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Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

April 2017
Tale of extremes: Despite residential sector cooling, major Chinese cities should be insulated from sharp declines in 2017
Bigger, stronger, faster: Despite capital controls, Chinese investors are actively buying overseas real estate
Point/counterpoint: China: What are the most compelling reasons for and against investing in China's property markets?
The door silently opens: China inbound-investment opportunities
Thinking, fast and slow: Algorithms, forecasting and the future of work
March 2017
The cornered office: Working out the new working world
A sea change in Japan: Japan's wave of capital flight to overseas real estate will be a long-term trend
Decisive action: Fiscal stimulus and rising interest rates will affect property investors
Expect the unexpected: How investors can navigate the winds of change in 2017
A call to action: Broadening the market for real assets
February 2017
The money talks: Investors work to determine the best path forward in an uncertain world
Better with age: A burgeoning senior-living market holds great potential for investors in Asia's ageing nations
The phoney war: The Brexit story is about to begin in earnest
Natural interest rates: Implications for property from the long-term outlook for interest rates
A dent in the universe: A tribute to Michael Humphrey
January 2017
The green-eyed investor: The case for sustainable property investing continues to grow
A growing outlet: The outlook for China's luxury-outlet mall sector
Recession risks: Uncertainty is the new normal in today's investment environment
Shop Talk: A conversation with Jonathan Rose
Unlocking a pent-up demand: Shariah-compliant investment poses challenges for Islamic institutions...and an opportunity for real estate fund managers
December 2016
Megatrends: Six forces shaping Asian institutional real estate investment
Driving value: Responsible and resilient property investing in the new millennium
Australia in review: A look at the key 2016 themes affecting the A-REIT sector and the implications for 2017
Positive outlook: Asia Pacific REITs expected to perform well in 2017
A rose by any other name?: Something doesn't smell very sweet
November 2016
So many tiers: While Tier 1 cities receive the most attention, select Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities hold appeal
Transformative years: Change and opportunity in the Korean real estate market
Part of the world: Foreign investors take heed of what Australian property markets have to offer
Making it home: Measuring affordability and investability in Asian residential real estate
Dark portents?: Is Brexit already influencing investor behaviour?
October 2016
Forging ahead: Asian institutional property markets look beyond Brexit
A big shift: The impact of GICS changes on institutional investment in real estate
Brace yourself: Defensive investing strategies for weathering a real estate downturn
Shop Talk: A conversation with Hing Yin Lee
So long, Alvin Toffler (So long, so long)
September 2016
Hong Kong cooling: While the city-state's overall residential market continues its yearlong slide, prices in traditional luxury districts remain sky-high
Gaining entry: How institutional investors can best access large-scale core real estate investment in Japan
Academic expert: A roundtable discussion on bridging the gap between the real estate industry and academia
Shop Talk: A conversation with Rita-Rose Gagne and George Agethen
On balance: New accounting standards require leases be recorded on balance sheets, which has implications for real estate owners
July 2016
Going negative: The Bank of Japan ponders the monetary frontier
Attaining success: Fundamentals prevail in India's residential real estate market
Shifting landscape: Targets harder to hit for Asian capital seeking core assets
Positive signs in the near term: It may be time to temper optimism with caution
The year thus far: Putting the Asia Pacific region into perspective
June 2016
Loving leisure: Chinese investors seek out hotel assets in Asia and abroad
The Asian Century: Five trends position the Asia Pacific region as the world's beacon of growth
A work in progress: Are emerging markets becoming more investable?
An elusive concept: What does research tell us about liquidity in international commercial real estate markets?
Investment mapping: Property market compass steers to Asian growth
May 2016
Taking the plunge: Southeast Asia holds promise, but is it sink or swim for investors?
Shine on: Beijing's grade A office market keeps its lustre
Adding value: Varied strategies are blurring the lines between the risks commonly associated with noncore investment
Indexing funds: A new global fund index will help attract more capital to the nonlisted real estate sector
London and its submarkets continue to draw Asian investors
April 2016
Peaks and valleys: Excess residential inventory is being cleared, but a large and growing gap has formed between the performances of top- and lower-tier cities
Wise choices: Opportunities amid risks in Chinese real estate
China expert: A roundtable discussion on China's economy and property markets
Outbound capital evolves: Chinese regulatory changes and US tax changes enhance opportunities for Chinese investors in US real estate
Turning points: The world as we see it
March 2016
Unreserved judgement: India's central bank projects strong growth and contained inflation
2016 market outlook: Asia Pacific REITs continue to hold promise
The right niche: As competition for core gets crowded, investors eye nontraditional asset classes
Japan's pension whales: GPIF - the country's largest pension fund - will trigger overseas real estate investment by other institutional investors
Change equals opportunity: The regional and global outlooks for real estate present investors with options
February 2016
The Fed acts: Asia Pacific property markets eye the US Federal Reserve and ascendant greenback
Making forecasts: How you think is more important than what you think
By the numbers: Real estate funds bounced back last year
Reforming Japan: Japanese corporate governance and pension fund changes have implications for real estate
Christmastime in New York: Notes from our CEO Summit
January 2016
The needs of many: Social infrastructure investing presents unique opportunities and challenges
India 2.0: What will it take for India's real estate market to succeed?
The money talks: Investors and asset managers discuss how best to tackle the current market environment
Ensuring a path: China's insurance companies to lead next wave of global real estate acquisitions
The future of work: The best of times, the worst of times
December 2015
The Lion City: How long will weakness in Singapore's residential market last?
The illusory wealth effect: How today's Chinese economy came to be
Heavy weather: Investing in emerging markets is not for the faint-hearted
More than a feeling: What role does gut instinct play in real estate investing?
Risky business: More things can happen than will happen
November 2015
Assessing risk: The inability to accurately gauge and price risk increases investors' vulnerability
Young and old: Can Asian property investors project red or black through the grey?
Coming of age: Asia Pacific REITs outperform Asian equities
Return on investment: Measuring the dynamic linkages between direct and indirect real estate — and other asset classes — in Australia
Where are we in the cycle right now?: Ask Father Guido Sarducci
October 2015
Land of extremes: The Asia Pacific office market continues to offer good value to selective investors
China logic: Urbanisation is boosting growth in China
The global hunt for yield: Investors are going farther afield and exploring alternatives in a low-return environment
Oz open-ended: The case for investing in Australian diversified open-end funds
Consolidating power: Top 20 firms account for more than half of AUM
September 2015
Sustainability rising: More Asian institutional property investors are gravitating toward sustainable investment
Dollar signs: Currency moves help lift canny global real estate investors
A hard sell: Retail real estate has laboured in Australia amid middling economic progress, but pockets of strength exist
A new name: A new cover and the same high-quality coverage
Upward momentum: Australian property funds continue to grow
July 2015
Changing tactics: To secure their next victories in Western
The search for value: Where can it be found in Australian real estate markets?
Retail turnover: The uneven economic recovery has altered the landscape for retail
Pulling levers: Even lower, even longer, in even more places
What time is it?: Time for a potential problem analysis
June 2015
Seoul focus: Reflections on a market with much to offer global investors
Win by not losing: Minimising losses and accumulating gains means protecting your capital first
Ready, set...: Restrictions on Asian insurance companies have eased, and big insurers are beginning to invest in real estate abroad
Leading from the front: You can't go wrong with buying property in London. Can you?
Mirror, mirror: 2015 is looking a lot like 2014
May 2015
Like clockwork: The world's central banks attempt to get their economies in precision working order
The bucket list: Applying value investing to real estate
A conversation with Peter Verwer
Growth potential: REITs are emerging in markets around the world, but the biggest opportunities may be yet to come
Reflections from across the pond: European investors are looking abroad, but need better data
April 2015
China's residential woes: Despite stimulus measures, oversupply problems are creating a sluggish recovery for China's residential sector
Perilous path: Economic rebalancing while stamping out corruption poses challenges for China
Taiwan ascends: Taiwan's hot property market shows upside appeal despite China relations
Beyond gateway cities: Chinese investors pour billions into overseas real estate
Much to think about: Uncertainty can be made to work for you
March 2015
Orchestrating growth: New leaders in Asia attempt to create harmonious economic and political ties
Asia Pacific investors go global: Asia lacks enough suitable product for Asia Pacific investors seeking core assets
The elusive benchmark: Real estate investors are still in search of the most appropriate benchmark
State of the cycle: Assessing where real estate investments stand
In memoriam: Ashlee Emerson Lambrix: There's a hole in the world tonight
February 2015
The money talks: Investors speak candidly on a host of issues at the annual Editorial Advisory Board meeting
Targeting outperformance: Focusing on changes in demographics, technology and urbanisation can help investors outperform
Through traffic: London's Crossrail project demonstrates how infrastructure can reshape a city's real estate dynamics
Currency matters: Utilising foreign-exchange swap pricing for commercial real estate investment has its advantages
Face value: Why Blackstone will never make the cover of this publication
January 2015
All eyes on India: Prime Minister Modi's rock-star appeal moves masses on the global stage
On the rise: Global cities are shaping current and future trends in real estate investment
Back to reality: The financial crisis decimated the debt industry, giving rise to a series of opportunities, but the easy pickings may now be gone
Just magic: Real estate investors can always do more with their data
Building for the future: There is much to look forward to, across the board
December 2014
Sky high: Has competition for core Asian assets driven pricing out of orbit?
The domestic response: How are Australian institutional investors responding to the increasingly competitive domestic real estate investment landscape?
Economic expansion: Barring the unforeseen, the Asia Pacific region is set for growth in the coming years
Food for thought: Questions for the annual Editorial Advisory Board meeting
End of QE in the United States has implications for real estate
November 2014
A foreign affair: Various factors are pulling — and pushing — Asian investors into overseas real estate markets
Then and now: A previously forecast upswing for Japan's property market sheds light on where it is headed
Real investors: Institutional investors want returns — and clarity — in Asian property markets
SWFs catch the fever: Sovereign wealth funds are boosting their real estate commitments
OECD recommends QE continue in Japan, begin in euro area
October 2014
REIT round-up: With performance all over the map for public securities, which Asia Pacific REIT markets offer the best investment opportunities?
Fanning the flames: Chinese efforts to quell NPL issues suggest the problem is actually heating up
Climate change at land's end: Real estate investors like targeting coastal cities, but so does a seething Mother Nature
A conversation with Alan Dalgleish
The way in: One New Yorker's journey to the Asia Pacific region
September 2014
Spice islands: With the right ingredients, Southeast Asia's pocket markets can add a lot of pep to a portfolio
After QE: Long-term fundamentals look promising in a capital-heavy world
The road to Shambala: India's new prime minister seeks to pave the way for greater economic growth and investment in the country
All eyes on ASEAN: Can ASEAN develop a collective economy akin to the European Union?
Emerging Asia: Where have we been and where are we going?
July 2014
Building a global footprint: Global investing will increasingly define institutional real estate markets of the future
Well worth it: Outbound Asian high-net-worth capital is increasingly targeting direct real estate
E-everything: Tech innovations are shaping how business is done anywhere and everywhere
A trial of strength: Improving real estate market fundamentals should offset potential interest rate headwinds
Innovation and capital flows: Notes from the ULI Asia Pacific Summit
June 2014
Strategic implications: Picking the right partner may be the best form of investment control
Ready to shine: Tokyo's housing market is poised to shine brightly again
Compelling reasons: A number of factors make European office investment attractive for Asia-based investors
Japan, Asia and global investing: Japan's property market is shaping cross-border investment into and out of the country
China's laundry list: The country has a number of issues to address
May 2014
Leading the way: Central banks in the East promote growth
Equities, bonds and things: How can investors deal with their problem of increasing liabilities in a low-return, multi-asset world?
History-making opportunity: China's latest urbanisation plan has implications for investors
A conversation with Collin Lau
Small country, big dreams: Korean investors look overseas for sizeable investments
April 2014
Up, up and away: Runaway residential prices in first-tier cities reignite fears of a big bubble bursting, but should they?
Red threat: It remains unclear how Chinese banks will handle deleveraging and lending risk
Chinese hot pot: Questionable remedies remain for China's cooling economy
Tier I vs tier II: In the game of tiers, second-tier Chinese cities have much to offer property investors
All about China: Investors should pay attention to the following issues regarding China
March 2014
Sustain me: Asian institutional investors eye sustainability
Experience at the fore: Spotlight on China's retail market in 2014
QE unchained: Will rising interest rates pummel your portfolio?
Island appeal: The Philippines and Indonesia are attracting greater investor interest
Investor plans: What do investors globally plan to do with their capital in 2014?
February 2014
Promised land: Is India's future finally at hand?
Heating up: Cross-border Asia Pacific capital flows are forecast to grow
Shop talk: A conversation with Graeme Newell
Rooms with a view: The global hospitality industry is making a strong comeback from its nadir
2014 and beyond: What to expect in the Year of the Wooden Horse
January 2014
The end of easing: Are Asian institutional property markets prepared for QE to end?
The money talks: Investors and asset managers boil down the key issues for those targeting the Asia Pacific region
Varied viewpoints: Industry experts voice their thoughts on Asian property markets at the VIP
Building for tomorrow: Thailand's planned infrastructure mega-projects should positively affect the country
Rising tide: Have the floodgates opened? Not so quickly
December 2013
Going shopping: High consumer spending and online sales are rapidly reshaping the Asia Pacific retail sector
Down but not out: Headline emerging market economies may be struggling, but the emerging market opportunity remains for prudent investors
Beyond the growth story: Value-add strategies exist for generating attractive investment returns in Asia without relying on economic growth
Perception meets reality: Expectations of risk in infrastructure investing have been upended
The things we do: Some people have moved on, some haven
November 2013
Going west: Asian capital flies into Western real estate
Tapering off: How might Asia Pacific real estate fare as developed economies begin to taper quantitative easing?
What are the implications of macro risks for global real estate investment?
A conversation with Jennivine Kwan
KWAP pursues overseas investments
October 2013
New Urbanism: Asia explores pathways to metropolitan development and greater liveability
Investor friendly?: What do investors really want in the structure of management fees for Asia Pacific investments?
The diversified portfolio: Asia Pacific investors can alter their risk and return profiles by adding London and New York City to their portfolios
Super-size me: Investment managers grow larger as they expand their reach and ride a wave of asset appreciation
Abenomics: A crisis postponed is a crisis (eventually) resolved
September 2013
Developing Asia: Asian economies seek to fully emerge on the world stage
Branching out: Growing numbers of Asian investors look to real estate to help meet future liabilities
The big squeeze: Top 10 things China must stop doing in order to reform its banking system and real estate markets
Inside and out: Southeast Asian economies and companies flex their infrastructure muscle in and out of country
Spotlight on Indonesia: How can foreign investors access real estate opportunities in accordance with Indonesian law?
July 2013
The music makers: Central banks are changing their tunes - will global property dance?
Second to none: The evolving real estate secondary market has much to offer buyers and sellers
Rethinking the future: Sustainability in property investment requires a global collaborative initiative
Lend to me: Access to debt has improved for many Asia Pacific real estate markets
Plenty to go around: Real estate investment strategies are evolving as fundamentals improve
June 2013
Distress signals: Distressed Asia Pacific real estate deals are out there -- if you know where to look
A measure of performance: Property experts adapt to changes in fees, governance and transparency for unlisted Asian real estate funds
Satisfying demand: What will it take for Hong Kong's office market to regain balance by 2020?
Riding the upturn: The implications of the Bank of Japan's new measures for the Japanese property market
Caution prevails: Investors remain cautious as market uncertainty continues
May 2013
Taking a public stand: more investors are discovering the advantages of listed real estate in their Asia Pacific portfolios
Is the price right?: Despite low yields, prime real estate assets still look better than many alternative options
Strata-spheric outcomes: Multiple ownerships in buildings encourage asset bubble formation
Stronger than a BRIC: As an investment destination, Turkey has become a better proposition than the much-vaunted BRIC markets
A risk worth taking: Adoption of a stronger approach to risk management will improve the performance of real estate
April 2013
Road to recovery: China's recovery affects Asia and the rest of the world
Fact or fiction: What investors need to know -- and do -- about the affordable housing market in China
Rebalancing act: Uncertainty rules as China attempts to shift from investment-led to consumption-led growth
China's capital outflows: China joins the rank of peers and expands real estate buying
Something to prove: Can China's new leader tackle the country's most pressing issues?
March 2013
Is Core Still King?: As Core Property's Popularity Grows, a Projected Decline in Returns May Force Wary Investors to Explore Other Options
Bound by Risk: Under What Circumstances Should Risk Premiums for Asia Be Reduced?
Is China Following Japan?: Japan's Recent Economic History Provides Lessons for China
One Step Ahead: How Can Property Investors Best Take Advantage of a Bolder Investment Year?
Focus on Asia: What Should Investors Know About Asian Markets?
February 2013
Heating Up: Are Asia's Markets Overheated or Sustainable Growth Engines?
Contagion Revisited: Are Europe's Ongoing Debt Woes a Problem for Asia?
Europe Chills Asia: How Well Is Asia Navigating Through the Slowdown?
The Real Thing: Private REITs in Japan Offer Investors Low Volatility and Stable Yields
A Watchful Eye: Influential Trends to Watch for in 2013
January 2013
Leveraging Up: Caution Still Prevails in the Use of Debt Since the Global Financial Crisis
Control Issues: Investors Demand Greater Rights, Oversight and Accountability in Today's Investment Environment
Far and Wide: Pension Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds Are Set to Make Their Presence Felt in Global Property Markets
Steering a Firm Course: Real Estate Investors Should Not Be Deterred by Short-Term Events in China
A Conversation with Nathan Dodd
December 2012
The Money Talks 2012: Greater Market and LP/GP Relationship Transparency Can Help Drive Investments in Asian Property Assets
China Update: How Does China's Property Market Look in a Decelerating Economy?
Asian REITs Grow Up
Making the Connection
Brave at Heart
November 2012
Portfolio Challenges: While Transparency Is Improving, Many Obstacles Remain to Creating Successful Pan-Asian Portfolios
Investable Asia: How Can Investors Build a Strategic Long-Term Asia Real Estate Portfolio?
Got REITs?
Something's Got to Give
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Dr. Nils Kok
October 2012
Age-Old Problem: The Senior Housing Market in Asia Offers New Solutions for Investors
Cycling On: Japan's Real Estate Market Is Poised at the Start of a Cyclical Upswing
Good Things to Come?
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Anna Pandey
The Big Get Even Bigger
September 2012
Emerging Asia: The Next Phase of Emerging Asian Markets Offer Opportunities
Exploring New Frontiers in Southeast Asia: Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines Merit a Careful Consideration
The Case for Vietnam: Vietnam Has a Tough Real Estate Market, but a Turnaround is Expected
Perspective on Indonesia: Investors Willing to Take On More Risk for Greater Appreciation Should Consider Indonesia
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Hing Yin Lee
July 2012
Demand During a Slowdown: How Will Slowing Chinese Economy Affect Property Sectors in China and Other Asia Pacific Countries?
Second Tier: What Do China's Tier II Office Markets Offer Investors?
Coming or Going? Global Investors Are Reversing the Flow of Capital from U.S. to Australian Real Estate Markets
Focusing on Opportunities: Investment Sentiment May Have Been Weakend by Recent Events, but Real Estate Investors Know Where the Opportunities Are
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Richard Barkham
June 2012
Capital Flows: Cross-Border Property Investment Grows As More Asia Pacific Investors Look to Western Markets
Calculating on Currencies: How Does Currency Affect Office Market Real Estate Returns?
Word Cloud or Fog of Words? Managers Need to Positively Differentiate Themselves From the Competition
Side Effects of Austerity: Could Property Market Cooling Measures in China Ultimately Benefit Investors?
PRUPIM to Become Sole Manager of Asia Property Fund
May 2012
Livable Cities: How Can Asian Cities Best Meet the Demands of Ongoing Urbanization?
Blowing Hot and Cold: World Property Markets Are at Various Temperatures and Comfort Levels; As Always, Global Investors Have Their Pick
What's in a Name?: It Does Matter What You Call Yourself
The Wet Stuff: Water Is All Too Easily Taken for Granted, But There Is A Major Risk That There Soon Won't Be Enough of It
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Win Phromphaet
April 2012
China in Review: The World's Second Largest Economy Remains an Engine of Economic and Property Market Growth
Consuming China: China's Retail Property Sector Is Entering a Golden Period of Development
Know Thy Tier: Investors Should Rethink the Sourcing of Residential Deals in China's Second and Third-Tier Cities.
"Bao Ba" No More: Is Slower Growth Going to Hurt China?
China's Dual Housing Policy: How Can Investors Find Opportunities in a Simultaneously Restrictive and Promotional Policy Environment?
March 2012
Market Sophistication: How Well Is the Australian Property Market Meeting the Needs of Australian Institutional Investors?
Emerging Trends: Slow Down or Reverse Course?
Going to the Mezzanine: What Does Japan's Real Estate Mezzanine Debt Market Have to Offer Investors?
Caution Sets In: Only a Slow Recovery is Forecast for Global Office Markets Through 2013
Corporate Governance: Introducing the R-Index of Corporate Governance for Externally Managed Asian REITs
February 2012
The Contagion Effect: Will Major Problems Plaguing Europe and the United States Infect Asia Pacific Property Markets?
Risky Business: Are There New Ways of Looking at Risk?
Keep Your Powder Dry: The Euro Zone Crisis Will Undoubtedly Affect Real Estate Investment Strategy, but Will Also Provide Opportunities
Building Investor Confidence: Real Estate Investors Are Demanding Greater Transparency and Better Information
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Jeremy Stewardson
January 2012
Core Matters: Large Institutional Investors Are Focusing Again on Core Real Estate
Go West, My Friend: Investors Globally Look to the United States for Investment Opportunities
Hotel Investments: The U.S. Hotel Sector Presents Needs and Opportunities for Asian Investors
Approaching Vietnam: Institutional Real Estate Investors Face Challenges and Opportunities in Vietnam
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Graeme Newell
December 2011
The Money Talks 2011: Risk, Strategy and Returns Drive Investor Action
Aussie Prime: Prime-Grade Assets in Australian Financial Centers Are Genuinely Cheap
Economic Restructuring: How Will Economic Restructuring in Developed Countries Affect Inflation in Emerging Markets?
CapitalMalls Asia JV to Develop Mall in Suzhou, China
November 2011
Shaken, Not Stirred: The Japanese Property Market Holds Promise for the Discerning Investor
Asia's Forgotten Gem? Improved Fundamentals in Southeast Asia Herald a New Era of Investment Opportunities
Clean Energy in China: The Economic and Sustainability Benefits of Ground Energy for Heating and Cooling Buildings
Fright Fest II: We've Been Here Before, and We Didn't Think We
Take Note: Investors in U.S. Real Estate Funds Should Confirm Their Asset Managers Have Considered These Key Issues
October 2011
Asia Pacific REIT Roundup: Though Fundamentals Remain Strong, Asian REITs Backslide a Bit Amid Policy Restrictions and Inflation Fears
Past, Present and Future: A Perspective on Japanese Real Estate from the Debt Side
Synthetic Benchmarks: Investors Should Consider A Synthetic Approach to Benchmarking Real Estate Funds in Asia
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Lee Jun Ho
DREAM Closes Japan Datacenter Fund
September 2011
Clear and Simple: Greater Standardization and Transparency Measures for Asian Real Estate Markets Would Make Portfolio Management Easier
India Revisited: Has the Time Come for Property Investors to Consider India, Again?
Window on Vietnam: Vietnam's Domestic Real Estate Developers Are Looking for Help to Overcome High Interest Rates
The Lure of Oz: Foreign Investors Seek to Access Australia's Historically Tightly Held Real Estate Market
Atlas Partners Receives Backing from Unison
July 2011
The Great Real Estate Debate: After the Global Financial Crisis, Many Investors Have Renewed Faith in Real Estate
Wind in the Sails: Markets Are Laying the Foundations for Growth, and Investors Are Recognizing the Benefits of a Targeted Allocation to Real Estate
Managers Reshuffle the Deck: Some Firms Retrench, While Others Seek to Grow Asset Base
Unequal Consequences: Income Inequality Can Have Both Positive and Negative Effects on a Society
Could You Repeat That? Analyzing Return Persistence in Opportunistic Private Equity Real Estate Funds
June 2011
Income Property: Increased Rents and Decreased Vacancies Are Making the Asia Pacific Office Market Landlord-Friendly Again
RMB Funds: Developments and Opportunities Exist for Foreign Investors in Real Estate Private Equity Funds in China
Asia Battles Inflation: With Prices Increasing Throughout Asia Pacific, Should Investors Change Course?
Safe or Sorry? Will Rising Inflation Help or Hurt Property Investors?
HSBC Creates Second JV with Tesco, Metro Holdings
May 2011
Managing Risk: LPs and GPs That Do the Work Upfront Have the Best Chance to Avoid Unwelcome Surprises
Senior Citizens on the Rise: There Is a Growing Opportunity to Serve China
A Tale of Two Cities: The Office Markets of Hong Kong and Singapore Offer Attractive Options to Investors
Know More to Invest Smarter: Building a New Real Estate Investment Information Model to Support Investors and Investment Managers
April 2011
The Wizard of Oz: Australia's Strong Property Fundamentals Keep Attracting Investors
Principles for Opportunity: Real Estate Investment and Fund Managers Should Be Happy to Stick to What They Know and Do Best
Marketing Fund Interests: Focus on South Korea
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Stewart LaBrooy
March 2011
Check-in Time: The Hotel Industry in Asia Pacific Has Bounced Back
Taking on India: What Real Estate Investment Opportunities Does India Have to Offer?
Financial Leverage and Risk: Property-Level and Marketwide (Systemic) Perspectives
Paving the Way: Trends and Investment Opportunities in Asian Industrial, Warehousing and Logistics Property
BPT, Savills Japan to Raise Capital From Asian Investors
February 2011
The Money Talks: Investors Tackle New Opportunities in the Asia Pacific Property Markets
Urbanizing India: What Are India's Urbanization Needs and How Can They Be Achieved?
Malaysia's Planned Growth: Strong Demographics and Fundamentals Support Government Plans for Continued Growth
Picking Up the Shopping: What Do You Get When You Put Shops and Chinese Consumers Together? One of the World’s Largest Retail Sectors
RREEF Completes Australian Deal for Asian Investor
January 2011
The Year Ahead: What's in Store for Asia Pacific Investors in 2011 and Beyond
Food for Thought: Some Questions for the Editorial Advisory Board Meeting
All Aboard the QE2: Inflationary Expectations Within Asia Are Rising from Global Issues
New Landscape: The Landscape of Global Real Estate Investing and Capital Flows Has Changed
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Mike Gedye
December 2010
Looking Back at 2010: Asia Continues to Recover from the Global Recession but Challenges Remain
Parting Ways: Will Decoupling Help Reduce Risk in Your Portfolio?
Mouths to Feed: What Real Estate Investors Need to Know About Investing in Agriculture
Bullish on Japan: How Investors Can Create Real Estate Investment Value in Japan
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Graeme Newell
November 2010
The "B" Word: Investors in China's Property Markets Are Beginning to Hear "Bubble"
Shaky Foundations: The Pillars of Growth Supporting China's Economic and Real Estate Market Are Crumbling
Notes from VIP
Aging China: China's Aging Population Is Creating Challenges for Senior Care
Fast Track to Maturity: China's Property Market Has Made Significant Advancements During the Past Decade
October 2010
REITs Now: Vastly Improved Returns Reflect Sector Changes and Opportunities, but More Work Remains
Marketing Fund Interests: Focus on Australia
Making Debt Pay: Strategies for Investing in Distressed Debt
Green-Certified Affordable Housing in India: A Case Study on Sustainable Development Concepts and Practices
New Milestones: China's Growth Continues to Grab Headlines
September 2010
Fundamentally Yours: Asia's Numbers Beckon Property Investors, but Should They Heed the Call?
Taking Stock of Indian Real Estate: An Overview of 2010 Sector Trends and Long-Term Fundamentals in the Indian Property Market
A Long and Winding Road: Public Real Estate Markets Around the World Are in a State of Flux but Operators are Primed to Take Advantage of Emerging Opportunities
Global Transparency: The Asia Pacific Region Includes Some of the World's Most — and Least — Transparent Markets
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Sally Haskins
July 2010
Aligning Interests: The Financial Crisis Has Highlighted Key Needs for Creating and Maintaining Positive LP and GP Investment Relationships
Something for Everyone: Conditions Are Improving in Real Estate Markets Around the World, and the Opportunities Are There to Be Grasped
Historical Fund Performance: How Leverage, Size and Vintage Impact Returns
Managers Take More Write-Downs: Capital Depreciation Slows, Markets Show Signs of Recovery
Japan's Old Demons: The Time for a Big Investment May Not Be Right Now, Not Just Yet
June 2010
Tracking Trends in Asia: Do the Amazing Numbers for Asia Translate on the Ground?
Pulling the Levers: Is Debt an Essential Requirement for Real Estate Investment — Or Is It Just an Option?
A Season of Change: What Change Means for China's Residential Sector
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Stuart Crow
Proceed with Caution: Chinese Insurance Companies Could Wield Considerable Clout in Property Markets
May 2010
Asia's Rebound: Experts Remain Optimistic About Asia's Recovery, But Is It a False Sense of Security?
Vietnam's Solid: Economic Stability and New Consumer Trends Are Benefiting Vietnam's Property Fundamentals
Marketing Interests in an Investment Partnership: Marketing Exemptions Exist for Sponsors of Closed-End Private Equity Real Estate Funds Raising Capital in Japan
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Lewis
Understanding Underlying Trends
April 2010
Vacancies Galore: Oversupply Takes a Toll on Rents and Occupancy Levels in the Asia Pacific Office Market
CRE Loans and CMBS: Asia Pacific Investors Will Find Challenges and Opportunities in the U.S. Real Estate Market
Just Capital: The Recapitalization of Global Real Estate Shows a Marked Difference Between the Listed and Private Equity Sectors
Focus on Asia
March 2010
Going Global: Asian Property Investors Are Taking Advantage of Growing Opportunities Abroad
Profiting from Sustainable Growth: A Review of 2009 Global REIT Performance and Expectations for 2010
Asia: Now More Compelling than Ever?
Taking Stock: Dubai World's Debt Problems Are an Opportunity to Look Again at Risk
February 2010
Intrepid Investors: Foreign Investors Are Increasingly Targeting Property Investment in Asia
The Infrastructure Gap: Creating a Market Foundation for the Infrastructure Market
Australian Real Estate: The Missing Property Market in an Asian Portfolio?
What's Wrong with Japan? When Will We Hear Good News from the World's Second Largest Economy?
January 2010
The Money Talks: Investors Assess Opportunities with Caution and Optimism
Counting Pennies: Fluctuations in the World's Currency Markets Can Play Havoc with Real Estate Investments
RMB Real Estate Funds: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Investors and Fund Managers
Getting More Convinced, But Not There Yet
December 2009
Looking Back, Going Forward: How Asia's Real Estate Markets Performed in 2009 and the Questions That Remain for 2010
Positioned for Growth: Opportunities in Crisis for Global Real Estate Companies
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Marsha Vande Berg
Food for Thought: Some Questions for the Editorial Advisory Board Meeting
November 2009
The Case for Real Estate: How Real Estate Investment Fits into a Diversified Portfolio
The Road Ahead for the J-REIT Market
Battening Down the Hatches: The Specter of Deflation Requires Real Estate Investors to Consider Adjustments to Portfolio Construction
Primed for Growth: Secondary Market Heats Up as More Investors Consider Trades
Asia Is Going Global
October 2009
The Asian REIT Market: Asian REITs Start to Climb Back Up the Performance Ladder
The Dodo of Private Equity Real Estate: Or Putting the "Private" Back into the Business
Be Reasonable: How Do You Get an Investment Through an Investment Committee in the Post–Lehman Bros. World?
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Hans-Martin Aerts
The Vexing Subject of Decoupling
September 2009
21st Century Infrastructure Ambitions: China and India Prepare for Middle-Class Boom
Indian Real Estate Revisited: Coming Out of the Trough
A New Opportunity: The Global Meltdown Has Focused Real Estate Investor Attention on Areas of Future Growth
Marketing Fund Interests: Marketing Exemptions Exist for Sponsors of Closed-End Private Equity Real Estate Funds Raising Capital in Singapore
To Stimulate or Not to Stimulate
July 2009
Residential Market Shakeup: Which Asian Markets Are Faring Better Than Others?
The Next Wave: Restructuring Real Estate Funds and Fund Managers
Asset Values Take a Hit: Managers Take Write-Downs, Investors Tighten Purse Strings
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Dr. Robert Edelstein
Investment in Asia: Not as Bleak as It May Seem at First Sight
June 2009
Cities on the Cusp: Tier II and III Cities Have the Prowess to Elevate Their Investment Appeal
Still the Lucky Country: Real Estate Investing in Australia
Seoul Survivor: Perspectives on a Potentially Overlooked Investment Gem in Asian Real Estate
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Jeffrey Schwartz
Bullish or Bearish?
May 2009
New Trends in Retail: Retail Markets Attempt to Keep Up with Changing Demands
Dim Sum, Hairy Crabs and Hot Pot: China's Diverse Regions Offer a Subtle Variety of Tastes for Real Estate Investors
Asia Will Roar Again: Staying Invested in Asia Presents Good Opportunities
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Ambassador Freeman
What's Up with REITs in Asia?
April 2009
Something for Everyone: Property Funds Provide a Variety of Ways to Invest in Asian Real Estate
Real Estate Secondaries: The Best Is Yet to Come
The Bright Idea: Identifying the Opportunity Is Key to Creating Value in Real Estate Investing
Marketing Fund Interests: Focus on Hong Kong Marketing Exemptions Exist for Sponsors of Closed-End Private Equity Real Estate Funds Raising Capital in Hong Kong
Has the Money Dried Up?
March 2009
Master-Planned India: Urbanization and Economic Growth Fuel India's Integrated Township Expansion
Risky Business: China's Real Estate Bubble Is Set to Burst
Asia Captures Half the World's Population Growth: Urbanization and Middle-Class Growth Generate Phenomenal Real Estate Demand
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Anthony Frammartino
Making Sense of 2008: Understanding the Unprecedented Volatility of Global Real Estate Securities
February 2009
Maintaining Momentum: China Seeks to Maintain Growth Following Olympic Games
The Money Talks: The Global Financial Crisis Casts a Shadow on Commercial Real Estate but Invigorates Investment Discussions
Batten Down the Hatches: Asia Pacific's Commercial Real Estate in the Global Markets Storm
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Peter Mitchell
Crisis and Opportunity: How Is the Global Financial Crisis Affecting China's Real Estate and Infrastructure Investment Opportunities?
January 2009
Land of Opportunity: Strong Economic Growth and Demographic Trends Are Reshaping Asia, Making It a Tantalizing Investment Target
Be a Pig: Finding Buying Opportunities in the Japanese REIT Market
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Nori Gerardo Lietz
Structuring Real Estate: Investments in China Paths to the Top of the Mountain
Institutional Real Estate, Inc. in Asia: What We Bring to the Table
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