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Media Podcasts

Inside the Edition: January 2015

Viki Radden, an executive at 5 Stone Green Capital, discusses the fast-growing urban indoor farming business and the opportunities it is likely to present to institutional real estate investors.

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Shop Talk: The golden age of corporate HQs returns

This podcast is a collection of excerpts from an interview conducted with Ryan Mullenix and Scott Wyatt, architects at NBBJ, for the February 2015 cover story titled: The golden age of corporate HQs returns. NBBJ is the architecture firm designing the new headquarters being developed by Amazon, Google and Samsung. Mullenix and Wyatt talk about some of the thinking behind these new projects and the features they will incorporate. The interview questions have been edited out of this recording to give the architects an uninterrupted opportunity to offer their perspectives.

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The Dohrmann Report: January 2015

This month, Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., offers his perspectives on China's $50 billion shipping canal project in Nicaragua, Boston's bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, the globalization of REITs, and efforts by private real estate interests to make inroads with defined contribution plans.

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Author Spotlight: Alicia Munnell

Alicia Munnell is co-author of Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis and What to Do About It. She has been in charge of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College for more than 15 years, and her research center has estimated that 53 percent of Americans are at risk of not having enough money to maintain their living standards in retirement. She has studied pensions and Social Security since the 1960s. Previous to her role at Boston College, Munnell was a member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy. Before that, she spent 20 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

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Author Spotlight: James Russell on agile cities

James Russell, author of The Agile City: Building Well-Being and Wealth in an Era of Climate Change, joins us to discuss his book and the low-tech and low-cost strategies it espouses for making cities more livable while also helping them reduce the effects of global warming.

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