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Media Podcasts

Shop Talk: Standardizing sustainability reporting

Why are financials alone inadequate when evaluating a company’s or investment fund’s performance? Why is it important to standardize sustainability metrics? How do companies and fund managers benefit from providing standardized sustainability information? And why does business mogul and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg say that he believes standardizing the disclosure of sustainability information will improve financial performance? We discuss with Bryan Esterly, who leads standards development for the infrastructure sector at the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, better known as SASB.

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Shop Talk: The hottest U.S. real estate markets and property types

What are the hottest U.S. real estate markets and property types? Are some markets and property types becoming overbuilt? Is there still money to be made in secondary markets? We take up these subjects with Bryan Sanchez, co-CIO and portfolio manager at Lionstone Investments.

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Report from Asia: Japan goes negative on interest rates

The Bank of Japan enters a brave, new monetary frontier. In January it implemented a 10 basis point negative interest rate policy for new deposits from banks. Reporter Benjamin Cole explains the situation.

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Infrastructure Report: Building information modeling

Building information modeling, or BIM, is sharply reducing the design time, construction costs and budget overruns on infrastructure projects — as well as construction projects in general. It also brings a higher degree of precision to design and construction. Future iterations of BIM will bring even more benefits to civil engineering and construction. For more on this topic we turn to Terry Bennett, the senior industry strategist for civil infrastructure at Autodesk.

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The Dohrmann Report: May 2016

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., comments on some of the latest trends in real estate, investing and business.

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