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Real Estate Finance & Investments 12th Edition (Brueggeman)

Author: William B. Brueggeman and Jeffrey D. Fisher
Year: Copyright 2005
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Real Estate Finance & Investments provides a foundation for understanding and analyzing the world of real estate finance and investment analysis. It is written for those with a background in finance and real estate principles. Its topics include property law, mortgage underwriting practices, mortgage insurance programs, financial analysis, valuation principles, federal income tax laws, investment analysis, real estate development and capital markets. In addition, this book contains unique coverage of commercial mortgage–backed securities (CMBS) and updated coverage on real estate investment trusts (REITs). Newly revised in 2004, Real Estate Finance & Investments belongs on the shelf of every real estate professional as well as academics and graduate students.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Real Estate Investment: Legal Concepts    1
Chapter 2 Financing: Notes and Mortgages    13
Chapter 3 The Interest Factor in Financing    38

Financing Residential Properties

Chapter 4 Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans    70
Chapter 5 Adjustable Rate and Variable Payment Mortgages    110
Chapter 6 Residential Financial Analysis    140
Chapter 7 Single Family Housing: Pricing, Investment, and Tax Considerations    172
Chapter 8 Underwriting and Financing Residential Properties    199

Financing Income Properties (Debt and Equity)

Chapter 9 Introduction to Income-Producing Properties: Leases and the Market for Space    228
Chapter 10 Valuation of Income Properties: Appraisal and the Market for Capital    255
Chapter 11 Investment Analysis and Taxation of Income Properties    292
Chapter 12 Financial Leverage and Financing Alternatives    320
Chapter 13 Risk Analysis    355
Chapter 14 Disposition and Renovation of Income Properties    386
Chapter 15 Financing Corporate Real Estate    406

Financing Proposed Projects

Chapter 16 Financing Project Development    429
Chapter 17 Financing Land Development Projects    466

Alternative Real Estate Investment Vehicles

Chapter 18 Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Syndications    495
Chapter 19 The Secondary Mortgage Market: Pass-Through Securities    516
Chapter 20 The Secondary Mortgage Market: CMOs and Derivative Securities    543
Chapter 21 Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)    580
Chapter 22 Real Estate Investment Performance and Portfolio Considerations    603

INDEX    627