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Exclusive industry insight for tax-exempt investors — pension funds, endowments and foundations

A monthly publication offering analysis of market trends related to pension fund investment in private equity real estate. It covers the people, trends, and events driving this dynamic market, and features the industry's most extensive information on manager searches, new product offerings and pension fund real estate allocations, plus features on pension fund investment capital flows, investment strategy and portfolio management.

Our readers include staff and investment committee members of the largest and most active pension, foundation and endowment fund real estate investors in North America, their advisers and consultants.

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  • April 2017
    Stacking up: Commercial real estate debt is playing a larger role in LPs' portfolio constructions as they go lower in the capital stack

    Beyond redemption: Investors in open-end funds face hard choices
  • March 2017
    Poised for a comeback: Brazil faced its share of turmoil in 2015 and 2016; will 2017 hold something different?

    Decisive action: Fiscal stimulus and rising interest rates will affect property investors in Asia and around the world
  • February 2017
    A fine vintage: Will 2017 be a challenging vintage year for real estate funds?

    The phony war: The Brexit story is about to begin in earnest
  • January 2017
    The year ahead: Real estate investors are exercising caution as they wait to see what 2017 holds in store

    It's the economy, stupid
  • December 2016
    The new retail: Online shopping is having far-reaching impacts on retail and industrial property

    The five qualities of a well-tempered city: Lessons from J.S. Bach
  • November 2016
    Running strong: Robust underlying demand fundamentals keep investors bullish on the apartment sector

    Let's make a deal: Investors are finding fees, terms swinging more in their favor
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