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Shop Talk: Investing in reinsurance

What is reinsurance? What makes it an attractive alternative investment? How has it performed in recent years? How do reinsurance firms build-out their portfolios? And what factors should be taken into account when selecting a reinsurance fund? Don Steinbrugge, founder and CEO of Agecroft Partners, a global hedge fund consulting firm, joins us to discuss.

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The Dohrmann Report: November 2016

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate Inc., discusses some of the surprises of 2016.

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Inside the Edition: Investors remain bullish on apartments

The apartment sector has had an incredible run since the Great Financial Crisis, and now apartment construction is at a 42-year high. Alas, the market is finally showing signs of slowing, with cap rates compressing to record lows. Still, many investors reason that much pent-up demand still exists among millennials. What's more, the stigma of renting has subsided. Loretta Clodfelter, editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, joins us to discuss the story, written by IREI editorial director Larry Gray for the November 2016 edition.

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The Dohrmann Report: October 2016

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate Inc., talks about the company's first-ever editorial advisory board meeting for Real Assets Adviser magazine, the company's most recent of its nine publications. The board meeting is scheduled for Nov. 9-10 at The Peninsula Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

Shop Talk: The golden age of hoteling

There are industry observers who say that hotel fundamentals have never been better, that we are living in a golden age of hoteling. If that is the case, what are the forces that have driven the hotel market to new heights? How has the hotel business managed to do this in the midst of the Airbnb onslaught? What is the No. 1 complaint from hotel guests? And how big a role do hospitality sites such as TripAdvisor play in a hotel’s reputation? For answers to those questions, we turn to Tyler Morse, CEO and managing partner of MCR Development, an organization that owns and operates 82 U.S. hotels in 21 states, totaling about $2 billion in hotel assets under management.

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