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The Institutional Real Estate Letter - Australia

December 1, 2012: Vol. 1, Number 3

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  • Super Mergers: How Will the Growth of Super Funds Affect Large Investors?

    As Australian superannuation funds seek to maximise efficiency in order to provide the best long-term prospects to their members in an unsettled global economic investment environment, the economies of scale offered by mergers become very alluring. But how might the consolidation of institutional money affect how and when these investors utilise external fund managers?

  • Temperature Taking: Will Australia‚Äôs Property Sector Run Hot, Cold or Lukewarm in 2013?

    By now, Australia is firmly established on investors’ radar screens as a potential home for their capital, with the fourth quarter alone seeing prominent deals struck by K-REIT of Singapore and (reportedly) PSP Investments of Canada. Little wonder — compared with other jurisdictions, Australian commercial property offers both high absolute cap rates and a generous spread to sovereign debt.

  • A Conversation with Steven Leigh

    Alex Eidlin, associate publisher of The Letter – Asia Pacific, recently spoke with Steven Leigh, managing director of QIC Global Real Estate about the organisation’s current investment plans and what 2013 might hold for Australia’s real estate market.