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Real Assets Adviser is the first and only publication dedicated to providing actionable information on the real assets class. The magazine provides thoughtful, cutting-edge analysis, helping advisers make informed decisions to diversify clients’ portfolios, provide long-term income and hedge against inflation.

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Real Assets Adviser’s extensive distribution reaches the top fee-based investment and wealth advisers in the U.S., as well as broker-dealers. To discuss sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please contact Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert at

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The U.S. electrical grid is aging, unstable and cannot carry all the energy being produced by renewables
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Paul Bunyan allocations

Safety, returns, diversification and other tall timber tales.
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Growing cannabis industry

Cannabis isn't just growing in the literal sense of the word; it is growing as an industry as well.
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China likes aluminum

China aims to expand aluminum demand by 18 percent in the next three years.
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Breakfast blues

Irrational weather in Brazil is creating a rise in the price of ingredients that are in your favorite breakfast drinks.
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