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April 2017
Stacking up: Commercial real estate debt is playing a larger role in LPs' portfolio constructions as they go lower in the capital stack
Beyond redemption: Investors in open-end funds face hard choices
Taking flight: Despite capital controls, Chinese investors are actively buying overseas real estate
Smaller and bigger: Divergent demand trends underpin a strong 2016 for U.S. data centers
The Chilean system: The Latin American country's pension funds are moving into real assets
March 2017
Poised for a comeback: Brazil faced its share of turmoil in 2015 and 2016; will 2017 hold something different?
Decisive action: Fiscal stimulus and rising interest rates will affect property investors in Asia and around the world
A 2017 outlook: 10 predictions for the year ahead
Rising interest rates and CRE: Capital markets forces are running out of steam already, and investors are wary of bidding wars
Mellowing out: Mature real estate cycle moderates institutional performance
February 2017
A fine vintage: Will 2017 be a challenging vintage year for real estate funds?
The phony war: The Brexit story is about to begin in earnest
Transcendent metros tackle office market headwinds
Recession risks: Uncertainty is the new normal in today's investment environment
Drawing a crowd: FinTech meets real estate investment
January 2017
The year ahead: Real estate investors are exercising caution as they wait to see what 2017 holds in store
It's the economy, stupid
Starting up: Real estate companies are investing in early-stage real estate technology firms
Political scenarios: Will 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. return to economic relevance, or is it merely rhetoric?
Natural interest rates: Implications for property from the long-term outlook for interest rates
December 2016
The new retail: Online shopping is having far-reaching impacts on retail and industrial property
The five qualities of a well-tempered city: Lessons from J.S. Bach
Tech revolution: Cities reimagine industrial corridors as technology hubs
Driving value: Responsible and resilient property investing in the new millennium
Moderation: Institutional real estate appreciation weakens, income holds steady
November 2016
Running strong: Robust underlying demand fundamentals keep investors bullish on the apartment sector
Let's make a deal: Investors are finding fees, terms swinging more in their favor
Uncertain directions: At the biannual editorial board meeting, LPs and GPs discuss where we go from here
There's an app for that ... or maybe not: Will there ever be an asset-management application to replace intuition, judgment and street smarts?
Tech factors: The introduction of new technologies will have big effects on real estate
October 2016
Risky business: As the real estate cycle turns, the risks of development may outweigh the opportunities
Brace yourself: Defensive investing strategies for surviving a real estate downturn
The debtonation countdown: How tight lending conditions are reshaping the CRE landscape
Room to run: An analysis of the U.S. office market through headwinds and tailwinds
Negative interest: One-third of global GDP is under negative interest-rate policy, and low interest rates are prevailing across developed markets
September 2016
The future of work: What will work be? Where will we do it? And what does that mean for real estate?
Outgrowing the market: Canadian pension plans are too big to invest at home
Why core apartments now? The case for investing in core apartments rests on the potential for higher risk-adjusted returns
Eye on the future: Three megatrends with global implications for real estate investors
Shop talk: A conversation with Bryan Esterly
July 2016
A country on the rise: Mexico presents attractive opportunities for cross-border real estate investment
On balance: New accounting standards require leases be recorded on balance sheets, which has implications for real estate owners
The construction conundrum: How labor shortages impact commercial real estate
Positive signs in the near term: It may be time to temper optimism with caution
Millennial misrepresentations: What is really happening with millennial migration patterns?
June 2016
Crossing the pond: European property markets are attracting U.S. investors
Getting on board: LPs and GPs come together in Southern California for the money talks
What next? U.K. investment can continue, regardless of Brexit
Shop talk: A conversation with Paul Mouchakkaa
Flattening out: Institutional real estate performance moderation continues in 2016
May 2016
Crossing borders: Foreign investment in the United States is a growing factor in the real estate market
Adding value: Varied strategies are blurring the lines between the risks commonly associated with noncore investment
FIRPTA reform: New tax laws for foreign investors in U.S. property
Los Angeles: A fragmented metropolis in transition
An elusive concept: Liquidity in international commercial real estate markets
April 2016
An emerging group: A roundtable of LPs and GPs discuss investing with and by emerging managers
The four food groups: A closer look at the four main institutional property types
A work in progress: Are emerging markets becoming more investable?
Building sustainability: The tools investors need to develop a green portfolio
Science fiction and institutional real estate: Change is coming soon to the industry
March 2016
The public-private disconnect: Valuations for public and private real estate have diverged, and so has market sentiment
On a mission: For religious institutions, ESG investing is more than a catchphrase
Rhyming cycles: Cyclical and secular forces are at play in the current market environment
Demographics, technology, urbanization: The DTU method of investing in real estate, and the secular trends that drive performance
Shop talk: A conversation with Paul Buckley and Caroline James
February 2016
Mythical creature or undiscovered species? The debate over alignment of interest continues
In the market: Real estate funds bounced back in 2015, and fundraising is on the upswing
Going up: The Fed raises interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade
Low oil prices: More stimulus and less pain than you realize
Making forecasts: How you think is more important than what you think
January 2016
Unicorn hunters: Technology-driven property markets have outperformed in the current expansion
Under development in technology-driven markets
The power of positive thinking: Industry participants are upbeat in their outlooks for 2016
A favorable year: 2016 outlook
The driverless-car revolution: These new vehicles will drive massive disruption, forcing real estate investors to re-examine their strategies
December 2015
On the bubble: Institutional investors can take steps to avoid the worst when a bubble pops
Sustainable metrics: Investors and investment managers are working hard to measure green achievement
More than a feeling: What role does gut instinct play in real estate investing?
Leading performer: Institutional real estate leads asset class performance
One way not to align interests
November 2015
Big fish, little fish: The biggest firms get bigger, and consolidation is the way of the industry, or is it?
Is it worth the risk? Investors and investment managers grapple with risk management in the wake of the global financial crisis
The inability to accurately gauge and price risk increases investors' vulnerability
Not cheap: Is it time to move down the risk curve?
The doors of perception and liquidity: What do we know about gateway and non-gateway MSAs?
October 2015
Target acquired: As the target-date fund grows in popularity, real estate is finding its place in the mix
The global hunt for yield: Investors are going farther afield and exploring alternatives in a low-return environment
Finding balance: Real estate investment professionals gather for the money talks
Connecting the dots: How China's economic malaise could affect U.S. real estate markets
Senior status: Is there a bubble in the senior housing market?
September 2015
Empire state of mind: New York City is heating up, but is it all sizzle and no steak?
In their debt: Real estate debt strategies have become increasingly attractive to investors
The state of the office: Observations regarding the recent behavior of the U.S. office market
A seat at the table: A roundtable discussion on the role of women in commercial real estate
Going for second: How to identify the best secondary markets for investment
July 2015
Drawing attention: The strong performance of the U.S. market has attracted investors' notice, but risks remain
Retail turnover: The uneven economic recovery has altered the landscape for retail
History lesson: Past real estate cycles have important takeaways for today's investors
PACE financing: A primer for real estate investment management professionals
Pulling levers: In competitive real estate capital markets, investors face a challenge
June 2015
Pulling together: The right local partner is crucial for both foreign and domestic investors
The money talks: Industry professionals gather to discuss the state of the commercial real estate markets
Making the grade: Real estate goes to school, and investors are coming along for the ride
The hybrid office: A major shift is under way in the U.S. office market
Millennial mirage: The markets most affected when millennial housing patterns mirror those of previous generations
May 2015
The intelligent edifice: New technologies promise to boost building IQs and create architectural ecosystems
Ready, set ... Restrictions on Asian insurance companies have eased, and big insurers are beginning to invest in real estate abroad
Real estate investing with Uncle Sam: Government-leased properties have particular challenges and opportunities
Workforce housing: A value-add multifamily strategy can deliver durable cash flow
Becoming uniform: The basics and the benefits of international property measurement standards
April 2015
On the West Coast waterfront: Big ships and diesel in the salt air mean rising property values, but keep an eye on the Panama Canal
Growth potential: REITs are emerging in markets around the world, but the biggest opportunities may be yet to come
Frozen in place: Where does real estate fit in a frozen plan's investment program?
Repositioning yesterday's buildings: Investors retrofit existing assets to appeal to today's changing workforce
A tale of two cities: London and Paris, Europe's two mega-cities, power ahead
March 2015
Data centers' Latin accent: Powerhouse computing facilities are adding up to billions in South American investment
Cities on the rise: Gateway markets have become crowded and expensive, driving investors to a broader slate of metropolitan areas
Two roads diverge: In chasing yield, are investors focusing on long-term returns or merely fleeting gains?
The elusive benchmark: Real estate investors are still in search of the most appropriate benchmark
Gateways to the Americas: Investment experts expound on what makes Mexico City, New York City, Sao Paulo and Toronto great metropolises
February 2015
The golden age of corporate HQs returns: Technology fortunes have triggered a resurgence in architectural grandiosity
BlackRock report shows appetite for real estate still rising
Construction starts forecast to climb 9% during 2015
Apartment rents forecasted to rise during 2015
Through traffic: London's Crossrail project demonstrates how infrastructure can reshape a city
January 2015
The European awakening: U.S. investors are once again becoming Europhiles
Class B office sees rent growth in some CBDs
CalPERS plans expansion of infrastructure program
Dark data: Real estate investors can do more with their digital information
Face value: Why Blackstone will never make the cover of this publication
December 2014
Forecast 2015: Let the good times roll, but beware of excesses
Attribution: What it is and how it is measured
For the ages: Counting time in airline miles and cloud formations
The elusive offshore premium: There are riches in distant lands, but finding and capitalizing on them is not a simple proposition
AEW embarks on $5b European property grab
November 2014
The new fund challenge: Though brand-name mega-funds are stockpiling huge war chests, the race to raise capital has never been harder for new funds
Another brick in the wall: The rising wall of real estate investment dollars is causing some to wonder if too much liquidity is flooding the market
Insurance companies making the move to real assets
Construction starts fall 9% during August
REIT returns go into negative territory during September
October 2014
Climate change at land's end: Real estate investors like targeting coastal cities, but so does a seething Mother Nature
We can do better: Some pension systems are shunning commingled funds in favor of customized investment structures
Uncharted territory: Economic vulnerabilities include
GTIS makes major bid for Brazil hotel business
Investors, managers hot for Europe and real assets
September 2014
After the crash: The CMBS market's comeback is supported by positive metrics and more cautious lending standards, yet red flags still wave
SWFs catch the fever: Their coffers bulging with trillions of dollars, sovereign wealth funds are boosting their real estate commitments across the Western Hemisphere
Future tense: What is on the minds of the next generation of industry leaders?
Amstar, MetLife make push into industrial sector
Paladin expands its southern exposure
July 2014
The war for talent: Building the next great investment house is all about recruiting professionals who have the chops
The forgotten suburbs: Investors are excited about CBDs, but the
India may finally be paving the road to Shambala
Infrastructure REITs hit expansion mode
All-cash buyers flood residential market
June 2014
Fade to gray: Declining birth rates and aging populations around the world are a bad omen for real estate investors
Aging well: Senior housing investments were a standout performer during the Great Recession, though the sector is not without its risks
Introducing FundTracker: Information is currency in the investment world, and this global database is a rich, new vein
Drift and discipline: What I wish I had understood 25 years ago
The good, the bad, the obsolete: Real estate has aged badly, but a revitalized economy may spell new opportunities
May 2014
Gateway vs. non-gateway: Investors are spreading capital to more U.S. cities and rethinking what constitutes a first- or second-tier market
Equities, bonds and things: How can investors deal with their problem of increasing liabilities in a low-return, multi-asset world?
Retail outlook, 2014: It is still all about the housing market, location and e-commerce
Post-stimulus: With U.S. monetary policy going back to normal, it's time to reconsider the commercial property investment outlook
Rescue the DB plans: Why permanent corporate pension relief makes sense
April 2014
Risk and reward: Investors get ready to play ball in more than just the core markets
Cleaning house: Investors are trying to make the single-family rental market pay off, but the numbers are sketchy
Zero probability factor: Interest rates, unemployment, tapering and the federal debt
The world in 30 REITs: Sam Zell thinks most REITs are not relevant (except his, of course)
Core reality: The perception that there is no upside left for core investors runs afoul of statistical reality
March 2014
Beyond the BRICs: With most of the largest emerging economies producing languid returns, investors are thinking in terms of new vistas
Fall of the mall: The once-hot shopping mall has cooled, and now for some the business has become a struggle to adapt or face extinction
Global perspectives: Some observations from Editorial Advisory Board meetings in the United States, Asia and Europe
It is a fee for all: Rethinking incentives and alignment of interests
Blackstone executive predicts 10 surprises for 2014
February 2014
Real estate maximus: The floodgates of real estate investing appear to be opening, but things are not necessarily what they seem
Rooms with a view: The global hospitality industry is making a strong comeback from its nadir
Creative office: The evolution of open-plan work spaces demonstrates significant changes have come to market
What if interest rates go orbital? The story behind REITs and the rising cost of money
QE unchained: Will rising interest rates pummel your portfolio?
January 2014
Getting real: Alternative allocations and real assets are catching fire, with some pensions committing up to 65 percent of portfolio value to the former
The CBD rides again: 20 years ago this magazine eulogized the moribund central business district, but it has since come back to life
Latin America 2014: Rife with emerging economies, the region is giving investors much to think about during the new year
When Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play
Taking the high road: Do higher-yielding property markets pay?
December 2013
Forecast 2014: Threats loom but fundamentals suggest a continuing recovery for the new year
That's rate news: An improving economy and capital flows help maintain cap rates, even as interest rates rise
A world of haves and have-nots: Meanwhile, there is a whole lot of jiggling going on
REITs make mad dash down Wall Street
Amstar takes big bite out of Turkey
November 2013
Fall 2013: Growing office rental cycles — With prime office markets on the rise, caution is forewarned due to an unforeseen growing trend
November 2013
Riding shotgun: Co-investments are a hot item these days, but none more so than the sidecar
Green day: Once largely a public relations stunt, sustainability has become a financial force in the real estate business
The money talks: Investors and managers wrestle with persistent issues at fall conclave
Industrial is a buy: Four reasons it is the property type of the future
Global investment sentiment: American, Asian investors jumping back into the pool, but water still too chilly for Europeans
October 2013
The oligarchy: A small number of huge investment managers are starting to rule the business
Western exposure: A swell of Asian investment dollars is crossing the Pacific and finding a home in the Americas
A shift in sentiment: Investors leave their angst behind and focus on the future
Blackstone to take Hilton Hotels back to Wall Street
Oh, Canada! Your condos are too bountiful
September 2013
Open for business: Some open-end funds are awash in capital as investors covet core assets, and even new offerings are attracting substantial interest
Retail replay: Redevelopment projects have given retail development companies a new lease on financial life
Buying the farm: Investors are eating up farmland and being rewarded with fat returns
Missteps: Private equity GPs have failed to evolve and are more often wrong than right when predicting real estate trends in Latin America
I beg to differ: Consolidation of investment firms will promote inevitable creep toward mediocrity
July 2013
Waiting for Godot: Uncalled capital now totals more than $70 billion and counting; what are investors and managers waiting for?
Tight squeeze: Latin America is on the fast track to urbanization, and that means opportunities (and caveats) for real estate investors
About performance: It may be a numbers game, but can we rely on numbers? Not really. Here
Caution: That is the operative word for real estate during 2013
Mexico drifts into an economic slumber
July 2013
Summer 2013: The times they are a-changin
June 2013
AWOL: The economy is coming back, but the people who populate office space are not
Back for seconds: As yields shrink in gateway markets, secondary cities are finally grabbing attention
Too much booze and food: Central bank printing presses are rolling fast, bloating the money supply and giving investors a bummer of a buzz
2012 ends with buying spree
Five principles: The role of strategy in getting investments to take off
May 2013
Golden Geese: Sovereign wealth funds are awash in money, and their penchant for real estate is growing
Debt side story: Real estate debt funds have swelled with capital and opportunity
No more manana: There are lucrative investment opportunities in overlooked Latin America nations
Stronger than a BRIC: As an investment destination, Turkey has become a better proposition than the much-vaunted BRIC markets
A risk worth taking: Adoption of a stronger approach to risk management will improve the performance of real estate
April 2013
An old song: The senior housing sector is supposed to go boom! But stubborn baby boomers are not wild about being institutionalized
Welcome to the neighborhood: Investors are diving into the single-family housing market, but it's unclear whether it can become a sustainable institutional asset class
Northern exposure: Why commercial real estate in Canada? Why now?
Bound by risk: Under what circumstances should risk premiums for Asia be reduced?
The Austerians: Intractable unemployment is fomenting another American Revolution
April 2013
Spring 2013: Investors are putting Germany at the top of their lists in Europe after a fairly lethargic 2000s.
March 2013
Megatrends: Seven powerful forces that are changing the direction of the institutional real estate business
Real estate redefined: Investment firms rise to the challenge of getting more real estate options into defined contribution plans
Skin in the game: All parties seem to agree there is no hard evidence co-investment produces better performance
Asia calling: There is a clear opportunity for real estate investors to capitalize on the Asian Century
Choke point: The Panama Canal expansion has potentially big implications for U.S. ports and industrial markets
February 2013
Mexico Fights Back: With Drug-induced Chaos Subsiding, Latin America's Second-Largest Economy Is Manufacturing Its Way Out of the Red Zone
Change Is Good: Bigger, Bolder and Better Real Estate Investment Trusts
Transformation: Big Changes Are Afoot at IREI
Winter Lake Views: Thin Ice and Hidden Risks
DC Plans Rise: As Defined Benefit Plans Dwindle, Defined Contribution Plans Have Become the New Frontier for Commercial Real Estate
January 2013
Foreign Invasion: It's Only a Matter of Time Before Capital from Emerging BRIC Countries Storms the U.S. Real Estate Market
It's Just a Click Away: E-Commerce Is a Death Sentence for Some Retailers, but Others Find Salvation in Omni-channel Strategies
U.S. Jobs Crisis: Education Is the Answer to This American Dilemma
Far and Wide: Pension Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds Are Set to Make Their Presence Felt in Global Property Markets
Transparency: More Than Just Disclosure
January 2013
Winter 2013: Progress in the direction to ensure the consolidation of the euro currency is a crucial element in restoring economic stability.
December 2012
Forth and Back: Past Might Be Prologue as We Move from 2012 to 2013
Trust Me, I'm Your Consultant: Conflicts Arise over the Inherent Conflicts of Interest Among Firms that Both Advise and Manage Funds
No Excuse: Trust Ultimately Rests on Full and Fair Disclosure
Governance Grows Up: But Not Among Institutional Real Estate Investors, Where It Remains a 98-Pound Weakling
Caught in the Middle: Thriving Upper Class, Stagnant Middle Class and the Implications for U.S. Commercial Real Estate
November 2012
Prometheus Rising: Though Stymied by Investors’ Aversion to Risk, the Space Occupied by Emerging Managers Still Brims with Promise
Making the Connection: A Number of Variables Have to Come Together to Make a Modern City Work Effectively
Core Issues: Seaside Confab of Editorial Advisory Board Members Covers the Operative Real Estate Issues of the Day
Real Estate Goes to Washington: With Stakes High Up and Down the Ballot, Industry Leaders Are Pressing Their Case
October 2012
Side Effects: In the Recession’s Aftermath, Investors and Investment Managers Recalibrate How to Deal with Real Estate — and One Another
Get Real: Real Assets Are Becoming the Rage, but Can They Live Up to the Hype?
Continental Drift: Debt in Europe, Social Unrest in Asia, Civil War in Latin America and a Fistful of U.S. Dollars
Warehouse Wins Retail Wars: Internet Retailing and Time-to-Market Considerations Have Changed the Balance of Power
Enter the Dragon: China May Be Poised to Supersede the U.S. Economy, but the Nation is Rife with Structural and Demographic Problems
September 2012
Best Asset in a Supporting Role: The Part Played by Real Estate
The Right Stuff: Rethinking Asset Classes and Diversification After the Crash
The Payback Dividend: Opportunity Expands for Fresh Equity in the Ongoing Deleveraging of U.S. Commercial Property
Hiring Strike: The Underlying Reason Corporations Are Not Creating More Jobs in America and Occupying More Office Space
When Do You Say NO? — Investors Need a Code of Conduct Among Themselves
August 2012
Fall 2012: Long-term trends in the occupational market may change the European logistics real estate market, but is the change for the better?
July 2012
The green-eyed investor: The case for sustainable property investing continues to grow
Women's Work: Real Estate Investment Management Continues to Be a Male-Dominated Field
Much Ado About Nothing: The Tale of the Scorpion and the Turtle
Parades and Charades
Vermont seeks new noncore real estate manager
June 2012
Home Sweet Home: Managers Begin to Build Rental Home Portfolios, But Will Investors Put Out the Welcome Mat?
Apartments Feel the Love: But How Long Will This Romance with Investors Endure?
I Have a Dream: Fueling the Economic Renaissance of 2013
In the Ghetto: Why Aren't There More Female Senior Execs?
Assessing Manager Operational Risk: Up-front Analysis Pays Off on the Back End
May 2012
Summer 2012: Spain has recently been featured in the financial headlines, largely in the context of the "euro-crisis."
May 2012
The Mess That Is CMBS: Delinquencies, Special Servicing and Possible Conflicts of Interest Plague the Market
What's in a Name? It Does Matter What You Call Yourself
Where's the Gusher?: Investors Hoping for a Repeat of the RTC Heyday Have Been Disappointed
Exploring New Opportunities: What Kinds of Investment Options Are Available for Institutional Investors in Latin American Real Estate?
REIS Progress Report: Real Estate Information Standards
April 2012
The Paradox of Choice: Large, Diverse Universe of Funds Presents Investors with a Daunting Decision-Making Process
The Cow You've Been Milking: The Defined Benefit Pension Fund Market Is Drying Up
The New Deal: Designing a Game Plan for Investing in a Transforming Marketplace
Shopping for the Best Tenants Discount and High-End Retailers Are
Managing Risk: Exploring the Realm of Possibility, Part II: Investors Must Constantly Monitor an Asset's Inherent Risks
March 2012
Slow and Steady: The Annual Plan Sponsor Survey
Good Decision: Effective Leaders Deploy a Disciplined Decision-Making Process
Word Cloud or Fog of Words?: Managers Need to Positively Differentiate Themselves from the Competition
Investment Strategies and Timing: Vintage Year Benchmarks Can Provide New Performance Insights
Managing Risk: Exploring the Realm of Possibility, Part I: Understanding the Nature and Source of Potential Volatility
March 2012
Spring 2012: Real estate investors are turning toward Northern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe as more opportunities begin to reveal themselves.
February 2012
Let the Games Begin: Investors and Fund Managers Shift Focus to High-Yield Opportunities
Feeasco: Are Real Estate Investment Management Fees Too High?
Fasten Your Seatbelts: Investors Likely Will Encounter More Bumps, Potholes and Blind Curves
Welcome to the Big Stage: Globalization Offers Mixed Bag for Commercial Real Estate
January 2012
Winter 2012: With the right knowledge and information investors can take advantage of the value differential without giving up the value preservation characteristics that core-plus property offers.
January 2012
The New Normal: Investors Search for Returns in Low-Yield Environment
Another One Bites the Dust: 2011 Presented a Mixed Bag for Investors; Continued Uncertainty in 2012
Economic Restructuring: How Will Economic Restructuring in Developed Countries Affect Inflation in Emerging Markets?
Has the Time Arrived?: Avoid the Pitfalls and Investors Can Earn Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns in Europe
Investor Vigilance: Custodians and Counterparties
December 2011
The Road Ahead: A Look at How U.S. Real Estate Might Perform in 2012
Talking the Talk: Looking for Answers in All the Right Places
New Commitments Remain Modest
Offerings Flood the Market Despite Limited Capital
Pedal to the Metal: Congress Needs to Accelerate Demand in Order to Revitalize the Economy
November 2011
Filling the Void: Debt Funds Seek to Take Advantage of Limited Liquidity and Sizable Funding Gap
All Aboard: Sustainability Has Become a Competitive Requirement
Current Issues: Investors Found a Lot to Talk About at Our Recent Editorial Board Meeting
Finding Your Niche: More Investors Consider Noncore Property Types
Fright Fest II: We've Been Here Before, and We Didn't Think We'd Be Here Again
October 2011
Choosy Investors: Capital Remains Focused on Top-Shelf Assets and Markets
A Dummy's Guide to Risk: It's Often Easy to Identify, but Much Harder to Quantify
Adding Uncertainty to Uncertain Times: Real Estate Investors Weigh in on the Proposed Credit Risk Retention Rules
Devising Real Estate Strategies for a Slow Growth Economy: A Look at Which Property Types May Offer the Best Opportunities
Market Turning Points: A Look at Commercial Office Markets by Price Segments Over the Past Five Years
September 2011
Fall 2011: Despite the sovereign debt crisis not yet being stable, the 17 euro zone governments are taking the first steps toward helping countries tame financial and/or liquidty problems.
September 2011
Honor Roll: Real Estate Degrees Offer Academic Training and Practical Experience
A Beta Approach: Proper Sector Allocation Can Produce Long-Term Core Returns with Below-Average Volatility
A Casualty of Hope: Better Days Are Ahead ... But No One Knows When
Do You Care? An Examination of Standards of Care
Industrial Roundtable: Positive Signs Point to Improving Fundamentals
July 2011
Making a List: Rankings of the Biggest, the Best and More
REITs Continue to Outperform: More M&A Activity and New IPOs Expected in Second Half
Broaden Your Investment Reach: Emerging Managers Can Offer Unique Investment Opportunities
Common Sense. Please.: Government Watchdogs Snooze, but Make Up for It with Lots of Barking After the Fact
Debt Bubble Bath: Time to Come Clean on the Causes of the Financial Crises
June 2011
The Money Talks: Notes from the Spring Editorial Board Meeting
Don't Rain on My Parade: Pricing for Trophy Office Properties Zooms Ahead Despite Slow-Moving Fundamentals
Debt Markets Loosen Up: Improved Liquidity Equals Better Terms and Rates
Developing Story: The Dichotomy of Multifamily and Commercial Development
Know More, Invest Smarter: Building a New Real Estate Investment Information: Model to Support Investors and Investment Managers
May 2011
Buy Low, Sell High: Property Owners Are Seeking to Cash in on Investors' Insatiable: Demand for Core Properties
Could You Repeat That? Analyzing Return Persistence in Opportunistic Private Equity Real Estate Funds
Global Implications: Triple Disasters in Japan Will Have Far-Reaching Effects
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Ted Eliopoulos
Get Ready, It's Coming: Stagflation Is on the Horizon
April 2011
Love Thy Neighbor: The United States and Canada Share a Common Border, but Investors Will Find Differences on Either Side
The Art of Underwriting: Making Money "on the Buy" Still Rings True
Investment Manager Co-investment: Does Co-investment Really Help to Align the Interests of Investors and a Manager?
Cyber War? Integrated Systems Increase Efficiency
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Brian Burry
March 2011
Good News, Bad News: The Annual Plan Sponsor Survey
Brazil Turning Heads: More Investors Are Taking a Long Look and Liking What They See
Apartment Sector Primed for Success: Demographics, Market Conditions Point to Strong Fundamentals
And That's How Sally "Cs" It: Thoughts on Fund Terms and Governance Provisions
It's a Mystery: Right Now, It Seems We've Got More Questions than Answers
February 2011
Spring 2011: Despite GDP growth varying across Europe during 2010 and the majority of investors remaining fixed on prime assets as a source of acceptable income, signs point toward secondary seams of assets piquing investors' interests in 2011.
February 2011
Same Plot, Different Setting: Investors Rediscover Open-End Funds
Arrested Development: The Stalled Evolution of Private Equity Real Estate: Flexible Investment Mandates Can Improve Alignment, Performance
Different Planets: And You Thought MEN Were from Mars and WOMEN Were from Venus ...
Financial Leverage and Risk: Property-Level and Marketwide (Systemic) Perspectives
REITs Continue to Impress: Equity REITs Outperform Other Asset Classes
January 2011
Bright Lights, Big City: Institutional Investors Flock to Top-Tier Markets to Snatch Up Trophy Assets
The Right Time for Risk? Investors Should Plan Ahead for High-Yield Allocation
Blame the Caddy: Some Investors Have No Clubs Left in the Bag
Real Estate Fund Recapitalizations: Sometimes Bad Balance Sheets Happen to Good Managers
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Peter Ballon
December 2010
Winter 2010: The ways of obtaining exposure to real estate in the United Kingdom have certainly increased during the past five years, but they differ widely in risk and liquidity.
December 2010
Things Are Looking Up: This Could Be the Beginning of a Recovery
Money Talks: Investors Regain the Upper Hand in Negotiations
Buying Strategies: Is Pricing Right to Re-enter the Real Estate Market?
It Ain't 1945: Yesterday's Solutions Can't Fix Today's Economy
It's a Small World: Except When You're Traveling All Over It
November 2010
Nip/Tuck: Investors Seek Ways to Improve and Enhance Their Real Estate Portfolios
What's in Your Portfolio?: The Industrial Sector Offers a Variety of Investment Options
Restore the Core: Impaired Core Properties Offer Compelling Opportunity
Does Extend Mean Pretend?: Six Challenges to Conventional Wisdom
What's "New": Questions still outnumber answers
October 2010
The Road to Recovery: Investors Follow a Slow and Winding Path
The Time Value of Pain: How Government Intervention and Policy Decisions Will Make This Downturn Very Different
A Common Goal: Real Estate Information Standards
Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?
Real Estate Risk Management: An Oxymoron or an Achievable Goal?
September 2010
Inside the Club: Institutional Co-investments Are Regaining Popularity, but the Structure Isn't Without Risks
Going Global: The Challenges, Pitfalls and Opportunities of Global Real Estate Investing
Is Bigger Better?: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Super Bulk Distribution Facilities
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Chuck Carpenter
Getting Together: Editorial Advisory Board Meeting Designed to Answer Questions, Address Concerns
July 2010
Summer 2010: Valuations of United Kingdom property generally lead those of other markets, making the country a barometer for conditions elsewhere.
July 2010
A Sovereign Source of Capital: Sovereign Wealth Funds Are Increasingly Becoming Important Investors in Global Property Markets
Something for Everyone: Conditions Are Improving in Real Estate Markets Around the World, and the Opportunites Are There to Be Grasped
Slow and Steady: REIT Rally Is Moderate but Sustainable in 2010
Managers Take More Write-Downs: Capital Depreciation Slows, Markets Show Signs of Recovery
Dirt Cheap: Why the Time to Buy Land Is Now
June 2010
They're Baaaack: A New CMBS Market Is Beginning to Stir
The Big Payoff: The Challenges and Rewards of Making Discounted Payoffs on Performing Loans
Making Debt Pay: Strategies for Investing in Distressed Debt
Multifamily Roundtable: Panelists Say Housing Crash a Mixed Blessing for Apartments
There Will Be Blood
May 2010
The Money Talks 2010: Notes from the Spring Editorial Board Meeting
Profiting from Sustainable Growth: A Review of 2009 Global REIT Performance and Expectations for 2010
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Lewis
Pulling the Levers: Is Debt an Essential Requirement for Real Estate Investment
Failure to Launch: Why the U.S. Commercial Property Derivative Market Has Stalled
April 2010
Emerging Markets Offer a Mixed Bag: Brazil Looks Like a Rising Star
Shopping for Acquisitions Overseas: U.S. Retail REITs Seek High Returns Abroad
The Big Money: A Look at the Top 50 North American Public Pension Funds Based on Real Estate Holdings
Historical Fund Performance: How Leverage, Size and Vintage Impact Returns
Right Lesson, Wrong Order
March 2010
Spring 2010: Countries in Central and Eastern Europe have responded to the economic downturn differently, with some faring better than others.
March 2010
Commercial Real Estate: Better, but not good: The Annual Plan Sponsor Survey
Intrepid Investors: North American Investors Are Increasingly Targeting Property Investment in Asia
Bankruptcy Basics: What to Expect When a Partner Goes Bust
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Andreas Calianos
Filling the Equity Gap: Successful Policy Efforts in 2009 Pave the Way for Continued Engagement on Top Policy Priorities
February 2010
The End of Closed-End: Not Quite, but Changes Are Expected
An Open and Shut Case: A Closer Look at Open-End Fund Structures for Value-Added Investing
REITs Say Hello to a New Year: A Good Buy in 2009, Maybe Less So in 2010
Breaking Up: The Story Behind the Divorce of Real Estate and Capital Markets
Bedazzled: A Lesson On Making Wishes Count
January 2010
Risky Business: Rethinking Risk Management After the Crisis
Industrial Market Roundtable: Panel Expects Recovery in Late 2010, Early 2011
Making the Case for Multifamily: Why Apartments Are a Smart Option for a Successful Return to the Commercial Real Estate Market
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Peter Crosson
New Years Resolution: Confronting Our Immunity to Change
December 2009
A Year in Review: Investors Wait for the Dust to Settle in 2009
Real Estate Investment Declines
Funds Target Infrastructure, Debt Managers Seek $65 Billion, Half of Last Year
Investments on Hold: Market Uncertainty, Continued Repricing Limit Activity
November 2009
Inflation Fears: Clear and Present Danger or Much Ado About Nothing?
Down on the Farm: Does the Recent Downturn in Farm Income Portend a Fall in Farmland Values?
Shop Talk: A Conversation about Asset Allocations
October 2009
Waiting Game: Investors Anticipate an Extraordinary Buying Opportunity, but Remain Patient for Now
Primed for Growth: Secondary Market Heats Up as More Investors Consider Trades
A Buyer's Guide to Secondary Sales
Fundamentals Falter: Commercial Real Estate Sees Second Quarter Declines
Getting Through: How to Raise Capital from an Investment Committee in the Post
September 2009
Fall 2009: U.K. Property Market Update
September 2009
The Dawn of a New REIT Era?
The Recession's Global Reach: Transaction Markets Across the Globe Grind to a Halt
How Do You Price a Secondary?
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Howard Kaplan
July 2009
Tables Turned: To Woo Investors, Managers are Offering Increasingly Favorable Fund Terms
They Asked You to Do What?: Tough Times Call for a New Look at Fund Terms
How Hotels Check Out: Profits and Cap Rates Adjust During Times of Recession
Asset Values Take a Hit: Managers Take Write-Downs, Investors Tighten Purse Strings
June 2009
Placement Agents Under Fire
The Next Wave: Restructuring Real Estate Funds and Fund Managers
The Best and the Brightest: How to Retain Talent in the Current Market Environment
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Ambassador Charles Freeman
May 2009
The Money Talks 2009: Investors Size Up Damages and Plan for Opportunities Ahead
Scaling the Mountain of Debt Together: Public Private Investment Program Unveiled
Leisure Properties: Relax. Even in a Downturn, the Good Times Roll
Making the Best of a Bad Situation: How Do I Offload a Disappointing Fund Investment?
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Bill Jarvis
April 2009
Clamping Down: The U.S. Financial Markets Return to an Era of Tighter Regulation
Falling Short: Deleveraging Markets and Falling Asset Values Have Big Implications for the Cost of Debt and Equity
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Joe Azrack
March 2009
Spring 2009: Another Tough Year for Europe Some Markets Are Better Positioned Than Others
March 2009
What a Difference a Year Makes: The Annual Plan Sponsor Survey
The Bright Idea: Identifying the Opportunity Is Key to Creating Value in Real Estate Investing
Unraveling a Joint Venture: What to Do When a Joint Venture Partnership No Longer Works
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Kevin Quirk
February 2009
Navigating Trust: In Turbulent Times, Client Relations Really Matter
The End of the Beginning: The Worst May Be Over but Investors Still Have a Long Road Ahead
A Primer: Real Estate Secondaries
Awaiting Opportunity: Institutional Investors Make Room for Noncore Investments
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Ed McRedmond
January 2009
Feeling the Squeeze: Real Estate Managers Respond to Historic Market Upheaval
Call in the Bench: In Times of Trouble, Special Project Consultants Offer a Second Opinion
How Does LEED Certification Impact the Insurance on My Building?
Shop Talk: A Conversation with John Levy
December 2008
Riding Out the Storm: Investors Hunker Down for a Challenging Year Ahead
The Big Chill: Only 13 M&A Transactions Involving Real Estate Firms Were Completed in 2008
Buyers Beware: A "Free Look" Could Cost You
REITs Off a Cliff: REIT Returns Fall in October as Uncertainty Swamps the Financial Markets
New Funds Proliferate in '08
November 2008
Fannie and Freddie: Lending Titans Continue to Dominate Multifamily Debt, but for How Long?
Leverage: The End of an Era: How the Market Got Here and Where it Will Go Next
Making Workforce Housing Work: As Financing Sources Dry Up for Development, Funds Look to Revamp Existing Supply
October 2008
My Manager Is Better Than Your Manager: Competitive Advantages Can Make or Break an Investment Firm
Responsible Property Investing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Nothing But Net: Maximizing the Impact of Private Equity Real Estate Fund Negotiations
California Dreaming: How the West Is Pioneering the Greening of America
The Prognosis Is Good: New Trends in Medical Real Estate
September 2008
Diversity Is Delightful: Performance Is Paramount The Investment Industry Aims to Achieve Both
How to Outrun the Bear: Investors Who Add Value Have a Better Chance
Core Creations: Investors Get in on the Ground Floor
Global Property Securities: Some Markets Offer Attractive Buying Opportunities
Of Bicycles and Market Cycles: What the Tour de France Can Teach Investors About Seeking Alpha
September 2008
Fall 2008: Selective Investors Should Win Out in Europe
August 2008
Expanded Horizons: Institutional Investors Take Advantage of an Ever-growing Menu of Products and Strategies
Ready for a Bigger Role: Adding Direct Real Estate to Your DC Plan the Right Way
Riding the REIT Roller Coaster: Volatility in the Real Estate Securities Market Has Increased Significantly
When the Price Is Right: Analyzing the Market in Times of Uncertainty
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Mark Obrinsky
July 2008
The Birth of a World-Class City: The Beijing Olympics Has Woken a Sleeping Dragon
Equitable Terms: A Principle Worth Defending as Funds Proliferate
Seeking Redemption: Can REITs and CMBS Products Rally in 2008?
Computing the Risks and Rewards: Digital Expansion Drives Demand for Data Centers
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Alexander Garvin
June 2008
Summer 2008: Europe Resists U.S. Contagion
June 2008
Numbers Game: The Big Get Bigger, the Small Get Shut Out
Luck and Smart Thinking: We'll Need Both to Dodge a Deep Recession
Too Good To Be True? Protective Measures for Buyers in Troubled Times
For Real This Time: Transactions in the Real Estate Secondary Market Set to Grow
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Mark Finerman
May 2008
Global Puzzle: Investors Strive to Put the Pieces Together
Cooling Off Period: Outlook for Hospitality Sector Remains Positive, Despite Economic Downturn
The Shape of Things to Come: Global Growth Dynamics Drive the Future of Infrastructure Investing
Anatomy of a Credit Crunch: Property Investors Will Need to Adapt to Changing Environment
Urban Renaissance: Developers and Investors Redefine City Limits
April 2008
Investors Ramp Up Allocations, Favor High-Yield Strategies: The Annual Plan Sponsor Survey
The Right Time for REITs? Debt Market Turmoil Limits LBO Opportunities
Gravity Still Works: Investors Face Vastly Changed Environment
Hurry Up and Wait: In Today
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Stan Ross
March 2008
Spring 2008: Retail Property and French Politics
March 2008
The Money Talks: Investors Switch Gears to Negotiate Market Turns
Efficient Diversification: Managing Risk Through the Use of Derivatives
The Global Era for Real Estate: Cross-Border Investing Offers New Level of Diversification
Prescriptions for Subscriptions: Cover All Your Bases When Negotiating Subscription Agreements
Filling the Basket: Fund of Funds Managers Construct Diversified Portfolios
February 2008
Something Old, Something New: Green Trend Impacts Existing Buildings
Deriving Fair Value: New Accounting Measures Establish a Revised Definition
Real Estate Funds: Challenges of a Growing Opportunity Set
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Yariv Itah
January 2008
Capitalizing on Distress: Turmoil and Tightening in the Debt Markets Create Opportunities
A Country for Old Men: Changing Patterns of Suburban Settlement and the New Retirement Lifestyles
European Office Market Tour: Office Sector Outlook Remains Positive Despite Slower Economic Growth
Investing in Good Governance: Subprime-Related Losses Stir Up the Conversation
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Ken Riggs
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