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Institutional Real Estate Americas

Exclusive industry insight for tax-exempt investors — pension funds, endowments and foundations

A monthly publication offering analysis of market trends related to pension fund investment in private equity real estate. It covers the people, trends, and events driving this dynamic market, and features the industry's most extensive information on manager searches, new product offerings and pension fund real estate allocations, plus features on pension fund investment capital flows, investment strategy and portfolio management.

Our readers include staff and investment committee members of the largest and most active pension, foundation and endowment fund real estate investors in North America, their advisers and consultants.

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  • February 2016
    Mythical creature or undiscovered species? The debate over alignment of interest continues

    In the market: Real estate funds bounced back in 2015, and fundraising is on the upswing
  • January 2016
    Unicorn hunters: Technology-driven property markets have outperformed in the current expansion

    Under development in technology-driven markets
  • December 2015
    On the bubble: Institutional investors can take steps to avoid the worst when a bubble pops

    Sustainable metrics: Investors and investment managers are working hard to measure green achievement
  • November 2015
    Big fish, little fish: The biggest firms get bigger, and consolidation is the way of the industry, or is it?

    Is it worth the risk? Investors and investment managers grapple with risk management in the wake of the global financial crisis
  • October 2015
    Target acquired: As the target-date fund grows in popularity, real estate is finding its place in the mix

    The global hunt for yield: Investors are going farther afield and exploring alternatives in a low-return environment
  • September 2015
    Empire state of mind: New York City is heating up, but is it all sizzle and no steak?

    In their debt: Real estate debt strategies have become increasingly attractive to investors
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