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Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

Providing investors with information and insights on the firms, issues and trends shaping the private equity real estate investment markets.

This monthly publication provides readers with data, information and insights on the investors, investment managers and markets within the dynamic Asia Pacific region. Powerful demographic trends in countries such as China, India and Indonesia are fueling demand for all types of real estate. As Asia becomes the dominant economic engine of the global economy, investment opportunities will abound in the region’s mature and emerging markets.

Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific will help you keep abreast of capital flows, new investment products, investment strategies, market trends and the region’s most active players.

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  • April 2017
    Tale of extremes: Despite residential sector cooling, major Chinese cities should be insulated from sharp declines in 2017

    Bigger, stronger, faster: Despite capital controls, Chinese investors are actively buying overseas real estate
  • March 2017
    The cornered office: Working out the new working world

    A sea change in Japan: Japan's wave of capital flight to overseas real estate will be a long-term trend
  • February 2017
    The money talks: Investors work to determine the best path forward in an uncertain world

    Better with age: A burgeoning senior-living market holds great potential for investors in Asia's ageing nations
  • January 2017
    The green-eyed investor: The case for sustainable property investing continues to grow

    A growing outlet: The outlook for China's luxury-outlet mall sector
  • December 2016
    Megatrends: Six forces shaping Asian institutional real estate investment

    Driving value: Responsible and resilient property investing in the new millennium
  • November 2016
    So many tiers: While Tier 1 cities receive the most attention, select Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities hold appeal

    Transformative years: Change and opportunity in the Korean real estate market
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