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Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

January 1, 2014: Vol. 7, Number 1

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  • Core no more: The search for value leads some investors outside core markets

    Core, core, core. This is not new news. For the past five years, core has been the safety net for portfolios. Investors want the stable and predictable returns/yields from their infrastructure portfolios — established, operational “brownfield” infrastructure assets in Europe and North America.

  • Numbers game: Making sense of often opaque and conflicting research about global infrastructure investment requirements

    The following article is an excerpt from the Private Infrastructure Finance and Investment in Europe, a report commissioned by the European Investment Bank. The entire report with footnotes and references is available at and the Social Science Research Network page: The article reviews the available research about global infrastructure investment needs with a focus on Europe. 

  • Building for tomorrow

    In 2013, the Thai government announced plans to launch infrastructure projects worth 2 trillion baht ($62 billion) in the next six to seven years, involving mainly the development of Thailand’s rail and road transport network. The value of this mega-project will no doubt create a large number of jobs and inject cash flow in the construction industry.