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Media Podcasts

Shop Talk: Jennifer McConkey on green and sustainable property investing

Jennifer McConkey, sustainability director at Principal Real Estate Investors, offers a data-driven case for the benefits of green initiatives and sustainable practices.

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Infrastructure Report: Norm Anderson on increasing infrastructure investments

Norm Anderson, CEO of CG-LA Infrastructure, an organization that aims to increase the level of infrastructure investment, discusses the top challenges for improving infrastructure in the United States and abroad, the state of private-public partnerships, and the infrastructure sector's best practices.

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Shop Talk: Marc Peterson on the CMBS market

Marc Peterson, CMBS manager at Principal Real Estate Investors, answers questions regarding the comeback of the CMBS market, the $400 billion in loans that are reaching maturation in the next four years, the numbers to watch in assessing the health of the CMBS market, and his forecast for originations during 2015.

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Shop Talk: John D'Angelo on improving real estate organizations' performance

John D’Angelo, a managing director at RealFoundations, a professional services firm focused on helping real estate organizations improve their operations, discusses the process involved in making change and improving performance.

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Author Spotlight: David Lynn

David Lynn, author of the book The Advisor's Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment, joins us to discuss his latest title.

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