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The Institutional Real Estate Letter - Europe

The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Europe provides readers with industry news and insights on private equity real estate, helping property investors and other decision makers understand market trends and issues and shape their strategy accordingly. This monthly publication delivers valuable data and information, as well as commentary from thought leaders throughout Europe.

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  • April 2015
    Toil and trouble: Given all that is happening, why does Europe continue to be attractive to real estate investors?

    Moving up the risk curve: Investors searching for appropriate risk-adjusted returns are modifying their investment style
  • March 2015
    When aspiration meets actuality: Fundraising isn't what it used to be, but it's better than it was

    Draghi fires his bazooka: Has the European Central Bank done enough?
  • February 2015
    Through traffic: London's Crossrail project demonstrates how infrastructure can reshape a city's real estate dynamics

    Crossrail: The facts
  • January 2015
    Where to from here? Russia has its dark side but it also has many plus points for investors

    The glories of liquidity: Institutional investors can be in the REIT place at the REIT time
  • December 2014
    What's going on? European real estate markets are saying one thing, European economies another

    To be a pilgrim: What comes next for contrarians?
  • November 2014
    Unfinished business: The end of deleveraging in Europe is in sight for some, but major work lies ahead for others

    We can work it out: Investors and fund managers continue to discuss how best to deal with alignment of interests issues
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