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Institutional Real Estate Europe provides readers with industry news and insights on private equity real estate, helping property investors and other decision makers understand market trends and issues and shape their strategy accordingly. This monthly publication delivers valuable data and information, as well as commentary from thought leaders throughout Europe.

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  • June 2016
    Lands of plenty: The countries of central Europe are exerting a powerful influence

    Decisions, decisions: How much is just right for real estate in asset allocation?
  • May 2016
    Going to the office: How will office markets cope with changes in the workplace?

    Adding value: Varied strategies are blurring the lines between the risks commonly associated with noncore investment
  • April 2016
    Any which way: Whether highway, railway, seaway or airway, the global supply chain works hard to get products to market

    Similar but not the same: European property is heading toward a low-return environment
  • March 2016
    The variety show: Germany's top cities are all class real estate acts, but which is the headline act?

    Three's a crowd: Competition among investors for European hotel assets is fierce, and getting fiercer
  • February 2016
    By the numbers: Real estate funds bounced back last year

    Into the regions: Investors are thinking more outside the top-tier city box
  • January 2016
    The good, the bad and the ugly: The bad bank era comes of age

    The new reality: European real estate investors should take what they can get
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