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Institutional Real Estate Europe provides readers with industry news and insights on private equity real estate, helping property investors and other decision makers understand market trends and issues and shape their strategy accordingly. This monthly publication delivers valuable data and information, as well as commentary from thought leaders throughout Europe.

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  • April 2017
    Let us entertain you: Retail just isn't what it used to be

    Siren voices: Should investors be tempted by the lure of the risk curve?
  • March 2017
    Hygge: The Nordic countries are the safest of real estate safe havens. Discuss

    Are you certain: Nothing is more certain these days than the uncertainty that pervades investor decisions
  • February 2017
    The phoney war: The Brexit story is about to begin in earnest

    Just the start?
  • January 2017
    Building blocks: Finding property, researching, evaluating, buying, selling - constructing a real estate portfolio

    Fickle things, votes: Various election results across Europe in 2017 could be hugely significant
  • December 2016
    My head hurts: It's so hard trying to work out what might happen next in real estate investing

    Playing the long game: A successful city is the sum of many parts
  • November 2016
    Ebb and flow: The European real estate capital tide shows no signs of turning

    From zero to hero: Deflation across Europe is not necessarily bad news for real estate
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