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The Institutional Real Estate Letter - Australia

June 2015
Thready pulse: Economic malaise and a weak labour market have policymakers worried
Weighing the money: Australian real estate remains popular, but keep a close eye on fundamentals
Running hot: Most A-REITs continue to trade well above net tangible assets
The intelligent edifice: New technologies promise to boost building IQs and create architectural ecosystems
Future Fund attains double-digit gains
March 2015
Measuring up: Will Australia's real estate performance continue to compare favourably to markets around the world?
Back and forth: A look at the year that was and the year ahead
Civilisation from the ground up: Funding, productivity, employment, environment and social utility play major roles in infrastructure projects
What shoppers want: Some consumer trends are more obvious than others
A tale of two cities: London and Paris, Europe's two mega-cities, are powering ahead
December 2014
Australia bound: Chinese property investors are pursuing opportunities in Oz, but will China's slowing economic growth curb the flow of capital?
Hunting for value: A-REITs are starting to seek growth through means other than buying assets
Systemic risk: How do offshore investors view Australia based on a reassessment of systemic risk factors?
Alternative REITs: One year on, the predictable income from alternative REITs is a big draw
Unfinished business: The end of deleveraging in Europe is in sight for some, but major work lies ahead for others
September 2014
A tall order: finding investments in Australia's office market may mean moving up the risk curve
Property funds are back: PIR's survey of Australian property funds reveals gains in manager AUM
A good fit: global cities and real estate investors are best mates
The tech horizon: investors must continually consider and adapt to new technologies
A global path for super funds
June 2014
Where you live: Australia's residential market is a hot topic of conversation, but is it overheating?
Faith and fundamentals: Current A-REIT fundamentals provide investors with a number of options
Defining contributions: Australia's superannuation funds have been pioneers in solving some of infrastructure investing's key challenges
Earning a living: Employment trends suggest social infrastructure jobs will increase in the years to come
Quality infrastructure assets attract competition
March 2014
Retail therapy: The downturn in mining spending could hit consumer confidence and threaten retail assets' role as a defensive play
Diving in: Offshore investors keep dipping into the Australian property pool; what will keep them swimming in 2014?
The 2014 outlook: How can property investors best navigate the Australian real estate market?
A-REITs resurgent: Capital raises and M&A activity surge for A-REITs in 2013
The Australian economy comes of age
December 2013
The Lucky Country: After two decades of growth, is Australia's luck running out?
Don't fight the Fed: A-REIT performance continues to be influenced by fluctuating US monetary policy
Evolving capital sources: The nature of foreign investment into Australian real estate is changing
Small A-REITs: A viable option
An end worth the means for UniSuper
September 2013
The super spectrum: What do mega-funds and SMSFs illustrate about the future of the super industry?
Low-growth world: Implications for commercial real estate performance
Past, present and future: PIR's survey of Australian property funds finds key themes relate to industry transformation
Supers look to greater international investment
Transactions round-up: Australian markets see large deals
June 2013
External factors: Australia seeks to buffer its property markets from negative influences
The China connection: China's growth is having an increasing effect on Australia's property markets
Divergence: Although property fundamentals are slow and steady, asset prices are escalating
REITs return -- part two
Australia's office markets maintain influx of investment
March 2013
Risky Business: Super Funds Turn to Long-term, Core Investments to Generate Income and Help Manage Risk
Super Prime: Australia's Best Property Is the Most Likely to See Yield Compression
A Journey's End and Beginning: When Does Being Defensive Become Too Expensive?
In Syndication: The Return of Direct Property Syndicates Is a Trend to Watch
December 2012
Super Mergers: How Will the Growth of Super Funds Affect Large Investors?
Temperature Taking: Will Australia’s Property Sector Run Hot, Cold or Lukewarm in 2013?
A Conversation with Steven Leigh
September 2012
Regional Perspective: Do Australia's Attributes Override Challenges to Foreign Investment in the Region?
Past, Present and Future: PIR’s Australian Property Funds Industry Survey 2012 Finds the Australian Property Market Recovering Well
Terra Australis: Real Estate Investors Discover “The Land to the South”
June 2012
Market on the Rise: Australia’s Commercial Property Market Is a Mixture of Parts That Don’t All Enjoy the Health of the Whole
Entropy at Work: What Is Entropy’s Role in the Australian Property Sector?
A Conversation with Peter Verwer