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Author: Institutional Real Estate, Inc.
Year: Copyright 2010 & 2011
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Compiled by the editors of Institutional Real Estate, Inc. with the help of other prominent industry professionals, these special reports are two must-haves for your institutional real estate library. The reports in this pack are Institutional Real Estate, Inc. bestsellers and have been recently updated to provide you with the most current information. Buy these reports together for just $175.

When Main Street Meets Wall Street: The History and Development of the REIT and CMBS Markets
A look at the history and development of the REIT and CMBS markets, the advantages and disadvantages of the public marketplace, and the prospects for the future of real estate securitization. Click here for more information on this title.

The Language & Culture of the Pension Real Estate Investment Market
This report is a key library resource and a "must read" if you want to successfully navigate the $4.0 trillion institutional real estate marketplace. It includes information on the industry's history, culture, trends, key players, decision-making processes and tools, and a great glossary of industry terms. Click here for more information on this title.