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The Institutional Real Estate Letter - Americas

Exclusive industry insight for tax-exempt investors — pension funds, endowments and foundations

A monthly publication offering analysis of market trends related to pension fund investment in private equity real estate. It covers the people, trends, and events driving this dynamic market, and features the industry's most extensive information on manager searches, new product offerings and pension fund real estate allocations, plus features on pension fund investment capital flows, investment strategy and portfolio management.

Our readers include staff and investment committee members of the largest and most active pension, foundation and endowment fund real estate investors in North America, their advisers and consultants.

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  • September 2014
    After the crash: The CMBS market

    SWFs catch the fever: Their coffers bulging with trillions of dollars, sovereign wealth funds are boosting their real estate commitments across the…
  • July 2014
    The war for talent: Building the next great investment house is all about recruiting professionals who have the chops

    The forgotten suburbs: Investors are excited about CBDs, but the
  • June 2014
    Fade to gray: Declining birth rates and aging populations around the world are a bad omen for real estate investors

    Introducing FundTracker: Information is currency in the investment world, and this global database is a rich, new vein
  • May 2014
    Gateway vs. non-gateway: Investors are spreading capital to more U.S. cities and rethinking what constitutes a first- or second-tier market

    Equities, bonds and things: How can investors deal with their problem of increasing liabilities in a low-return, multi-asset world?
  • April 2014
    Risk and reward: Investors get ready to play ball in more than just the core markets

    Cleaning house: Investors are trying to make the single-family rental market pay off, but the numbers are sketchy
  • March 2014
    Beyond the BRICs: With most of the largest emerging economies producing languid returns, investors are thinking in terms of new vistas

    Fall of the mall: The once-hot shopping mall has cooled, and now for some the business has become a struggle to adapt or face extinction
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