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Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

October 2012: Volume 5, Number 9

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  • Role Models: Infrastructure Investors Can Learn From Experienced Players

    Investors should commit capital to infrastructure after they have established clearly the role the asset class will play in their overall investment portfolios. That role can include all risk strategies, from traditional core to highly opportunistic plays. Given this, are there examples of exemplary investing — role models — that investors can emulate when looking to invest in this asset class?

  • Life in the Fast Lane: Investors Are Speeding to Embrace Infrastructure, But This Diverse Asset Class Demands Skill and Caution

    Times indeed are changing, and a confluence of factors is pointing to the growing role that infrastructure investing will play in the decades ahead. 

  • The Evolution of Private Participation in Infrastructure: Chicago

    Since the 1990s, the private sector has taken an increasing role in developing infrastructure that was previously the sole responsibility of governments. 

  • Shop Talk: A Conversation with Norman Anderson

    Norman Andersonis president and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, a Washington, D.C.–based company focused on strategic advisory services for firms in the infrastructure market. Anderson oversees CG/LA’s Leadership Forum business — annual events featuring the Top 100 infrastructure projects in North America, Latin America and globally  — as well as leading the development of a global infrastructure projects platform, GlobalViP. CG/LA recently released its annual Top 100 Projects North America list, in advance of its North American Leadership Forum in Denver, Oct. 15–17. Institutional Investing in Infrastructuresenior editor Drew Campbell interviewed Anderson about the market.