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April 2017
Doubling Down on Real Assets: Nuveen and TIAA have committed to delivering real-asset-rich products to individual investors, and Mike Perry is drafting the game plan
Autonomous Vehicle Technology Rolls Forward: From mass-transit, shipping and agriculture uses to airline and military applications, self-driving vehicles are on track to remake business and society
The Conservation Easement Bonanza: Liberals like this tax provision because it protects the environment, conservatives like it for the tax breaks, and landholders and investors are reaping financial benefits
The Benefits of Real Assets in DC Plans
Eight Areas of Electricity Innovation to Watch in 2017
March 2017
The Aggregation Strategy: Rob Francais, co-founder and CEO of Aspiriant, is on a merger spree and stoking national ambitions
Preserving the Family Fortune: If you think accumulating a king's ransom is difficult, try holding onto one
Listed Infrastructure in the Multi-Asset Portfolio: Though private investors cannot play in the institutional investors' league, they can buy a portfolio of listed securities that gives them the same benefits
Parking Assets -- the Forgotten Opportunity: New technologies and financially strapped municipalities mean parking facilities and management contracts could become cash cows for savvy investors
Parking's Technology Revolution: A wide array of new parking equipment has made parking more manageable and profitable for owners
February 2017
Family Business: Maria Elena Lagomasino, CEO of WE Family Offices, on the four common mistakes that destroy family wealth
The Case for Private Equity Real Estate
Technology Arms Race Among RIAs: Digital innovation has triggered an explosion in the number of wealth advisories, but keeping pace is not cheap
The Blockchain Revolution: How the technology that created Bitcoin is changing money and business
How 2016 Reshaped Financial Services for Generations to Come
January 2017
Passing the Torch: Ric Edelman and new Edelman Financial CEO Ryan Parker forge a strategy to carry the firm through the next 30 years
The Digital Revolution in Farming: Improved yields will feed an estimated 1 billion more people
The Best Real-Asset Investment Ideas for 2017: Investment professionals offer some of their insights about how to make the New Year a profitable one
Infrastructure for the Individual Investor: Current options are limited, but they are increasing as managers find ways to place illiquid assets into liquid funds
The Commodity Revival: It will be a bumpy ride, but commodity prices are poised to rise as oversupply is resolved
December 2016
Reclaiming Her Birthright: Alexandra Lebenthal sold her family's storied 91-year-old Wall Street firm, and then took it back
Forecast 2017: Global macroeconomics are likely to keep some real asset classes muted next year, just as they did this year
The Role of Commodities in the Diversified Portfolio: Since 1800 the average bear market lasted nearly 20 years while the average bull market only 16 years
Running Strong: Robust underlying demand fundamentals keep investors bullish on the apartment sector
Six Reasons to Invest in Africa: The continent still tests investor patience, but there is money to be made for those bold enough to take on the challenge
November 2016
Southern Exposure: Storytelling Hatteras Funds CEO David Perkins is getting a second bite at the apple
Niche Categories in Real Estate: Investing in specialty REITs is tricky because the playing field is so varied, confusing and small.
The Great Rift: Is Africa finally coming together for real estate investors?
Taking Nuclear Power Offline: How fear of fission is hurting the environment and clean energy revolution
The Alternative Lending Market Is No Fad: Demand is strong for debt financing as an influx of foreign capital looks to invest in U.S. real estate
October 2016
Rethinking Wall Street: Gloria Nelund of TriLinc Global walked away from a $50 billion operation to make a more direct impact with her life
10 Technologies Changing Real Estate: A group of important innovations are here today or on tomorrow's horizon
How the Rise of Indices Is Changing the Face of Investing
How Technology Will Change Commercial Real Estate
On a Roll: Eight ways China is
September 2016
The Disciplined Investor: "Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary learned that mother knows best
Harvesting the Farm: Strong returns, improved transparency and expanded product offerings are reasons for optimism among farmland investors
Tough Times for Nontraded REITs: New regulations and declining investor participation has industry players consolidating and reflagging themselves
Rise of the NextGen Adviser: Developing the next generation of talent solves demographic issues and is a strategy for growth
Good Prognosis for Medical Office REITs: Hospitals have been selling off and leasing back their facilities, creating opportunities for real estate investors
August 2016
Institution to Individual: Michael Forman and Franklin Square aim to create more alternatives for the common investor
Is Water the New Oil? And what are the investment opportunities for high-net-worth investors?
Niche Collecting and Investing in Real Assets
REIT Respect: The unprecedented addition of the real estate sector to GICS should have far-reaching implications
An iPhone You Can Live Inside: The dumpster meets the Internet of Things
July 2016
Historic Day, Fateful Decision: Jack Markwalter revised his priorities and set an exalted mission for Atlantic Trust
Real Assets Holding Their Own at Midyear: The logic for keeping investor portfolios stocked with tangible assets is still strong
High-Touch vs. High-Tech: Financial advisers in the digital age are being challenged like never before
Staving Off the Vanguard Juggernaut: How wealth advisories can protect their business against the onslaught from the behemoth's robo-advisers
DC Plan of the Future: BNY Mellon report finds that strategies exist for the so-called institutionalization of DC plans
June 2016
And Then There Was One: Jim Steiner, the man in charge of $38 billion Abbot Downing
The Wisdom and Whimsy of Crowds: There are opportunities and hazards surrounding regulated crowdfunding platforms
The Precious Metals Tango: The chicken-or-the-egg conundrum affecting gold and silver prices
Women and Mentorship: Three women's stories about a career development strategy that can make all the difference, yet is underused
Mentorship and Sponsorship: A question-and-answer session on the subject with attorney and advocate Deborah Froling
May 2016
Going Optimal: Pablo Sanchez, head of retail banking and wealth management at HSBC, believes the magic happens when the client places the call
An Energy Miracle: Bill Gates says current technologies are insufficient for solving our most pressing problems
The Fiduciary Frenzy: Financial advisers are facing new obligations and liabilities regarding their clients
The Globalization of Real Assets: The rise of listed securities funds means nearly any investor can now invest globally
When Alts Come to a Halt: The obstacles RIAs face when trying to use alternatives, and how new products and services are clearing a path
April 2016
The 100-Year Promise: Pathstone Federal Street co-CEOs Steve Braverman and Allan Zachariah are doing their best to walk the talk
Technology in Agriculture: A surge of new farmland-focused innovation is promising another Green Revolution
Investing in an Era of Energy Abundance: Trying to make money in the glutted energy sector has become more difficult than ever
Women in REITs: There are a growing number of women holding influential positions in the industry
Investing in the Global Airline Business: The five Cs have changed the game and given long-disappointed investors a chance to gain altitude
March 2016
Second Act: Russell Investments executive Brian Meath got cheeky, and then he got the job
The Endowment Model of Investing: This style of investing (with an emphasis on real assets) has been used to great success by institutional investors, and is now making its way to RIAs
The Public-Private Disconnect: Valuations for public and private real estate have diverged, and so has market sentiment
The Art of Real Assets: Collecting fine art as a meaningful component of an investment portfolio
The Lowdown on Low Oil Prices: More economic stimulus and less pain than many observers realize
February 2016
The Innovation Imperative: Past is prologue for Michael Farrell and SEI Private Wealth Management
The Criminals in the Computer: Cyber security has become the imperative of the day for financial firms, and the SEC is putting on the squeeze
What Is Hot in Real Estate: 2016 is expected to be another good year, and the U.S. will offer the best risk/reward opportunities
Demographics, Technology, Urbanization: The DTU method of investing in real estate
State of Dehydration: California will have to dig deep to tap new ways to deliver water, and private investors have a role to play
January 2016
The Language of Finance: Maribeth Rahe does not get tongue-tied about Fort Washington
Here Come the Regulators: RIAs brace for FINRA rules requiring disclosure of unlisted REIT and DPP fees and values
2015 Review: It was a forgettable year for those investing in real assets
Driverless-Car Revolution: These new vehicles will drive massive disruption, forcing real estate investors to re-examine their strategies
New Directions: 10 disruptive trends challenging wealth management firms and advisers
December 2015
It is the People: As CIO of Ballentine Partners, Will Braman banks on long courtships, great hires and a team approach
Forecast 2016: Real assets are poised to continue performing well during 2016, though investors must be choosy
Getting Serious About Social: Though advisers were slow to buy into social media, their understanding of its potential has finally clicked
On the Bubble: Investors can take steps to avoid the worst when a bubble pops
Greener Pastures: Why core infrastructure investors should consider greenfield projects
November 2015
Defection from Wall Street: Garrett Thornburg bailed on New York for Santa Fe more than 30 years ago, and he isn't looking back
No Silver Lining for Gold: Global demand for the yellow metal has been slumping, and its long-term record shows no sign of a Midas touch
Investing to Make a Difference: Impact investing, the latest offshoot of socially responsible investing, has eclipsed $100b worldwide and is growing fast
Port of Interest: Infrastructure investors are finding ports have much to offer as maritime trade keeps growing
Risk & Reward: Should real estate investors shoot for bigger returns by taking on more risk at this stage in the cycle?
October 2015
Lessons of the Father: Peter Raimondi of Boston Private Wealth learned early in life about starting from scratch
Practicing What You Preach: A shocking number of wealth advisory firms stagnate or wither for lack of a strategic plan for growth
Timber! The asset class has taken a fall along with other commodities, but it continues to show resilience
Cost of Action Versus Inaction: Citibank report: Investing in clean energy would cost marginally more than business as usual
Cutting Costs: REITs should re-examine external property management and what this means for Wall Street
September 2015
The Promise of Investor Rewards: There are five key areas where agricultural technologies have the most potential to deliver
The Missing Quotient: Real assets offer diversification benefits to DC plans, but they are often overlooked
Listen-Up Financial Advisers: If you are looking to attract more female clients, observe this six-pack of ideas to get you there
Team Quant: Ed Keon spearheads the academic-like atmosphere at Prudential subsidiary QMA
Empire State of Mind: New York City is heating up, but is it all sizzle and no steak?
August 2015
Going for Impact: Lisette Cooper has built Athena Capital on the wave of investors committed to values-based investing
Playing Those Mind Games: Advisers should utilize financial psychology to work more effectively with clients
Oil Change: Gyrating crude prices have spooked investors, and experts disagree if prices will go up or down
Heart and Soul and Yield: Women and millennials are especially keen about investing in ways that make a social impact
Cash at the Inn: U.S. lodging market is sparking big deals
July 2015
Just the Facts: Gregg Fisher insists on interrogating the numbers until they speak the truth
Real Assets Mid-Year Report Card: The strong U.S. dollar has weighed heavily, but most asset classes are still producing sound returns
Investors Ship Comes In: It is full steam ahead for the maritime industry
Retail Turnover: The uneven economic recovery has altered the landscape for retail
Summertime Reset for Advisers: Seasonal slowdown in client traffic means RIAs can get refocused on their business processes
June 2015
The Grinder: Dave Pottruck, the defrocked CEO of Charles Schwab, is back in the billions with HighTower Advisors
Going for the Backbone: Investors like how infrastructure combines growth with bond-like cash flow
Cooling Their Heels: After years of strong growth, REITs are expected to perform more modestly in 2015
Welcome to the Machine: As technology unfurls, real estate markets alter course
Making the Grade: Real estate goes to school
May 2015
Financial Life: If Joe Duran is correct and the wealth advisory business is destined for enormous change, why is he smiling?
The One-Stop Solution: Mutual funds offer investors a bundle of real assets, but indices to measure performance are lacking
The Intelligent Edifice: New technologies promise to boost the built environment
Retail Real Estate Still in Fashion: But a low cap-rate environment suggests it might not be in vogue for long
Oil City Is Losing Its Viscosity: Crude could blacken the outlook for Houston and other energy-dependent metros
April 2015
Quite Contrary: Using an endowment-style core investment model, The Presidio Group has a unique three-pronged strategy.
4 Things to Know About Single-Family Offices: Whatever the exact number of firms, these global entities control billions in wealth.
Silver Shines: If early 2015 returns are any measure, silver is set to see sterling performance this year.
New Frontiers: REITs are emerging in markets around the world, but the biggest opportunities may be yet to come.
Glass Half Full: U.S. water infrastructure is desperate for capital and private investors have a role to play
March 2015
Simple Matters: Adviser Eric Flett leveraged an accounting career to serve high-net-worth clients through his Concentric Wealth Management.
ETFs Get Real: Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are gaining traction among investors looking to real assets allocations.
Bumper Crop: Making a play in America
8 Questions: Middle-Market Firms Provide Yield Play
Making the Case: Stable returns and low correlation can be key benefits of investing in real assets.
February 2015
Loving Life: Hyperion Wealth Advisors' founders Harvey Spira and Stuart Conley eschewed wirehouses to take the IAR route
Sold: Online auctions have become a more popular form of investing in commercial real estate
Grand Gestures: Technology fortunes have triggered a resurgence in architectural grandiosity for corporate HQs
5 Questions: Building the Future of Life Science
The Big Picture: Demand Driving Growth in Nontraded BDCs
January 2015
High Hurdle: Advisers Wayne McCullough and Keith Beckman raise the wealth management bar at Dallas
Rough Cut:Diamond investing takes some work, but can yield attractive returns over the long term.
Blind Spot: Investors often overlook direct investment in commercial property, but why?
Coming of Age: New platforms, changing sentiment, and the ongoing quest for yield have the infrastructure asset class sprinting toward adulthood.
REITs Roll the Dice: Esoteric business spaces have spawned new REITs, making for an interesting year ahead.
December 2014
Team Approach: Adviser Melissa Joy is part of a growing trend toward multigenerational ensembles tackling wealth management.
Six Sides: For 2015, real assets strategies will continue to play a key role in advisers' portfolio construction. Here are six views on what's ahead.
Joining the Crowd
Building Momentum
Catching Some Rays
November 2014
Time Tested: Norman Boone has seen much in his two decades as an RIA, and he is keen on coaching the profession to the next level.
Adopting Alts: Investors and their advisers are diving deeper into alternatives, and real assets are the beneficiary of this movement.
Back in the Fast Lane
Core Assets
An Ode to Ostrich Farms and Llama Ranches: R.I.P.
October 2014
Game Changer: How Ron Carson's independent RIA is setting the standard for the rapidly evolving investment advisory profession.
Making the REIT Choice: Investment pros tout the merits of both publicly traded and nontraded real estate.
Welcome to the World of Education and Elevation
Power Shift
Gold Standard
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