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Media Podcasts

Infrastructure Report: Midstream pipeline investments

Drew Campbell, editor of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure magazine, talks about his "Shock, rattle and roll" January 2015 cover story about how midstream pipeline investments can buffer portfolios against energy price shocks and help keep returns flowing.

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Shop Talk: NYU staging fifth annual conference on sustainable real estate

Stuart Brodsky, assistant professor at New York University's Shack Institute of Real Estate, discusses his institution's upcoming conference and offers his vision of what sustainable real estate development and operation could look like in the next five to 10 years.

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Report from Europe: The many dynamics buffeting the euro zone

James Thornton, CEO of Mayfair Capital in London, discusses topics ranging from quantitative easing, the Russia/Ukraine conflict and Greece's threats to abandon the euro zone, to the U.K.'s upcoming general election, charitable investing and capital flows to London.

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Shop Talk: Scott Brown, new CEO of Cornerstone

Scott Brown talks about the process of becoming the new chief executive of Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers and the items on his agenda for the organization, which has $45 billion in assets under management.

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Shop Talk: Value-add and core investing in retail

Brian Kosoy, founder, managing principal and CEO of the Sterling Organization, a private equity real estate firm focused on investing in value-add retail assets, as well as core shopping centers in major U.S. markets, discusses his company's strategy. Sterling and its principals own roughly 7 million square feet of retail and other commercial real estate approaching $1 billion dollars in value.

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