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Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

April 1, 2009: Vol. 1, Number 4

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  • Something for Everyone: Property Funds Provide a Variety of Ways to Invest in Asian Real Estate

    Excepting that precious yellow metal, there was virtually no place to hide from the prevailing asset deflation witnessed during the past 18 months. Certainly, Asian property investors have not been immune to severe turmoil in credit markets and decelerating economic activity, both of which manifested themselves in declining asset values — or bargains as some might prefer to say. And although we may be in uncharted territory in the post-globalization era now characterized by extreme volatility and dysfunctional credit markets, there remains a growing menu of private equity real estate funds that provide access to all types of Asian real estate at all levels of the risk-reward curve.

  • Real Estate Secondaries: The Best Is Yet to Come

    The current economic downturn and the global financial credit crisis have impacted asset classes in all regions around the world, and the real estate sector has not been immune. Nonetheless, investment strategies targeting distressed investments are in vogue, and a secondary investment strategy will be a major theme for 2009 and beyond.

  • The Bright Idea: Identifying the Opportunity Is Key to Creating Value in Real Estate Investing

    Value, in real estate investing, is one of the most talked about concepts. It is what investors strive for, what managers hope to deliver and what developers aim to produce. But for all the talk and interest in the subject, for all the attention directed to measuring it and assessing it, there is relatively little understanding about how value is actually created.

  • Marketing Fund Interests: Focus on Hong Kong Marketing Exemptions Exist for Sponsors of Closed-End Private Equity Real Estate Funds Raising Capital in Hong Kong

    Fund sponsors who seek to market their funds internationally — and accept subscriptions from investors in multiple jurisdictions — face a bewildering array of laws. This article describes the applicable exemptions that a fund sponsor of a closed-end, private equity real estate fund can expect to rely on in Hong Kong.

  • Has the Money Dried Up?

    The destruction of wealth induced by the current crisis has wreaked havoc on institutional portfolios. The denominator effect, which has left many portfolios with high allocations to real estate, happened partly because property assets held up better compared to other asset classes and partly because the appraisal community has not been aggressive enough in writing down the value of these assets.