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Media Podcasts

Inside the Edition: July 2014

Hillary Shine, principal of Shine Associates, a Boston-based executive search firm, elaborates on her perspectives regarding this edition's cover story titled, The war for talent.

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Report from Europe: Global cities and investors

Richard Fleming, editor of the Europe edition of The Institutional Real Estate Letter, discusses the affinity between global cities and real estate investors, based on his story title, "A good fit: Global cities and real estate investors are best mates."

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The Hunt for Yield: Striving for Success in Real Estate Debt

In a yield-starved market, increasing interest in commercial real estate debt has been driven by the excess yield it can offer – across the credit-risk and duration spectrum. Listen in as experts in both public and private real estate debt discuss strategies for investors to help enhance yield while adding diversification versus traditional fixed income alternatives.

Note: You will need to enable Webex plug-ins to view this presentation.

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Inside the Edition: September 2014

Featured this month is Paul Rose, who authored a piece in the September edition of The Institutional Real Estate Letter about the growing appetite for property investment among the world’s sovereign wealth funds. Rose is a professor of law and executive director of law and capital markets at Ohio State University. He is also a researcher of sovereign wealth funds.

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Infrastructure Report: Michael Likosky on a U.S. infrastructure bank

President Obama has issued an executive order directing the government to create an infrastructure bank, and at least four bills are floating among the houses of Congress with that intent. Our guest, Michael Likosky, an expert to the Clinton Global Initiative, discusses the opportunity an infrastructure bank would present to institutional investors, as well as how an upgraded infrastructure would significantly boost U.S. economic growth.

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