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The Institutional Real Estate Letter - Australia

June 1, 2012: Vol. 1, Number 1

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  • Market on the Rise: Australia’s Commercial Property Market Is a Mixture of Parts That Don’t All Enjoy the Health of the Whole

    Driven by a once-in-a-century mining boom and an unprecedented pipeline of major resource and infrastructure projects, Australia continues to shine as the standout among the developed economies. Supported by a solid economic backdrop, many market observers believe the Australian commercial property market is in the early stages of a cyclical upswing, with rents likely to rise and values to increase.

  • Entropy at Work: What Is Entropy’s Role in the Australian Property Sector?

    With respect to entropy in the context of the Australian direct property sector, a look at the 20-year performance of the Australian property sector across asset classes, as measured by the PCA/IPD Index, provides some interesting points: The first point to note is that periods of exceptional gains followed by losses have been driven by the flow of capital (equity or debt) in and out of the sector.

  • A Conversation with Peter Verwer

    Peter Verwer, chief executive of the Property Council of Australia,  recently spoke with Dr Jennifer Molloy, managing editor of The Letter – Australia, about PCA’s five-year strategy and his thoughts on Australia’s real estate market.