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Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

Institutional Investing in Infrastructure is a smart and insightful newsletter emailed monthly to members of the global institutional investment community who have investments in infrastructure or are considering the asset class for future commitments. A spin-off product of our annual Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (I3) conference, the I3 publication aggregates and reports news about the transactions, PPPs, fund offerings and commitments, people and more that institutional investors and their advisers need to stay competitive in the market. I3 also delivers in-depth investor and sector profiles, feature articles and interviews with thought leaders and decision makers who are shaping the market.

A subscription to I3 includes a copy of the summary report of IREI’s annual I3 Investors Survey, a report of investor and consultant sentiment and expectations for global infrastructure investment. The I3 publication and the I3 Investors Survey are comprehensive and indispensible resources that support your ongoing success in the market.

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  • March 2015
    Infrastructure debt markets take off: Infrastructure debt funds are stepping in to fill a void in the project finance market

    Glass half full: U.S. water infrastructure is desperate for capital and private investors have a role to play
  • February 2015
    Sovereign interest: Sovereign wealth fund CEOs, such as Mike Burns of the Alaska Permanent Fund, are exploring infrastructure investments

    Through traffic: The London Crossrail project demonstrates how infrastructure can reshape real estate dynamics in a city
  • January 2015
    Shock, rattle and roll: Midstream pipeline investments can buffer portfolios against energy price shocks and help keep returns flowing

    Not your fathers asset class: A preview of the 2014 I3 Global Infrastructure Investor Survey
  • December 2014
    Rise and shine: investors such as APG's Erik-Jan Stork are leading the way for renewables investment

    Coming of age: new platform, changing sentiment and the ongoing quest for yield have the infrastructure asset class sprinting toward adulthood
  • November 2014
    There is no I in team: groups that build partnerships between public and private sectors are fostering more infrastructure investment in the U.S.

    Help wanted, experience required: Like a first-time job seeker, first-time fund managers have to prove their value with little or no track record
  • October 2014
    Back in the saddle: Toll road investors have traveled a rocky road of late but experts believe the future holds promise

    Legislative update: P3s, TIFIA and the newly enacted WIFIA are on the agenda of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and its panel…
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