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Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

June 2010 Vol. 3 No. 6

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  • Inertia Is a Powerful Force: Are Infrastructure Investors Missing a Rare Opportunity, or Simply Exercising Appropriate Caution?

    Most institutional investors responsible for managing beneficiary assets are a cautious lot by their very nature. That is neither criticism nor an exercise in pop psychology, and of course this is a generalization — there are outliers with more aggressive investment mandates. The reality, however, is that many of these investors are charged with safeguarding their constituents’ retirements or sustaining the operations of a nonprofit.

  • The Long Road to China: Are Investments in Chinese Toll Roads Worth the Risk?

    Toll roads can be some of the most mature, transparent and easy to understand assets in the infrastructure class. Charging drivers to use time-saving, well-located expressways in areas with strong underlying fundamentals makes good sense, and there is now considerable international acceptance of tolling by road users. For investors they represent a nice portfolio balancer offering solid annual yields with strong prospects of outperformance.

  • Infrastructure Delivers Mixed Performance in the Second Quarter

    Capital markets continued to move ahead as the second quarter commenced, building on the rally that took hold in February and March. However, uncertainty regarding U.S. economic indicators and global events clouded investor sentiment in May and June.

  • Book Review: Two New Titles for the Infrastructure Market

    The infrastructure investment community has two new books available to help educate and guide participants in the market. Each title is published by Wiley Finance.