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Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

May 1, 2010: Vol. 2, Number 5

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  • Asia's Rebound: Experts Remain Optimistic About Asia's Recovery, But Is It a False Sense of Security?

    Asia’s steady recovery from the global economic crisis continues to impress onlookers and those active in the market — and China has justifiably garnered much of the attention. The growth potential and lure of what some Asian real estate markets have to offer is all but impossible to ignore, but risk is still a natural part of Asia’s investment landscape.

  • Vietnam's Solid: Economic Stability and New Consumer Trends Are Benefiting Vietnam's Property Fundamentals

    The past decade marked a significant turning point for Vietnam and the country’s emergence as a global market participant. Vietnam’s economic performance has started to attract the attention of overseas real estate investors. While investors arriving in Asia predominantly look first to China for opportunities, Vietnam offers compelling overall fundamentals with less risk of a bubble emerging as substantial growth and development of the urban environment continues.

  • Marketing Interests in an Investment Partnership: Marketing Exemptions Exist for Sponsors of Closed-End Private Equity Real Estate Funds Raising Capital in Japan

    Fund sponsors seeking to market their funds internationally — and accept subscriptions from investors in multiple jurisdictions — face an array of complex laws. This article explores the applicable regulatory exemptions for privately marketing limited partnership interests (or similar equity interests) available in Japan.

  • Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Lewis

    Geoffrey Dohrmann, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Letter – Asia Pacific and president and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., recently sat down with one-time bond trader, now full-time author Michael Lewis to talk about the collapse of the financial market, Wall Street’s day of reckoning and Lewis’ new book, The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, which takes a look at the few investors who bet against subprime loans in 2005, predicted the financial meltdown and made money in the process.

  • Understanding Underlying Trends

    Understanding trends underlying economic growth is important for investors and investment managers in real estate. Those investing with these trends in mind become rich and successful; betting against them usually results in losses and unhappy clients.