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Media Podcasts

Report from Europe: The 'new equilibrium' in property finance markets

Emma Huepfl, head of capital management at Laxfield Capital Ltd., says there is plenty of debt capital available in Europe, yet financiers have not been exuberant about lending. She offers her insights as to why.

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Inside the Edition: December 2014

David Skinner and Laurie Tillinghast, co-presidents of the Defined Contribution Real Estate Council, discuss a new study that found adding a 10 percent mix of listed and unlisted real estate improves retirement outcomes for direct contribution plan participants.

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Infrastructure Report: New versus experienced fund managers

Drew Campbell, editor of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure magazine, talks about the appetite for new versus experienced infrastructure fund managers.

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Shop Talk: Jim Merkel on his biggest hotel fund yet

The CEO of Rockbridge joins us to discuss his new $438 million hospitality fund, why hotel fundamentals are the best they have ever been, and his suspicions about why institutional real estate investors are not more enamored about this property type.

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Report from Europe: Long-term investors sticking with Russia

The sanctions against Moscow have foreign capital fleeing, the ruble collapsing, interest rates spiking, recession looming and president Vladimir Putin lashing out at the West in his speeches to the Russian people. Yet, some long-term investors still see opportunity. Sheila Hopkins, managing director of IREI's European operations, explains why.

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