service to institutional investors and infrastructure investing

    This June, IREI is hosting its 10th annual Institutional Investing in Infrastructure conference (now, IREI: Infrastructure Strategies) and 7th annual I3 Editorial Advisory Board meeting. A lot has changed in the market during those years, and as I began preparing for the meetings in Toronto a few weeks ago, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at our earlier event agendas and my notes to see what issues, opportunities and concerns were on the minds of our guests, and see how they might compare to this year’s meetings.

  • CalPERS forms Asia Pacific infrastructure partnership

    The $300 billion California Public Employees’ Retirement System has formed a A$1 billion ($764 million) Asia Pacific infrastructure partnership with Australia-based QIC.