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Media Podcasts

Infrastructure Report: John Campbell of Campbell Lutyens

John Campbell, chairman of Campbell Lutyens, a London-based private equity firm specializing in raising private equity and infrastructure funds from institutional investors, talks with us about infrastructure investing in emerging markets, the British government’s plan to encourage more infrastructure investing by pension funds, private-public partnerships, and whether the future of infrastructure investing will be primarily debt or equity, among other topics. 

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Shop Talk: Dan Schned on U.S. mega-regions

Dan Schned, a senior planner at the Regional Plan Association, discusses the 11 U.S. mega-regions identified in his organization’s America 2050 report, including what mega-regions are and why they are important.

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The Dohrmann Report: July 2013

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc. breaks down the current institutional investing market in this monthly podcast. This month he discusses the SEC relaxing its rules regarding advertising by financial companies, the consolidation of institutional investment dollars in the hands of fewer and larger investment managers, and the reorganization of the executive suite at CalPERS. 

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Inside the Edition: July 2013

Dan Mahoney, an executive with LaSalle Investment Management, talks about the "walkability" article he co-authored with three LaSalle colleagues in the July edition of the Institutional Real Estate Letter — Americas. Mahoney explains how mixed-use developments designed with high walkability ratings are financially outperforming rival developments. 

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Author Spotlight: Joe Azelby

Have you ever heard workplace comments such as, “Jim is a great marketer, BUT he can’t close deals,” or “Rachel works hard, BUT she can’t prioritize”? Of course you have. The workplace is rife with peer assessments that have the dreaded “but” word sitting in the middle of the sentence like a concrete barrier impeding our career advancement. In his new book, “Kiss Your BUT Good-Bye: How to Get Beyond the One Word That Stands Between You and Success,” Joe Azelby and his brother and co-author Bob Azelby elaborate on this career and productivity killer. In this podcast, Joe Azelby, managing director and CEO of J.P. Morgan Asset Management Global Real Assets, discusses the book’s concept as well as the most common BUTs, how a person finds their individual BUT, and how to shrink or cover your BUT.

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