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Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

Institutional Investing in Infrastructure is a smart and insightful newsletter emailed monthly to members of the global institutional investment community who have investments in infrastructure or are considering the asset class for future commitments. A spin-off product of our annual Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (i3) conference, the i3 publication aggregates and reports news about the transactions, PPPs, fund offerings and commitments, people and more that institutional investors and their advisers need to stay competitive in the market. i3 also delivers in-depth investor and sector profiles, feature articles and interviews with thought leaders and decision makers who are shaping the market.

A subscription to i3 includes a copy of the summary report of IREI’s annual i3 Investors Survey, a report of investor and consultant sentiment and expectations for global infrastructure investment. The i3 publication and the i3 Investors Survey are comprehensive and indispensible resources that support your ongoing success in the market.

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  • April 2017
    Second to none: Finding investments in the highly competitive infrastructure market is a challenge

    On the horizon: The i3 conference is fast approaching
  • March 2017
    Closing the stable door: President Trump's hostility toward renewables flies in the face of global market trends and investor appetite

    Betting on catastrophe: As infrastructure in the United States continues to fail, the next disaster is always expected to open the investment…
  • February 2017
    Looking out for the little guy: How smaller investors can access infrastructure investing

    India in the dark: A big opportunity exists for power infrastructure investments in India
  • January 2017
    The United States of infrastructure: It is a new year with a new president, and the Trump administration will influence infrastructure investment in…

    Slow and steady wins the race: It is probably best to take 2017 one step at a time
  • December 2016
    Building for the future: Investors new to infrastructure have a lot to consider when constructing a portfolio

    Infrastructure in chief: President-elect Trump has made infrastructure investment a priority of his administration
  • November 2016
    The future is here: How technology is affecting infrastructure investment

    Print it: A look back at i3 over the years
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