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Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

Providing investors with information and insights on the firms, issues and trends shaping the private equity real estate investment markets.

This monthly publication provides readers with data, information and insights on the investors, investment managers and markets within the dynamic Asia Pacific region. Powerful demographic trends in countries such as China, India and Indonesia are fueling demand for all types of real estate. As Asia becomes the dominant economic engine of the global economy, investment opportunities will abound in the region’s mature and emerging markets.

Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific will help you keep abreast of capital flows, new investment products, investment strategies, market trends and the region’s most active players.

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  • October 2015
    Land of extremes: The Asia Pacific office market continues to offer good value to selective investors

    China logic: Urbanisation is boosting growth in China
  • September 2015
    Sustainability rising: More Asian institutional property investors are gravitating toward sustainable investment

    Dollar signs: Currency moves help lift canny global real estate investors
  • July 2015
    Changing tactics: To secure their next victories in Western

    The search for value: Where can it be found in Australian real estate markets?
  • June 2015
    Seoul focus: Reflections on a market with much to offer global investors

    Win by not losing: Minimising losses and accumulating gains means protecting your capital first
  • May 2015
    Like clockwork: The world's central banks attempt to get their economies in precision working order

    The bucket list: Applying value investing to real estate
  • April 2015
    China's residential woes: Despite stimulus measures, oversupply problems are creating a sluggish recovery for China's residential sector

    Perilous path: Economic rebalancing while stamping out corruption poses challenges for China
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