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Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

July/August 2009 Vol. 2 No. 3

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  • 21st Century Infrastructure Ambitions: China and India Prepare for Middle-Class Boom

    Fast-developing Asian economies are bringing the dream of a middle-class lifestyle — cars, homes, consumer goods and leisure time — within reach of millions of their citizens. As more people set their sights on reaching this goal, infrastructure throughout the region will need to be developed and maintained to support the shifting socioeconomic trends.

  • Infrastructure Transaction Activity in the Americas: Recent Evidence

    This past year has been a pivotal one for the future of infrastructure in the Americas region. While the state of the global economy and financial markets have been suffering, investment in infrastructure is seen as a panacea for stimulating growth, encouraging private and public sectors to work together, and bringing new investment opportunities to the forefront.

  • Infrastructure Security Values Rebound: Second Quarter Performance Positive Across the Board

    Capital market sentiment showed considerable improvement during the second quarter of 2009, buoyed by early signs that a number of leading indicators were declining at a slower pace. Significant equity and debt was issued during the three months, particularly by financial institutions and real estate companies in the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • Shop Talk: A Conversation with Hans-Martin Aerts

    Hans-Martin Aerts is the head of Infrastructure Asia with APG Asset Management, which was founded in March 2008. The firm specializes in managing pension capital, offering asset management services to the pension funds of the government, education and construction sectors, and housing corporations in the Netherlands. Aerts is based in APG’s Hong Kong office, and he is responsible for managing infrastructure investments in Asia. Institutional Investing in Infrastructure editor Drew Campbell recently spoke with Aerts about Asian infrastructure markets.

  • Shop Talk: A Conversation with Bruce Blanning

    Bruce Blanning is executive director of Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG), which represents 13,000 engineers and related professionals employed by the state of California. About 70 percent of these employees work for Caltrans, planning, designing, inspecting and operating the state highways and some transit operations in California. Others work on the State Water Project, dams, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure, as well as the Air Resources Board, Energy Commission, Public Utilities Commission and other agencies serving Californians. Institutional Investing in Infrastructure editor Drew Campbell recently spoke with Blanning about public-private partnerships (P3).