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Data Services

IREI manages a collection of proprietary databases that track fund, investor and investment data that is crucial information for firms working to position themselves strategically in this marketplace.


Our data services department manages a number of proprietary real estate and infrastructure databases that track hard-to-find industry information. In addition, a good portion of the information housed in our databases is tracked only by IREI. 

In the past this information was only made available to our sponsoring firms, but in 2013 we moved our exclusive databases online and made it available for purchase by all approved investment advisory and consultant firms, plan sponsors and other bonafide institutional investment-type firms.

To read more about our IREI's FundTracker Database, click here

A sampling of our proprietary databases are listed below.

  • Investments Database: Tracks investor information such as contact information, date and amount of investment and the name of the offering
  • Investors Database: Tracks financial information on current allocation, real estate and infrastructure assets under management, current target real estate and infrastructure allocation percentages and historical and current data on specific investments going back to 1990. Also provides primary company name and contact information
  • Product Fees Database: Contains the fee structure of a number of investment offerings (This information is only available in blind format.)
  • Product Table Database: Contains in-depth information on investment products offered to institutional investors by various investment managers. Data includes fund lifecycle, fund size, total capital raised, critical dates, strategy, property and market focus, and target returns.
  • Search Tracker Database: Tracks searches including status of RFPs issued by tax-exempt real estate and infrastructure investors seeking to hire an investment manager or real estate consultant. Also tracks additional allocations and portfolio acquisitions
  • Consultant Database: Contains information on current real estate and general consultants hired by tax-exempt investors
  • Transaction Database: Tracks acquisition and disposition information such as buyer and seller, property type, name and address.

To learn more about our data services and IREI's FundTracker Database or schedule a live demo, contact Karen Palma at