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As the world around us becomes more digital, so does our news delivery. Our video page features interviews with high-profile executives and thought leaders in the industry, as well as previews of IREI events and products. In addition, we seek to provide you with perspective to the broader markets through interviews with prominent authors, economists and researchers.

Media Videos

In Focus: Jack Taylor on the private debt market

Jack Taylor, managing director and head of global high yield debt at Prudential Real Estate Investors, discusses the current trends in the private debt market as well as the availability of debt capital and pricing.

In Focus: Christopher Thornberg on the U.S. economy

Christopher Thornberg, founding partner and economist at Beacon Economics, discusses the Fed’s QE program and ramifications, the U.S. economy and its expansion, U.S. GDP growth, primary driving industries, U.S. commercial and residential real estate, and his biggest concerns about the economic recovery.

In Focus: James Merkel on the hospitality sector

James Merkel, president and CEO at Rockbridge, discusses hospitality sector trends, transactions and the outlook for 2014.

In Focus: John Baczewski on commercial real estate investment strategies

John Baczewski, president at Real Estate Fiduciary Services, discusses the U.S. economy’s demand for commercial real estate, the concern for interest rates and inflation and what types of investment strategies make sense in the current market environment.

In Focus: Jonathan Last on what to expect when no one is expecting

Jonathan Last, senior writer at The Weekly Standard, discusses a few points from him keynote speech on what to expect when no one is expecting at Institutional Real Estate, Inc.’s Visions, Insights and Perspectives conference.