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Was your firm mentioned in an article? Order Reprints for your Marketing Efforts.

Reprints are an excellent way to enhance your firm's public relations efforts. Whether you or your firm were mentioned in an article or if one of your staff members was a contributing editor and authored an article, ordering reprints is an easy way to spread the word to your clients. In addition, you can also reprint articles on topics that your firm is an expert in so that you can strengthen your case for this type of investment strategy. Reprints are reformatted to exclude advertising. In addition, you can order a PDF of an article for as little as $1000 and have unlimited usage. You'll enjoy the ease of emailing to your clients, posting to your company Website or making your own copies in-house for distribution.

To order reprints, please email Susan Sharpe at

Reprint Pricing Sheet for Institutional Real Estate publications

Reprint Pricing Sheet for Real Assets Adviser