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Media Podcasts

The Dohrmann Report: September 2014

This month, Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., shares his perspectives on several topics discussed at the fall meeting of the IREI Editorial Advisory Board, including adjusting for risk, whether it is time for investors to emphasize debt or equity in their portfolios, and if the time is right to start tapping property markets in the euro zone in a bigger way.

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Shop Talk: Ross Wimer on the golden age of architecture

What are the latest trends in sustainability, "creative office" and "intelligent buildings?" What is driving the competition among emerging nations to build the tallest and grandest structures? And what is behind the resurgence in companies — such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook — building signature corporate headquarters? To answer those questions and others about modern architecture, we turn to Ross Wimer, head of one of the world's largest architecture practices at Los Angeles-based AECOM.

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Shop Talk: Peter Braffman on emerging managers

Are emerging manager programs on the rise? What are the biggest obstacles to setting up these programs? And what skills or characteristics are possessed by emerging managers who pass muster with investors? Peter Braffman, managing director at GCM Grosvenor, assists investors with setting up emerging manager programs, and he vets emerging management firms brought under consideration. He joins us to discuss this crowded and much-coveted space.

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Shop Talk: Zee de Gersigny on opportunities in Africa

Zee de Gersigny, managing director of Momentum Africa Investments, joins us to discuss the real estate investment opportunities in the emerging African continent.

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Report from Europe: Signs of a triple-dip recession

Sheila Hopkins, managing director of Institutional Real Estate Inc.'s European operations, has returned from a month in Europe and offers her observations regarding the euro zone economy and the impact it is having on real estate.

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