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Institutional Real Estate Europe

September 1, 2013: Vol. 7, Number 8

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  • To rent or not to rent: That is the question

    With residential housing markets that are different throughout Europe, it can be hard for people looking for somewhere to live to decide what to do: to rent or to buy.

  • Debt, tax and regulation — who will survive?

    These are changing, challenging times. The five years of market turmoil since the start of the global financial crisis in 2008 have been associated with the stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, depression and resolution — although not always in that order.

  • Time for a rethink? Private equity real estate GPs in Latin America are hitting problems

    During the past 18 months, private equity real estate GPs in Latin America appear to have missed the mark in the identification and pursuit of investment opportunities throughout the region.

  • Weighing up the options: Investors consider the merits of pooled funds, joint ventures, club deals and segregated accounts

    Large real estate investors have generally moved away from fund investing toward joint ventures, club deals and segregated accounts, and it is no surprise that fundraising activity for new funds in the recent past has been muted. But where do small investors now fit in?

  • Whisper it quietly: Are those green shoots of recovery over there?

    Any gardener will tell you that the trouble with green shoots is that a climatic event can come along and snuff them out just as they emerge. Recent weeks, however, have seen a better quarterly GDP growth number from the United Kingdom and a growing belief that the number can be sustained, that a corner has been turned, that recovery is underway.

  • Fulfilling a need

    In the United States, institutional investors love the multifamily investment sector. Typically owned by REITs, these large complexes are professionally managed, feature attractive amenities and have the ability to raise and lower rents on an annual — and sometimes monthly — basis as demand ebbs and flows.

  • Chinese insurer buys trophy asset in London

    China’s Ping An Insurance Group has acquired the iconic Lloyd’s Building in the City of London submarket for £260 million (€297 million) from a German closed-end fund managed by Commerz Real, which purchased the building in 2005 for £231 million (€264 million).

  • In central Europe, Poland is the place to be

    Real estate investment activity has been ramping up in Poland, which is distinguishing itself as the most attractive market in central Europe. The country attracted nearly 72 percent of the €631 million invested in central Europe in the second quarter.

  • Venlo stays top of the logistics list

    Benelux is the most desirable location for logistics properties in Europe, according to a report released by Prologis.

  • Fundraising round-up

    Investment managers throughout Europe had a busy summer as commercial real estate funds approached their targets and held closings at various stages.

  • Investors make real estate commitments

    European investors have seen no let up in activity this summer, as commercial real estate mandates have been finalised.

  • Market focus: Stuttgart, Germany

    Stuttgart, located in the south-west of Germany, an hour’s drive north of the Black Forest, is the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.