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As the world around us becomes more digital, so does our news delivery. Our video page features interviews with high-profile executives and thought leaders in the industry, as well as previews of IREI events and products. In addition, we seek to provide you with perspective to the broader markets through interviews with prominent authors, economists and researchers.

Media Videos

In Focus: Andreas Calianos on big data and strategy

Andreas Calianos, senior advisor at Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets, discusses the use of big data and strategy in the institutional real estate market.

In Focus: Robert N. Goodman on single-family housing

Robert N. Goodman, founder, chairman & CEO at The Resmark Companies, discusses how demographics and growth will affect single-family for-sale housing and multifamily developments.

In Focus: Kathryn Sweeney on senior housing

Kathryn Sweeney, co-founder, managing partner and chief investment officer at Blue Moon Capital Partners, discusses the demand and rationale for new supply and development in the senior housing market.

In Focus: Goodwin Gaw on Trump's affect on China

Goodwin Gaw, chairman and managing principal at Gaw Capital Partners, discusses the possible unpredictability and disruption President Trump may have in Asia and China, in particular.

In Focus: Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry on change in the industry

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, co-founder and president of the Institute for Health and Human Potential, discusses how change is affected by proper management.