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Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

April 2017
Second to none: Finding investments in the highly competitive infrastructure market is a challenge
On the horizon: The i3 conference is fast approaching
A different landscape: Infrastructure investing in the United States
Mega-funds sweep up capital: Infrastructure mega-funds account for 70 percent of capital raised since 2014
Research review: A guide to recent infrastructure research reports and papers
March 2017
Closing the stable door: President Trump's hostility toward renewables flies in the face of global market trends and investor appetite
Betting on catastrophe: As infrastructure in the United States continues to fail, the next disaster is always expected to open the investment floodgates
The appetite for African infrastructure: Participating in African infrastructure investing takes patience and the right team
Listed airports: A flight to quality
Infrastructure fundraising cycle slows: Average fund took nearly 20 percent longer to close in 2016 than 2015
February 2017
Looking out for the little guy: How smaller investors can access infrastructure investing
India in the dark: A big opportunity exists for power infrastructure investments in India
A conversation with Scott Inglis, Tommaso Albanese and Doug Zinkiewich: Institutional Investing in Infrastructure senior editor Drew Campbell spoke with three infrastructure debt managers about the current market
The five qualities of a well-tempered city: Lessons from J.S. Bach
We have seen this before: Infrastructure fundraising in 2016 looks similar to that of 2015
January 2017
The United States of infrastructure: It is a new year with a new president, and the Trump administration will influence infrastructure investment in the years to come
Slow and steady wins the race: It is probably best to take 2017 one step at a time
German investment manager launches parking fund: Open-end fund targets Europe
A Conversation with Seth Siegel: with Mike Consol
Research review: A guide to recent infrastructure research reports and papers
December 2016
Building for the future: Investors new to infrastructure have a lot to consider when constructing a portfolio
Infrastructure in chief: President-elect Trump has made infrastructure investment a priority of his administration
A conversation with Mike Likosky: Infrastructure in the Trump era
Infrastructure securities: Asia Pacific, oil and gas lead Q3 infrastructure securities performance
Large infrastructure managers dominate: Top investment managers control outsized portion of capital
November 2016
The future is here: How technology is affecting infrastructure investment
Print it: A look back at i3 over the years
Listed infrastructure: A natural choice for insurers in Europe and around the world
A conversation with Ted Brooks, Craig Noble and Gerald Stack
Research review: A guide to recent infrastructure research reports and papers
October 2016
Bank Shot: China's new infrastructure bank begins its rollout
Water, the next frontier: drought, failing infrastructure and population growth test water management systems
Financing Asian infrastructure: barriers and risks
Research review: A guide to recent infrastructure research reports and papers
Here come the high-speed trains: Amtrak is investing $2.4b for next-gen trainsets and infrastructure upgrades
September 2016
Ensuring European infrastructure: Big European insurers have been making increasingly large allocations to infrastructure investment for several years. But will recent changes to capital charge rules see the wider market ramp up their allocations?
Capital improvements: The U.S. presidential candidates are touting infrastructure investment on the campaign trail, and the country may finally get the infrastructure investment it needs
Financing Asian infrastructure: Institutional investors as financiers of Asian infrastructure
Q2 infrastructure securities: quiet before the storm
Riding the wave: Infrastructure continues its up and down pattern
August 2016
The money talks: Takeaways from the i3 Editorial Advisory Board meeting and i3 conference
Eye on the horizon: Disruption and new rules are the norm in infrastructure investing
The energy ultimatum: In a world of low oil prices investors are faced with three options: accept lower returns; take on some commodity price risk, or reject this price risk altogether
Los Angeles: A fragmented metropolis in transition
Second quarter fundraising
June 2016
Climate control: In Paris, the world acknowledged the risks of climate change and committed to solutions. What comes next for infrastructure investors?
Onward and upward: Or, up the learning curve I climb
Financing Asian infrastructure: Investment vehicles and P3s
The future of energy: Six insights about where we are heading
Global infrastructure securities: Listed infrastructure outperforms in Q1
May 2016
Wars and rumors of wars: Emerging markets have a huge need for infrastructure investment and can offer highly favorable returns. Institutional investors can no longer afford to dismiss them as too dangerous.
The real estate P3 opportunity in the United States: A market with much potential for infrastructure investors who value social projects
Tough choices: Germany and its competing needs
First Look: Q1 2016: Size of funds continues to grow
GIC buys minority stake in U.S. electric transmission company for $1.2b: Fortis Sells 19.9 percent interest
April 2016
Regulating expectations: At what point do regulatory changes stop being an acceptable part of infrastructure assets
The only constant is change: Infrastructure investment options are evolving to meet investor demand
Sources for infrastructure finance in Asia: An overview
Filling an ESG data gap for infrastructure investors: Investors respond with new tools to manage and measure environmental, social and governance issues in their portfolios
Mega-funds continue to dominate: Infrastructure mega-funds account for 67% of capital raised since 2013
March 2016
Think globally, act locally: Governments at all levels are working in tandem with private investors to address ailing infrastructure
What is on tap: The i3 conference agenda takes shape
A global perspective on Asian infrastructure financing needs: Ambitious infrastructure plans call for creative capital solutions
Infrastructure marketing timing: Infrastructure investors are taking their time before committing to funds
Infrastructure securities down in fourth quarter: Energy shares a drag on performance
February 2016
It is a small world: Infrastructure investors across the globe share common objectives and challenges
Iceland, the happiest and greenest of them all: How the tiny island country went from last to first and what the world can learn from it
The needs of many: Social infrastructure investing presents unique opportunities and challenges
Flint crisis highlights investment needs: aging U.S. water infrastructure needs help
2015 first look: 2015 infrastructure funds raise about same amount as 2014
January 2016
Getting it right: Investors and investment managers comb through the fine details
China logic: Urbanization is boosting growth in the Chinese logistics and infrastructure sectors
Let it snow: U.S. toll road outlook turns positive
Infrastructure debt funds struggle to close: Only 7 percent of closed infrastructure funds focused on debt strategies
LatAm Infrastructure Outlook: There are projects galore, as well as reforms to promote private investment
December 2015
Green with envy: Infrastructure investors target greenfield strategies as prices in core brownfield markets get exorbitant
The glamorous life
California dreaming: the Golden State will have to dig deep to tap new ways to deliver water to its more than 30 million people and private investors will have a role
The case for airports: private airport investment took off in Europe in 1987 and has traveled from there
Taking it to the streets: Infrastructure holds considerable appeal for private investors focused on yield and other objectives
November 2015
Investors welcome: Mexico opens the door to $600 billion of infrastructure opportunities
A new year is right around the corner
Aim high: Telecommunications towers are a high-growth but little-noticed infrastructure sector
Five mega trends are driving infrastructure investment: Long term investors have to keep an eye on the horizon
Research review: A guide to recent infrastructure research reports and papers
October 2015
Strength in numbers: more LPs are joining investor clubs to increase their say in investment decision making
I can see clearly now: new tools that measure infrastructure investment performance are here
Port of interest: infrastructure investors are finding ports have a lot more to offer than meets the eye
US P3 market faces political headwinds: Despite much progress only P3 adoption remains slow
Research review: A guide to recent infrastructure research reports and papers
September 2015
Ebb and flow: Infrastructure fundraising has come roaring back and now capital needs to be invested
Neighborly advice: Debt-saddled Puerto Rico looks north in search of a way forward
The golden brown state: High temps, ongoing drought and a booming economy challenge California
U.S. pensions allocate to energy and infrastructure funds: From Colorado to Maine, institutional investors target infrastructure
August 2015
Look before you leap: measuring infrastructure fund performance can be more art than science
The money talks: takeaways from the I3 Editorial Advisory Board meeting and conference
Assumptions challenged: I3 board members question perceptions of infrastructure markets
Energy funds dominating market: Nearly all infrastructure funds launched YTD 2015 have an energy focus
U.S. pensions committing to infrastructure
June 2015
Collecting water: Water infrastructure in the United States needs an upgrade
The road more traveled: European infrastructure holds allure for global investors
Domestic pension fund investors in infrastructure: how local investors approach infrastructure investing in emerging markets
10 years and counting: I3 marks a decade of service to institutional investors and infrastructure investing
CalPERS forms Asia Pacific infrastructure partnership
May 2015
Social engagement: Thanks to a landmark courthouse project, social infrastructure P3 projects are commanding greater investor attention and schools, hospitals and other sectors could be next
Into Africa: Investors find opportunity in a growing number of countries but challenges remain
Here is what is on tap for infrastructure
Infrastructure securities down in first quarter: Sectors with more growth outperformed higher yielding, but slower growing sectors
Research review: A guide to recent infrastructure research reports and papers
April 2015
Three is a crowd: The low hanging fruit in infrastructure secondary markets is being snapped up
Sustainable infrastructure will have an impact sooner rather than later
A global perspective on emerging market infrastructure: An excerpt from Institutional Investment in Infrastructure in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies
Africa takes flight
Fundraising round-up: closings and launches
March 2015
Infrastructure debt markets take off: Infrastructure debt funds are stepping in to fill a void in the project finance market
Glass half full: U.S. water infrastructure is desperate for capital and private investors have a role to play
Civilization from the ground up: Funding, productivity, employment, environment and social utility play major roles in infrastructure projects
Institutional investors and infrastructure: An excerpt from Institutional Investment in Infrastructure in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies
Expanding Horizons: investors looking to emerging markets
February 2015
Sovereign interest: Sovereign wealth fund CEOs, such as Mike Burns of the Alaska Permanent Fund, are exploring infrastructure investments
Through traffic: The London Crossrail project demonstrates how infrastructure can reshape real estate dynamics in a city
Lessons for investors and policymakers: An excerpt from Institutional Investment in Infrastructure in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies
The latest evangelist in infrastructure investing: The leading pension fund manager in Quebec continues the trend toward investor-led infrastructure investing
Energy mega-funds complete capital closings
January 2015
Shock, rattle and roll: Midstream pipeline investments can buffer portfolios against energy price shocks and help keep returns flowing
Not your fathers asset class: A preview of the 2014 I3 Global Infrastructure Investor Survey
Building for the future: There is much to look forward to, across the board
Energy investments remain a popular choice for U.S. investors
Norways SWF may move into unlisted infrastructure before long
December 2014
Rise and shine: investors such as APG's Erik-Jan Stork are leading the way for renewables investment
Coming of age: new platform, changing sentiment and the ongoing quest for yield have the infrastructure asset class sprinting toward adulthood
Eat, sleep, breathe and teach infrastructure
Private market infrastructure index is launched
CalPERS plans expansion of infrastructure program
November 2014
There is no I in team: groups that build partnerships between public and private sectors are fostering more infrastructure investment in the U.S.
Help wanted, experience required: Like a first-time job seeker, first-time fund managers have to prove their value with little or no track record
Look at me: Infrastructure sometimes gets lost in a sea of real estate
October 2014
Back in the saddle: Toll road investors have traveled a rocky road of late but experts believe the future holds promise
Legislative update: P3s, TIFIA and the newly enacted WIFIA are on the agenda of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and its panel on public-private partnerships
It takes two to tango: Recent events may lead to opportunities for infrastructure investors in Argentinian shale oil and gas
September 2014
To everything there is a season: Infrastructure assets evolve over time, and the risks can fluctuate between brownfield and greenfield throughout their lifecycles
The money talks: Key takeaways from the 2014 I3 conference and Editorial Advisory Board meeting
Pushing the limits: Infrastructure investing can be many things to many people, and investors want to decide what that is for themselves
August 2014
Anchors aweigh: Many investors are charting a course to more do-it yourself investing, but experienced infrastructure investors say be careful what you wish for
Actually, it is okay to get defensive: How the right language can help align the interests of infrastructure investors and managers
A Conversation with Michael Anikeeff
June 2014
Tip the scales: Politics and the courts, as much as economic growth, can determine infrastructure investment performance
There might be a pony in here: P3 could help fill the infrastructure spending gap
Check your local listings: As prices in private infrastructure markets rise and political and regulatory uncertainties mount, listed infrastructure has caught investors attention
May 2014
Slow and steady wins the race: Public-private partnerships in the United States are growing, but not as fast as some had hoped
Follow the money: Real estate managers are noticing infrastructure
Institutional investment in infrastructure: The role of pensions, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors in infrastructure investment
April 2014
Disciples of discipline: Finding the right infrastructure investments takes skill, patience and persistence
After the master plan: Commitments to MLPs have soared, but are there better ways to access shale oil and gas?
Getting infrastructure financed: The role of bonds, project finance and public-private partnerships in infrastructure investment
March 2014
Open-door policy: Mexico has decided to allow foreign direct investment into its oil and gas markets for the first time in 75 years
Defining contributions: Australian superannuation funds have been pioneers in solving some of infrastructure investing
Working together: You cannot find the solution until you define the problem
February 2014
Eyes wide open: In infrastructure investing, value is in the eye of the beholder
Mapping private infrastructure capital: The role listed and unlisted private sector capital plays in infrastructure investment
Feeling optimistic: Twenty years goes by in the blink of an eye
January 2014
Core no more: The search for value leads some investors outside core markets
Numbers game: Making sense of often opaque and conflicting research about global infrastructure investment requirements
Building for tomorrow
December 2013
The money talks: Institutional investors speak up at the I3 board meeting and conference
Picking up steam: We have reached the tipping point and infrastructure is here to stay, even if there are still lots of questions to be answered
Pipefitting: Long-term investors covet midstream oil and gas infrastructure in North America, but the opportunity is by no means a passive investment
November 2013
Give me a piece of shale: North American shale booms, while other countries struggle to catch up
Lessons learned: The past six years in infrastructure investment have been educational, and that should not be lost on investors
Leaps and bounds: Investors who have stuck with the infrastructure asset class are getting their legs under them
October 2013
Perception meets reality: Expectations of risk in infrastructure investing have been upended
Playing an important role: Infrastructure is a key component of institutional portfolios
A conversation with Chris Taylor
September 2013
Give and take: Infrastructure investors have learned the lesson that leverage can be both a blessing and a curse
The next frontier: New funding models and vehicles in wind power finance are broadening capital participation and lowering funding costs
Up in smoke: Investors put the practice of natural gas flaring to the test
August 2013
Brazil's Long and Winding Road: The Country Has Come a Long Way in Reforming Its Economy, with More Travel Ahead
Slowly, Surely and Deliberately: U.S. Public and Private Vehicles Tackle the Challenge of Funding Infrastructure
A Conversation with Andy Kunz
June 2013
Inside and out: Southeast Asian economies and companies flex their infrastructure muscle in and out of country
Debt strategies: A primer on infrastructure debt
A Conversation with Richard Threlfall
May 2013
Short on Benchmarks, Long on Expectations: Despite Lack of a Performance Standard, Infrastructure Offers a Unique Role in Portfolios
P3s in Maryland: New P3 Legislation Passed in Maryland Serves as Example for Other Jurisdictions
A Conversation with Benjamin Abramov
April 2013
Greener Pastures: Why Core Infrastructure Investors Should Consider Greenfield Projects
Choke Point: The Panama Canal Expansion Has Potentially Big Implications for U.S. Ports and Industrial Markets
A Conversation with John Schmidt
March 2013
Lets Make a Deal: Infrastructure Investors Focus on Putting Money to Work
Australian Infrastructure
The Money Talks, Part III: Discussions from the 2012 I3 Editorial Advisory Board Meeting
February 2013
Infrastructure Progress Report: More Results from the 2012-2013 I3 Investor Survey
Political Due Diligence: Understanding the Politics Is the Key to Successful Infrastructure Investing
U.K. Water Sector
A Conversation with Robert Bain
January 2013
London Calling: Infrastructure Debt Funds Step in to Fill a Financing Gap
CG/LA Infrastructure Leadership Forum
Sector Profile: European Airports
The Money Talks, Part II
December 2012
The Money Talks: The 2012 I3 Editorial Advisory Board Meeting Focuses on the Role of Infrastructure in an Investment Portfolio
Infrastructure Put to the Test: Sandy Blows Through the Northeast with Only a Minimal Credit Rating Impact
A Conversation with Eric Meliton
November 2012
Running to Stand Still: U.S. Public-Private Partnerships Are Slowly Building a Track Record of Success
Quantifying Political Risk: How to Measure the Seemingly Unmeasurable
Silo Is a Four-Letter Word: Why Some Investors Put Less Focus on Asset Classes in Favor of a Total Portfolio Approach
The Infrastructure Imperative: Big Infrastructure Needs and Government Funding Shortfalls Mean Investment Opportunities
A Conversation with Nathan Dodd
October 2012
Role Models: Infrastructure Investors Can Learn From Experienced Players
Life in the Fast Lane: Investors Are Speeding to Embrace Infrastructure, But This Diverse Asset Class Demands Skill and Caution
The Evolution of Private Participation in Infrastructure: Chicago
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Norman Anderson
September 2012
Dreaming of Direct: The Realities of Direct Investing
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Malcolm Bairstow
U.S. Department of Transportation Launches Historic Expansion of TIFIA
ADIA Completes Real Estate and Infrastructure Merger
Virginia Retirement System Makes First Infrastructure Commitments
July 2012
Peaks and Valleys: What the Tea Leaves Say for Infrastructure Fundraising in the Remainder of 2012
Burning Bright: The U.S. Energy Future Burns Brighter than Previously Thought, but Investment Capital Is Needed to Support the Emerging Opportunity
A Conversation with Thomas Frey
AMP Holds Final Close of Infrastructure Debt Fund
BlackRock Acquires Swiss Re PE and Infrastructure
June 2012
Europe Faces Regulatory Roulette: Fiscal Austerity Is Affecting the Market for Renewable Energy Infrastructure Investment and P3 in Europe
Livable Cities: Asian Cities Need New Infrastructure to Accommodate Ongoing Urbanization
Listed Infrastructure
Bulls, Cubs and Toll Roads
A Conversation with Dr. Ashby Monk
May 2012
Different Strokes: our Plan Sponsors Talk Candidly About How They Invest in Infrastructure
The Wet Stuff: Water Is All Too Easily Taken for Granted, but There Is a Major Risk that There Soon Won't Be Enough of It
New Mexico Revises Infrastructure Policy
Infrastructure Supports OTPP Portfolio Returns
GIP Expands Airport Holdings with Edinburgh Buy
April 2012
The I3 Investor Survey: $21.3 Billion of Commitments Expected in 2012; Allocations on the Rise
Shop Talk: A Conversation with David Rogers and Asif Hussain
El Paso Pension Commits to GIP II
Michigan Pension Invests in Infrastructure
Meridiam Closes Road Deal in Spain
March 2012
The Money Talks, Part IV: Big and Small Investors Look at Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction
Investing in Infrastructure: Direct Investment in Infrastructure Has Advantages as Well as Drawbacks
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Likosky
AMP Debt Fund Completes Fourth Close
Fengate Fund Raises $600 Million
February 2012
Worth a Second Look: Secondary Transactions Provide Infrastructure Investors with Options
The Money Talks, Part III: Labor, Unions and Infrastructure Investing
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Erin Hutson
CalSTRS Commits $500 Million to IFM for Infrastructure Investment
China's SWF Makes U.K. Buy
January 2012
The Last Days of the European Empire: Once Infrastructure Bankers to the World, Europe
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Ryan Orr
The Money Talks, Part II: More Insights and Analysis from the 2011 Editorial Advisory Board Meeting
The Investor Perspective
Nowhere to BUILD: The Sad Story of the National Infrastructure Bank
December 2011
The Money Talks: The 2011 I3 Editorial Advisory Board Meeting Focuses on the Investor
Infrastructure Is Infrastructure: Or Why Comparing Infrastructure with Real Estate Is a Mistake
A Conversation with Chris Faulkner
Akuo Tops $1 Billion After Solar Purchase
Alinda Acquires Houston Storage Asset
November 2011
A Stage for All the World: Brazil
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Sean Connaughton
ACS Sells 50 Percent in Florida Toll Road Concession
Alinda Pays $438 Million for BAA Stake
Antin Infrastructure Buys Communications Assets
October 2011
The Opportunity in Natural Gas Infrastructure: New Technologies and Regulations Have Put the Sector on a High-Growth Course
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Jessica Bauly
Alaska Permanent Fund Increases Infrastructure Allocation
ASEAN Members Launch Infrastructure Finance Fund
CalPERS Targets $800 Million for In-state Infrastructure
September 2011
Infrastructure's Inflation Fighters: A Look at If and How Ports, Roads and Other Infrastructure Assets Can Protect Against Inflation
Prospects for a U.S. Infrastructure Bank: A Review of the Proposals on the Table
A Conversation with Gordon Clark
Aviva Completes First Close of Renewable Fund
Barclays Creates Infrastructure Debt Fund
July 2011
Summer Reading List: Recent Reports Outline Key Trends and Themes Driving Today
The Art of Asset Management: After the Deal Closes, the Hard Work Begins
The Appeal of Listed Infrastructure: A Case Revisited
A Conversation with Tom Morsch
KKR and MEAG Buy Stake in European Solar Firm
June 2011
The Give and Take in Europe: The Evolution of Infrastructure Investment in Europe Provides Insights into the Global Market
Report: Poor Infrastructure Threatens U.S. Economic Future: Annual ULI and Ernst & Young Report Sounds the Alarm
A Conversation with Franc Pigna
First Reserve Closes Energy Infrastructure Fund
Morgan Stanley and Isolux Corsan Form Joint Venture
May 2011
It's All in the Structure: How Managers Craft Infrastructure Deals to Create the Right Value for Investors
Global Listed Infrastructure: A Review of Current Trends and Data Points
A Conversation with Rich Little
AMP Fund Raises $357 Million for Debt Fund
Chilean Roads Interests Change Hands
April 2011
No Complaints Allowed: Procurement Is and Will Continue to Be a Painful Process
P3s in the City: U.S. Municipalities Balance Growing Budget Shortfalls with Infrastructure Needs
A Conversation with Georg Inderst
3i India Infrastructure Invests in KMC Infratech Ltd.
Alinda Acquires Majority Interest in Group
March 2011
All Eyes on London: U.K. Capital Prepares for Sustainable Olympics in 2012
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Norman Anderson
Presidio Parkway Will Proceed
EnCap Closes $3.5 Billion Energy Fund
Fiera Axium Raises C$460 Million for Infrastructure Fund
February 2011
A New Year, a New Perspective: What Infrastructure Investors and Investment Managers Can Expect in 2011
Advent Pays $500 Million for Stake in Brazilian Port
AMP Capital Enters China
BNP Fund Completes Second Close
Kotak Launches Listed Infrastructure Fund
January 2011
Clear and Present Opportunity: Energy Infrastructure
Tackling the U.S. Unemployment Problem: Investing in Infrastructure Without Increasing Deficits or Taxes
Brookfield Completes Prime Acquisition
Carlyle Buys Water Company
Meridiam Finalizes Deal for Long Beach Courthouse
December 2010
The Board Talks: Investors, Managers and Consultants Meet in Washington, D.C., to Discuss Infrastructure Investing
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Likosky, Part Two
November 2010
On the Rebound: Despite a Drop Following the Global Financial Crisis, Infrastructure Fund Raising and Transaction Activity Are Increasing Again
Parking Your Cash
European Infrastructure Market Trends
Cyclical Companies Begin to Catch Up
Shop Talk: A Conversation with John Rodrigues
October 2010
The I3 Investors Survey: A New Tool for Institutional Investment in Infrastructure
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Likosky
September 2010
Federalist Lessons for P3 Investors
Even a Little Knowledge Is Power: Limited Infrastructure Performance Data Should Not Deter All Investors
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Howard Roth
July 2010
Bootstraps, Shoe Leather, Concrete and Steel: Infrastructure Investors Aim to Do More of the Heavy Lifting
Lost and Found: Taking Inventory of the Public
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Charles Jones
June 2010
Inertia Is a Powerful Force: Are Infrastructure Investors Missing a Rare Opportunity, or Simply Exercising Appropriate Caution?
The Long Road to China: Are Investments in Chinese Toll Roads Worth the Risk?
Infrastructure Delivers Mixed Performance in the Second Quarter
Book Review: Two New Titles for the Infrastructure Market
May 2010
Cracking the Code: Infrastructure Investors and Managers Should Find Common Ground for Common Cause
P3 in the United States: Recession Could Open the Door for More Private Activity
Institutional Infrastructure Investment in Germany: What Lessons Can Be Learned from an Insurance-Based Investor?
The Global Infrastructure Investors Association: The Infrastructure Asset Class Deserves an Industry Advocate
April 2010
Reassessing Renewable Energy: Investors Take a Closer Look Post-Financial Crisis
The Infrastructure Gap: Creating a Market Foundation for the Infrastructure Market
Infrastructure: To Invest or Not to Invest?
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Corina Muller Monaghan
March 2010
A Need for Speed: Opportunities to Invest in High-Speed Rail Emerge Worldwide
The Capital Beltway P3: Innovative Project Aims to Reduce Congestion in Washington, D.C.
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Todd Carter
February 2010
At the Top of the List: Listed Infrastructure Managers Make Their Case
Partnerships USA: A New Model for Creating Direct Infrastructure Investment Opportunities for Public Pension Plan Investors
The Lights Are Back On: Power and Energy Execs Have Higher Hopes for 2010 But Remain Cautious
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Barben
January 2010
Water Works: Demand Grows for Clean and Safe Water
Infrastructure Investors Go to Washington, D.C.: Annual Conference and Inaugural Board Meeting Convene in the Nation's Capital
Investing for America's Future
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Stanton Hazelroth
December 2009
Tomorrow's Infrastructure in Today's Economy: Infrastructure Investors Search for a Way Forward in the Market
Infrastructure Investment in a Brave New World: Investors Have Several
Stimulating Infrastructure Investment in the United States (Part II)
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Steven Klein
November 2009
Nickels and Dimes: Cash Flows Give Infrastructure Investors Some Comfort During Recession
Stimulating Infrastructure Investment in the United States
Positive Market Momentum: Third Quarter Boosted by Signs of Recovery Across Major Economies
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Larry Varellas
October 2009
Coming into Focus: Plan Sponsors Refine Their Infrastructure Programs
Global Listed Infrastructure: A Compelling Investment Opportunity
Cliff's Notes: A Study Guide to Recent Research Reports and Papers
September 2009
China's Infrastructure Scale, Risks and Opportunities
To Give Is to Get: Public Sector Stimulus Invites Private Sector Capital
July 2009
21st Century Infrastructure Ambitions: China and India Prepare for Middle-Class Boom
Infrastructure Transaction Activity in the Americas: Recent Evidence
Infrastructure Security Values Rebound: Second Quarter Performance Positive Across the Board
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Hans-Martin Aerts
Shop Talk: A Conversation with Bruce Blanning
June 2009
The State of Infrastructure: The Credit Crisis Has Opened the Door to New Possibilities for Infrastructure Development
Economic Stimulus: Potential Upside for Private Infrastructure Markets
Infrastructure Outperforms in Dismal First Quarter: Resilient Cash Flows Attract Investors
January 2009
Follow the Leader: CalPERS Launches Infrastructure Mandate, Other Investors Weight their Options
Chicago: The Epicenter of Infrastructure Investments
Indices Reflect Declining Market: Infrastructure Assets Have Not Escaped Market Pain
October 2008
Team Players: Public-Private Partnerships Could Be the Wave of the Future in U.S. Infrastructure Markets
Notes from the I3 Conference: Industry Leaders Convene in Boston to Discuss Market
July 2008
Building the Case for Social Infrastructure: Government Budget Crunch Could Be Catalyst for Emerging Subsector
Infrastructure Investment Risks, Are They the Same As Real Estate?: An Initial Examination
Is the Private Equity Structure Right for Infrastructure?
Cliffs Notes: A Guide to Recent Research Reports and Papers
April 2008
Infrastructure: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and More (But Is It Real Estate?)
Campaign Critical: Candidates Offer Ideas to Address Nation
Shop Talk: A Conversation With Paul Meyer
January 2008
Spanning the Spectrum: From Greenfield to Brownfield and Everything in Between
Risk and Return in Infrastructure Investing
Global Infrastructure Investment: Lessons from the Last Cycle
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