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Institutional Real Estate Europe

April 2017
Let us entertain you: Retail just isn't what it used to be
Siren voices: Should investors be tempted by the lure of the risk curve?
Making an impact: Economic return alone is no longer good enough for investors
Interesting times: You can't say that Europe is boring
A new normal: The outlook for European real estate in 2017
March 2017
Hygge: The Nordic countries are the safest of real estate safe havens. Discuss
Are you certain: Nothing is more certain these days than the uncertainty that pervades investor decisions
Where to start: Central and eastern Europe is Europe's property darling, but it's a big place
A welcome relief: The case for investing in European residential property
Thinking fast and slow: Algorithms, forecasting and the future of work
February 2017
The phoney war: The Brexit story is about to begin in earnest
Just the start?
Higher or lower: You might think that interest rates have only one way to go. You'd be wrong
Think small: The investment market for micro-living in Germany is growing
Blockchain: The biggest tech story you're not paying attention to
January 2017
Building blocks: Finding property, researching, evaluating, buying, selling - constructing a real estate portfolio
Fickle things, votes: Various election results across Europe in 2017 could be hugely significant
Drawing a crowd: FinTech meets real estate investment
Tech factors: The introduction of new technologies will have big effects on real estate
Ruffled feathers: Markets don't like uncertainty
December 2016
My head hurts: It's so hard trying to work out what might happen next in real estate investing
Playing the long game: A successful city is the sum of many parts
Unlocking a pent-up demand: Shariah-compliant investment poses challenges for Islamic institutions
Has the time come: Which nonperforming loan market — Italy or China — provides the best opportunity to deploy capital
Driving value: Responsible and resilient property investing in the new millennium
November 2016
Ebb and flow: The European real estate capital tide shows no signs of turning
From zero to hero: Deflation across Europe is not necessarily bad news for real estate
A no-brainer: The implications of automation for office real estate
Cool it: Data centres and technology are both on a high-growth runway
Currents in time: None of us know what the future holds
October 2016
The great rift: Is Africa finally coming together for real estate investors
Brace yourself: Defensive investing strategies for weathering a real estate downturn
As good as it gets: Is the European private debt market ready for the next challenge
Taking aim: European real estate investors see opportunities in Asia Pacific
Dark portents: Is Brexit already influencing investor behaviour
September 2016
Volatile times: Brexit puts pressure on boom-era property funds
Us and them: Low-end or high-end, there's no shortage of takers for Berlin's residential housing
A haven of stability: These volatile times of Brexit insecurity could push investors to look more at the German student housing market
On balance: New accounting standards require leases be recorded on balance sheets, which has implications for real estate owners
Never a dull moment: Once again, Europe stands at the crossroads
July 2016
Off the beaten track: Investor appetite for alternative property types has surged
We have a choice: This market is changing but still offers strong investment opportunities
We care: It is time for private capital to step into public healthcare
Compelling arguments: The appeal of real estate debt is enduring
Positive signs in the near term: It may be time to temper optimism with caution
June 2016
Lands of plenty: The countries of central Europe are exerting a powerful influence
Decisions, decisions: How much is just right for real estate in asset allocation?
A one-way ticket: There may be scratches on the paint of the locomotive, but the German logistics train is forging ahead
Just common sense
So predictable: Not real estate, but real life
May 2016
Going to the office: How will office markets cope with changes in the workplace?
Adding value: Varied strategies are blurring the lines between the risks commonly associated with noncore investment
Change equals opportunity: The regional and global outlooks for real estate present investors with options
An elusive concept: What does research tell us about liquidity in international commercial real estate markets?
Retail leads the way
April 2016
Any which way: Whether highway, railway, seaway or airway, the global supply chain works hard to get products to market
Similar but not the same: European property is heading toward a low-return environment
Making forecasts: How you think is more important than what you think
A work in progress: Are emerging investment markets becoming more investable?
Important factors
March 2016
The variety show: Germany's top cities are all class real estate acts, but which is the headline act?
Three's a crowd: Competition among investors for European hotel assets is fierce, and getting fiercer
Language and a common tongue: It is time for Europe to adopt a fresh approach to make real estate truly sustainable
A threat in the making?: Can rental growth support total returns when bond yields rise?
Proving a point: Why David Bowie and Glenn Frey matter
February 2016
By the numbers: Real estate funds bounced back last year
Into the regions: Investors are thinking more outside the top-tier city box
The glare of scrutiny: Steps to improve real estate portfolio performance
Retail isn't dead, but evolving
Life at the top: Play your cards right. Higher or lower?
January 2016
The good, the bad and the ugly: The bad bank era comes of age
The new reality: European real estate investors should take what they can get
Just measures: Predicting a minimum energy future for European real estate
No bubble, no crash: Europe's real estate markets have little to fear from what is to come
Strictly speaking: Discipline in the real estate markets
December 2015
Did you see this coming?: Are Europe's real estate markets at risk of being undermined by Europe
Assessing the alternatives: High-yield investments - a smart move or a risky business?
Cross-border flows: The global village that we now occupy
We keep going: Will crashing China break in Europe?
Fundraising round-up: Goodman launches £1.0b logistics platform
November 2015
Heavy weather: Investing in emerging markets is not for the faint-hearted
Connecting the dots: How China's economic malaise could affect US real estate markets
More than a feeling: What role does gut instinct play in real estate investing?
A sheltered spot?
Smooth landing or rough?: It doesn't matter; we're ready
October 2015
What's in store?: Are logistics facilities the new must-have for investors?
The global hunt for yield: Investors are going further afield and exploring alternatives in a low-return environment
Back in the fold: Investors can see value once again in Spain's real estate markets
Words, just words: Making sense of an uncertain investment environment
Spreading the net: Real estate remains attractive, but are institutions overlooking other opportunities in the private markets sphere?
September 2015
A new name: A new cover and the same high-quality coverage
Close to home: Real estate markets in northern Europe are fundamentally attractive
Hello stranger: CMBS faces a mighty long haul in Europe
Ever a conundrum: Balancing equity and debt is not a choice between the two
Boom, boom, wow: European transaction growth is on course to beat the record of 2007
July 2015
Power to the people: Property in eastern Germany is attracting investor attention
Pulling levers: Even lower, even longer, in even more places
Retail turnover: The uneven economic recovery has altered the landscape for retail
Carry on: The impact of Brexit on commercial property
Learning lessons: QE will drive investment into European real estate markets
June 2015
Welcome to the machine: As technology unfurls, real estate markets alter course
Making the grade: Student accommodation is receiving serious attention from real estate investors
Continental drift: Real estate investment provides a good example of Europe
Spoilt for choice: The real estate universe is a wonderful thing
Easy does it: Serviced offices are fast becoming a new focus for institutional investors
May 2015
Leading from the front: You can't go wrong with buying property in London. Can you?
A gamechanger: German closed-end Spezialfonds will profit from new regulations
It's right about this time... : There's no point trying to be different
New frontiers: REITs are emerging in markets around the world, but the biggest opportunities may be yet to come
The past is behind us: And we are looking forward to the future
April 2015
Toil and trouble: Given all that is happening, why does Europe continue to be attractive to real estate investors?
Moving up the risk curve: Investors searching for appropriate risk-adjusted returns are modifying their investment style
Growth will come: The strategic outlook for European real estate remains positive
An inherent pragmatism: Austria is healthy but is not fully fit
Much to think about: Uncertainty can be made to work for you
March 2015
When aspiration meets actuality: Fundraising isn't what it used to be, but it's better than it was
Draghi fires his bazooka: Has the European Central Bank done enough?
A tale of two cities: London and Paris, Europe's two mega-cities, are powering ahead
From the ground up: Rising demand for rented housing will lead to greater investor interest in residential property
Shadow demand in US housing: When living with the in-laws gets old
February 2015
Through traffic: London's Crossrail project demonstrates how infrastructure can reshape a city's real estate dynamics
Crossrail: The facts
Rising to the rate: Interest rates can only go one way, up. But when and how far?
From zero to hero: Dutch residential has all the makings of a place to call home
Going nowhere fast: The German locomotive has been slowed down by adverse economic signals
January 2015
Where to from here? Russia has its dark side but it also has many plus points for investors
The glories of liquidity: Institutional investors can be in the REIT place at the REIT time
Whatever it takes: How Europe fares in 2015 will be down to the European Central Bank
Just magic: Real estate investors can always do more with their data
Shop Talk: A conversation with Thomas Vosskamp
December 2014
What's going on? European real estate markets are saying one thing, European economies another
To be a pilgrim: What comes next for contrarians?
A foreign affair: Various factors are pulling, and pushing, Asian investors into overseas real estate markets
Triumph of the City: Finally, people want to live and work in Berlin
Norse methodology: Stability, transparency and high yield gaps. What's not to like about the Nordic markets?
November 2014
Unfinished business: The end of deleveraging in Europe is in sight for some, but major work lies ahead for others
We can work it out: Investors and fund managers continue to discuss how best to deal with alignment of interests issues
It takes all sorts: Navigating commercial real estate finance in a post-GFC world
A cold and dark forecast: Global warming may be coming but there is little evidence of it in central and eastern Europe
SWFs catch the fever: Sovereign wealth funds are boosting their real estate commitments
October 2014
Climate change at land's end: Real estate investors like targeting coastal cities, but so does a seething Mother Nature
Definite interest: A good investment case can be made for alternative real estate, however defined
Debt's new normal: Real estate finance is adapting to a changed market
Too much trouble: Can investors profit from the impasse between Russia and Ukraine?
The loving feeling: Now it's gone, gone, gone
September 2014
What's the alternative? The risk-tolerant and knowledge-rich are expected to reap the best returns from the new alternatives
The comfort zone: Are real estate investors in the right place?
Business rates revaluation: Supporting the recovery of UK secondary property
Restoring investor confidence: These are difficult times for Turkey
The rain in Spain ... Stays mainly in the plain
July 2014
Waiting to erupt: Geopolitics and real estate investing don't mix
A good fit: Global cities and real estate investors are best mates
The key to success: Locked office markets come at a premium
Just a brief rest, then on again: The European property market paused for breath in the first quarter
A trial of strength: Improving real estate market fundamentals should offset potential interest rate headwinds
June 2014
A mixed blessing: What are Asia's real estate investors bringing to the European party?
Famine or feast: The return of cheap debt, but for how long?
The right blend: Both listed and unlisted real estate have roles to play in multi-asset defined contribution pension funds
A smart revival: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the "Baltic Tigers", are climbing back from economic lows
Danger signals: Some European shopping centre markets are starting to look risky
May 2014
Equities and bonds and things: How investors deal with increasing liabilities in a low-return, multi-asset world
Making the case: The current rationale for opportunistic investing in Europe quickly leads to Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic
Brand new world: American brands are moving into the Nordic countries in a big way
Trivial reasons for big changes: Bulgaria and Hungary have both been hit hard by economic turmoil but are trying to restore stability
Charted territory: We have been here before
April 2014
Staying local: Real estate investment is a global business but best results are obtained from local expertise
Going places: The European real estate investment scene has improved markedly, and investors are considering all options
Friend or foe? The rising trend to online retail cuts both ways, for everyone
Long live the fund: European fund managers are rising from the ashes
Crunch time: Here it comes, a global index for a global industry
March 2014
Pushing hard: Germany is still a favourite destination for global real estate investors
Scheme or dream? It might already be too late to get interested in the value-add story
50 shades of green: Sustainability's mission has only just begun, and the control room is filling up
Making up for lost time: Romania is making substantial progress but is still catching up
Gaining confidence: Investors continue to put faith in real estate
February 2014
Strength in numbers: Rising populations are good news for real estate investors
Rooms with a view: The global hospitality industry is making a strong comeback from its nadir
Sums and parts: The Czech Republic and Slovakia are both performing in the shadow of Poland
The money talks: Real estate investors remain focused on risk and what it brings to the party
Leading the way: It's time for an industry approach, and somebody has to do it
January 2014
Offices: A tall story? Maybe. But like all good stories, the office story bears repeating
Looking a lot better: Global real estate investors are now judging that Europe is a good place to be, again
Pairing up: Stabilised markets foster a resurgence in M&A activity among investment managers
Dealing with adversity: Both Slovenia and Croatia are difficult markets that are going through turbulent times
A recovery of sorts: Rejuvenated, European CMBS is making a comeback
December 2013
Onward and upward: You can't buck a trend but you can have fun trying
Chanson d'amour: France may have its problems, but the love affair with real estate is enduring
Macro risks: What are the implications of macro risks for global real estate investment?
A new era: Real estate fund managers have much to contend with
Everybody's talking: But are they doing? Or doing it quickly enough?
November 2013
Changing faces: Real estate investment management is evolving and will have implications for the money that is allocated to real estate
Growth capitals: Asia's major cities are increasingly attractive to real estate investors who know a good gateway when they see one
Leaving safety behind: Does Europe's recovery signal a shift in real estate investment strategies away from safe-haven markets?
A unique phenomenon: Poland is currently top of the ratings for real estate attractiveness in the European Union
Shop talk: A conversation with Marcel Kokkeel and Eero Sihvonen
October 2013
The long road back: Ireland's capital city is at the forefront of the country's emergence from euro zone bail-out humiliation and imbroglio
Super-size me: Investment managers grow larger as they expand their reach and ride a wave of asset appreciation
Coming out from under: Eastern Europe is a big place and its emerging economies have much to offer
Paying the price: Sceptics and advocates sound off on the evolution of the fund of funds investment strategy
Disciplined? Contrarian? Let's see: Brave managers know when to hold back in heady markets
September 2013
To rent or not to rent: That is the question
Debt, tax and regulation — who will survive?
Time for a rethink? Private equity real estate GPs in Latin America are hitting problems
Weighing up the options: Investors consider the merits of pooled funds, joint ventures, club deals and segregated accounts
Whisper it quietly: Are those green shoots of recovery over there?
July 2013
Walking on the moon: Secondary stock returns to centre stage as investors move up the risk curve
Plenty to go around: Real estate investment strategies are evolving as fundamentals improve
No messing: Russia continues to be attractive to real estate investors but with the usual emerging market caveats
In search of a catalyst: What do the US and German experiences tell us about the prospects for an institutional private rented sector in the United Kingdom?
Beyond the gateway: Cross-border investors dominate capital flows and are starting to look further afield
June 2013
Watching and waiting: Like an imminent squall, Solvency II is coming
Riding the upturn: The implications of the Bank of Japan's new measures for the Japanese property market
Move it: The logistics sector has always been fast-moving but the pace just picked up
Good, but could be better: Real estate around the world continues to recover from the global financial crisis, but performance slowed during 2012
What is the best strategy?: European debt funds are faced with questions on how best to deploy their capital
May 2013
No no-go areas: Growth in Europe may be hard to find, but investors are seeing opportunities
On the same side: Landlords and tenants should work together on ensuring that real estate enhances business performance
Stronger than a BRIC: As an investment destination, Turkey has become a better proposition than the much-vaunted BRIC markets
A risk worth taking: Adoption of a stronger approach to risk management will improve the performance of real estate
Shop Talk: A conversation with Tim Hodgson
April 2013
A two-way street: It's not just one-way traffic; property capital flows traverse Europe and Asia
Quality and quantity: You can have the best of both worlds. Real estate investors need numbers, and they need someone to crunch them
Same old, same old: Real estate markets will continue in the same vein this year. The arguments for real estate exposure are unchanged, too
A critical link: Inflation is a more important consideration for real estate investments in this low bond yield environment
Shop Talk: A conversation with Gabriel Bernardino
March 2013
A Local Affair: The Principal Objectives of Sustainability Can Best Be Met on the Ground
No Easy Task: European Commercial Real Estate Loan Portfolio Sales Are Set to Grow in Volume and Complexity
How to Sell Real Estate: Are Investors Sufficiently Aware of the Attractions of Real Estate in These Markets?
Europe Chills Asia: How Well Is Asia Navigating Through the Slowdown?
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Ben Sanderson
February 2013
Did You See It Coming?: The Consequences of the Real Estate Boom, Bust Are Starting to Become Evident
On-Off, In-Out, Up-Down: It's a Topsy-Turvy World, But Risk-Averse Investors Are Eyeing Bond-Like Returns
An Unequal Burden: Changes in the Dependency Ratio across Europe in the Coming Decades Will Shape Individual Real Estate Markets
The Money Talks: The Real Estate Investment Industry Is Settling Down to the Realities of the New Normal
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Philip Cropper
January 2013
Bounding Along: Investors Are Rediscovering the Attractions of Real Estate Markets in the United States
The Game Changes: The Euro Zone Sovereign Debt Crisis Is Moving Slowly Toward an Effective Solution
A Comfortable Feeling: What Are the Pros and Cons for a Fund Manager Having "Skin in the Game"?
Far and Wide: Pension Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds Are Set to Make Their Presence Felt in Global Property Markets
Investable Asia: How Can Investors Build a Strategic Long-Term Asia Real Estate Portfolio?
December 2012
Changing of the Guard: The Real Estate Industry Is Facing Up to Transformational Pressures in the Debt Finance Markets
Dealing with New Circumstances: Events of Recent Years Have Given Rise to Rethinking on Underwriting of Real Estate Investments
A Conversation with Karen Sieracki
Shop to Drop: The Investment Implications of Structural Changes within the Retail Property Sector
Steering a Firm Course: Real Estate Investors Should Not Be Deterred by Short-Term Events in China; the Long-Term Story Remains Favourable
November 2012
Going for Growth: The World’s Emerging Markets Are Still the Key to Global Prosperity
A Broad Sweep: The Economic Downturn Is Seemingly No Deterrent to the Continuing Development of New Shopping Centres
Making the Connection: A Number of Variables Have to Come Together to Make a Modern City Work Effectively
First Steps: How Robust Benchmarking Can Help Drive Sustainability and Financial Performance in Commercial Real Estate
A Conversation with Nils Kok
October 2012
Life in the Fast Lane: Investors Are Speeding to Embrace Infrastructure, But This Diverse Asset Class also Demands Skill and Caution
Rising to the Challenge: Investors Seek the Safety of Core but Growth in Core Europe Is Weak, So Performance Is Divergent
There’s a New Fund in Town: German Insurance Companies Are Looking at Debt Funds to Provide a Solution to More than One Problem
Play It Again, Sam: As with any Competitive Activity, There Are Winners and Losers in Europe’s Commercial Real Estate Markets
The Big Get Even Bigger: Investment Managers Report Increases in AUM as Property Markets Improve
September 2012
Through the Slack: After a Temporary Slowdown, German Open-End Property Funds Are Picking Up Speed Again
Calculating on Currencies: How Does Currency Affect Office Market Real Estate Returns?
A Strong Case: Investors Should Look Beyond Short-Term Events and Consider the Reasoning for Raising Their Exposure to Real Estate
An Unstable World: Real Estate Investors Seeking Comfort in these Volatile Times Need to Know and Understand their Investment Managers Better
Catering for Demand: Turkey Is an Attractive Market for Domestic and International Retailers and for Providers of Modern Retail Space
July 2012
Playtime in the Periphery: Despite Sizeable Risks, Investors See Intriguing Development and Opportunistic Plays Outside the Core
Coming of Age: Real Estate Markets in Central and Eastern Europe Have Entered a New, More Mature Stage, and Different Strategies Are Now Required
Focusing on Opportunities: Investment Sentiment May Have Been Weakened by Recent Events, but Real Estate Investors Know Where the Opportunities Are
Flexing Powerful Muscles: Turkey Has Entered the Mainstream and Become a Favoured Destination for International Real Estate Investment Capital
A Conversation with Richard Barkham
June 2012
Who Are the Leaders?: These Are Uncertain and Volatile Times, but Some Real Estate Players Are Showing How to Get Ahead
The New World Will Be Different: Opportunities Are Emerging despite Continuing Concern on Europe
Still All to Pay For: New Sources of Commercial Real Estate Debt Are Starting to Emerge, but the Size of the Funding Gap Remains Intimidating
A Conversation with Borja Sierra
Deka Invests in London and Amsterdam
May 2012
Neither Here nor There: Real Estate Investment Could Fall Victim to Changes in Pension Arrangements and Low Plan Take-up
The Wet Stuff: Water Is All Too Easily Taken for Granted, but There Is a Major Risk that There Soon Won't Be Enough of It
Word Cloud or Fog of Words?: Managers Need to Positively Differentiate Themselves from the Competition
Biding Time: It
Every Little Bit Counts: How Investors Should Think About Reducing Energy Consumption in their Multi-Tenant Office Assets
April 2012
The Great Divide: The Gap between Prime and Secondary Markets Is Wide and Getting Wider, and Therin Lies the Opportunity
The World Is Out There: Investors Should Not Be Afraid to Look Outside their Own Confines
Core Isn
A Timely Response: Real Estate Fund Managers Are Reacting to Investor Needs by Meeting New Standards for Investment Analytics
Blowing Hot and Cold: World Property Markets Are at Various Temperatures and Comfort Levels; As Always, Global Investors Have Their Pick
March 2012
Getting Personal: Real Estate Investors Know that Inflation Can Ruin a Beautiful Relationship
Where Are the Risks?: Real Estate Investors Are Playing Safe on Property Investment Decisions but Are Their Safe-Haven Decisions Really That Safe?
Caution Sets In: Only a Slow Recovery Is Forecast for Global Office Markets Through 2013
Good Places to Be: Real Estate Investors Know It
February 2012
Let's Have a Party: And Invite Him, and Him, and Her. Oh, Do We Have to Invite Him?
More Than a Paradox: The United Kingdom Is Seen by Many Investors as a Relative Safe Haven. Does It Deserve this Reputation?
Who Owns the City?: Foreign Investors Now Own a Majority of City of London Office Space
Why Is Inflation So Confusing?: Inflation Is Rarely Good News, and Investors Can Get to Grips with It Only if They Understand It Better
Building Investor Confidence: Real Estate Investors Are Demanding Greater Transparency and Better Information
January 2012
Dig Deep: Looking for a Safe Haven from the Financial Turmoil? Buy Some Good Property, Sit Back and Enjoy It
Keep Your Powder Dry: The Euro Zone Crisis Will Undoubtedly Affect Real Estate Investment Strategy, but Will Also Provide Opportunities
The Money Talks: The Euro World May Be in Crisis, but Real Estate People Have Still Got a Job to Do
Has the Time Arrived?: Avoid the Pitfalls and Investors Can Earn Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns in Europe
Columbus Closes UK Real Estate Fund
December 2011
Certain Uncertainty : Volatility in the Markets Is Hurting Investor Sentiment, But You’ve Still Got to Plan for the Future
After the Storm: The Hotel Market in Germany Has Rebounded Strongly Over the Past Three Years and Now Awaits Investment Decisions
Facing Up to Ageing: How Will Economic Restructuring in Developed Countries Affect Inflation in Emerging Markets?
Filling the Void: Debt Funds Seek to Take Advantage of Limited Liquidity and Sizeable Funding Gap
AEW UK Fund Receives Seed Capital from Townsend
November 2011
It’s Hard Work: the Effects on Real Estate of Long-Term Population and Technology Trends
A Dummy’s Guide to Risk: Like Pornography, You Know Risk When You See It
Fright Fest II: We've Been Here Before, and We Didn't Think We’d Be Back Here Again
On the Road to Recovery: The March Disasters Affected Japan’s Economy and Real Estate Markets, but the Country Has Largely Returned to Normal Service
Take Note: The Advent of Major Regulatory Change in the United States Will Require Alternative Asset Managers to Stand Up and Be Counted
October 2011
Global Capital Picks Its Spots: Globalization Is the New Normal and Even Offers Risk-Mitigation Benefits
Never a Dull Moment: The Arrival of a New Real Estate Investment Vehicle Adds to German Insurance Company Investment Options
Moving the Market Forward: Pan-European Property Investment May Only Be in Its Infancy, But Its Diverse Potential Is Clear
Almost Ready to Go: Europe Has One and Soon Asia Pacific Will Have One, Too
Aberdeen Acquires German Retail Asset
September 2011
All Over the Place: Sustainability Means Many Things to Many People, But What Does It Really Mean?
Get Real! Why It's Time to Invest in Global Real Estate. Timing Is Everything
Designing for Growth: The UK Real Estate Market Is Facing Cyclical Challenges and Structural Change
The Time Has Come: Serbia Seems Likely Soon to Come Out of Years of Relative Obscurity and Join the European Mainstream
A Means to an End: The Secondary Market Gives Investors Another Chance
July 2011
Don't Fear the Norsemen: Nordic Markets Appear Safe Thanks to Favorable Economic Underpinnings, but Competition for Core Properties Can Be Fierce
Wind in the Sails: Markets Are Laying the Foundations for Growth, and Investors Are Recognising the Benefits of an Allocation to Real Estate
Here Comes Trouble, Again: Why Real Estate Is Increasingly Viewed as the Achilles
Managers Reshuffle the Deck: Some Firms Retrench, While Others Seek to Grow Asset Base
Almacantar to Buy London Office Tower
June 2011
Blessing or Curse? International Financial Reporting Standards Are a Good Thing. Arent
Know More to Invest Smarter: Building a New Real Estate Investment Information Model to Support Investors and Investment Managers
A Happy Marriage? Like All Couples, Listed Property and Non-Listed Property Have Their Ups and Downs
Who Dares Wins: Welcome to the Core Country; Property
As White as a Balance Sheet: The Changes Proposed to Lease Accounting Are Real But Are Not as Bad as Initially Feared
May 2011
Into the Abyss: The Debt Issue Will Be Brought to a Successful Conclusion But This May Require a Revolution First
A Long Way to Go: Russia May Seem Far Away Both Geographically and as a Developed Country, But It Is Ready to Play the Game
An Encouraging Outlook: After a Tough Couple of Years, Europe Is Set to Make a Fitful Recovery
Brazil Turning Heads: Investors Are Taking a Long Look and Liking What They See
Paving the Way: Trends and Investment Opportunities in Asian Industrial, Warehousing and Logistics Property
April 2011
Natural Selection: The Real Estate Fund Model Is Not Broken, But Must Evolve If It Is to Survive
This Could Get Messy: The World Economy Is Facing Challenges
Leader of the Pack: The Case for Embracing Sustainability Is Becoming Increasingly Clear to All
Principles for Opportunity: Real Estate Investment and Fund Managers Should Be Happy to Stick to What They Know and Do Best
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Martin Morl
March 2011
The Last Hurrah: Harsh Times Are Coming to Retail But Real Estate Investors Still See the Sector As a Safe Haven
Untying the Knots: The Forgiving of Debt in a Debt Overhang and Value Destruction Situation Can Be a Win-Win for All Participants
A Natural Hedge: Long-Term Investors Worried About Inflation Should Consider Property
Financial Leverage and Risk: Property Level and Marketwide (Systemic) Perspectives
Shop Talk: A Conversation With Kevin Turpin
February 2011
For the Greater Good: If You Don't Deal with Risk It Will Come Up and Bite You
Picking Up the Shopping: What Do You Get When You Put Shops and Chinese Consumers Together? One of the World's Largest Retail Sectors
What Is Property?: It's Not What You Think
The Money Talks: Sometimes Things Do Not Work Out As Planned and You Just Have to Agree to Disagree
A Conversation with Peter Hobbs
January 2011
London Calling...: And Investors Are Answering the Call
Looking Out for Risk: Is It Even Possible to Operate in Any Way Other Than Best Practice?
A Timing Paradox: Investors Are Still Nervous About the Economic Outlook but Could Gain from a Move Up the Risk Curve
Full of Possibilities: The Benefits of National REITs Are Accepted Already But Potential Exists for Further Substantive Development
Standard Life Fund Raises €60 Million
December 2010
If You Know It When You See It, Clap Your Hands: Emerging Trends Can Be Hard to Spot - But Are Well Worth Finding
A Tighter Focus: Budget and Limited Service Hotels Now Form the Dominant Sector for Hotel Investment across Europe
Get Moving: The Last to Act Is Often the First to Fail
The Perpetually Developing Market: Property Derivatives Have Been Around for Some Time But Could Be About to Enter a New Era
For Lessons, See History: Investors in European Real Estate Are Looking to the Past for Guidance on How to Adjust to the New Reality
November 2010
Changing Times, Changing Definitions: Recent Scars Change Risk Appetite and Strategies and Maybe Even the Definition of High Return
Work It Out: The Key to Bank Workout Success Is Selecting the Right Investment Management Solution
Clear Visions, Muddy Waters: What Will European Cities Look Like in 2030 and Beyond?
Heading Down Route 66: How Do the 66 Investable Real Estate Markets Around the World Measure Up for Institutional Investors?
Seeking Clarity: Is the Earlier Complexity of Fee Structures for Non-Listed Funds Giving Way to All-Round Transparency?
October 2010
Ready But Waiting: Sovereign Wealth Funds Know What They Want
A Brave New World: Investors Are Seeking to Get Much Closer to Their Fund Managers
Revived, Renewed: The Property Fund Industry Has Been Through Turbulent Times and Is Now Re-Engaging with Investors
Making Debt Pay: Strategies for Investing in Distressed Debt
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Paul Clark
September 2010
Ahead of Their Time: European REITs Are Still Looking for a Seat at the Table
Get Engaged: Responsible Property Funds Are Not the Best Way to Be
Boosting Renewals: The Best Way to Keep Tenants Is to Keep Them Satisfied
A Hint of Dickens: It Is the Worst of Times and the Best of Times for Young Professionals in Germany
A Long and Winding Road: Public Real Estate Markets Around the World Are in a State of Flux, But Recovery Is Certain and Opportunities Will Become Available
July 2010
Whatever Happened to The Heroes?: The Real Estate Markets of Central and Eastern Europe Are Making a Comeback
Something for Everyone: Conditions Are Improving in Real Estate Markets Around the World, and the Opportunities Are There to Be Grasped
Selling Up and Staying Put: Companies with Owner-Occupied Property Assets Are More Convinced Now of the Advantages of Sale-and-Leaseback Finance Arrangements
Managers Take More Write-Downs: Capital Depreciation Slows, Markets Show Signs of Recovery
An Essential Element: The Return of Securitisation Is a Necessary Component of Recovery in the US Commercial Real Estate Market
June 2010
A Tale of Two Stories: The Economic Outlook Is Good
On the Rebound: Rents in Prime European Industrial Markets Are Down, But Growth Is Set to Come Back Strongly
The Case for Core: After Two Years of Downturn, European Real Estate Markets Are Nearing an Inflection Point
A Call for Action: Are UK-REITs the Solution to Investors
Pulling the Levers: Is Debt an Essential Requirement for Real Estate Investment
May 2010
From Sky High to Bargain Basement: On the Way Up from Down in the Dumps - But Only to the Lower Floors
Historical Fund Performance: How Leverage, Size and Vintage Impact Returns
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Lewis
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Stefan Hepp
April 2010
Coming Soon Near You: Love It or Hate It, Tighter Property Fund Regulation Is On the Way
Going Global: Asian Property Investors Are Taking Advantage of Growing Opportunities Abroad
Seeing Potential: Investors in UK Residential Property Can Use the Leasehold Enfranchisement Rules to Make Extra Returns
It's Good to Talk: There Are Always Better Ways for Investors and Fund Managers to Communicate
Just Capital: The Recapitalisation of Global Real Estate Shows a Marked Difference Between the Listed and Private Equity Sectors
March 2010
All Together Now: This Is No Time to Go It Alone
Intrepid Investors: Foreign Investors Are Increasingly Targeting Property Investment in Asia
Trust Me: A Better Alignment of Interests Is in Everyone
A Force for Good: German Open-End Property Funds Have Reacted Positively to the Changed Investment Landscape in Europe
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Adam Calman
February 2010
Back to Basics: Have Investors Learned Lessons from the Downturn in Real Estate Markets
Hang On: It's a Rollercoaster Ride, and Investors Should Prepare for Europe's Inflection Point in 2010
A Regulatory Minefield: The Regulatory Framework for Real Estate Investments by German Insurance Companies Is Complex
Two Sides of the Same Coin: A Pension Scheme Explains Its Approach to the Establishment of Effective Corporate Governance and Risk Management Systems
Taking Stock: Dubai World's Debt Problems Are an Opportunity to Look Again at Risk
January 2010
Trading Places: Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side of the Pond?
The Money Talks: We Agree, There Is a Mess - Now All We Have to Do Is Decide Who Gets to Clear It Up
The Sun Is Rising: Better Times Are on the Way for the European High Street Retail Sector
No Surrender: The Difficult Economic Climate Is Putting Renewed Pressure on the Relationship Between Landlords and Tenants
December 2009
Rising from the Ashes
Come Out and Play
Primed for Growth
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Daniel Just
November 2009
We Have No Idea
Battening Down the Hatches
Counting Pennies
Trading the Value Gap
October 2009
Happy Hunting!
Cheap and Cheerful
An Increasing Attraction
Put to the Test
Who's Your Neighbour?
September 2009
And the Winner Is...
The Balance Is Shifting
Critical Mass
Here and Now
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Bill Maxted
July 2009
Mixing It Up
Asset Values Take a Hit
Those Were the Days
Looking Good
A New Opportunity
June 2009
Let's Pool Party
To Re or Not to Re
Stuck in the Middle
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Frank Schaich
May 2009
Bring It On Home
A Bitter Pill to Swallow
The Bright Idea
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Olivier Piani
April 2009
Capital Punishment
Musical Chairs
From Boom to Bust
REIT Reasons to Be Cheerful
The Vision Thing
March 2009
Playing Favorites
Divided We Stand
Hope Versus Change
The Known Unknown
February 2009
Too Much of a Good Thing?
It Is Hard to Be Green
January 2009
Will Ye No Come Back Again?
How Far Do You Go?
Standing Firm
The Money Talks
December 2008
Tectonic Plates
Revolution or Evolution?
In with the New
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Beatrice Guedj
November 2008
Between Two Worlds
It's Over
A Vote of Confidence
Save the Concrete Jungle
October 2008
Shangri-La No More
The Big Question: Where Next?
A Tough Job
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Howard Roth
September 2008
Less Is More
Black and White
Seats of Learning
In for the Long Haul
Bucking the Trend
August 2008
Playing the Markets
A-Changing Times
A World of Difference
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Amit Mathur
July 2008
Sleeping Through
Big Is Beautiful
Opportunity Knocks
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Dr. Michael Schwalba
June 2008
Mix and Match
It Can Be Done
A Fine Line
Building Blocks
May 2008
The Away Game
Getting There
Outside the Box
The Long Road Home
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Lisette van Doorn
April 2008
A Rose By Any Other Name
Shaken, Not Stirred
A Robust Response
Exit Strategy, Stage REIT
March 2008
Seductive Travels
The Money Talks
Good Times, Better Times
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Jeffrey McGehee
February 2008
A Twist in the Tale
Reach for the Sky
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Marc Mogull
January 2008
A Brave New World
Where Now?
Out in the Open
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